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Of random events: the Value of Bitcoin exceeded $ 20000; the Main financial regulator, the U.S. sees no threat in Bitcoinie; QTUM BlockShow at the conference Asia in Singapore; Kryptowaluty brną forward.

• The price of Bitcoin exceeded $ 20 000:

Bitcoin has strengthened its splendor, reaching $ 20,000 per unit. After several weeks of severe volatility, the rapid growth with the sudden drop, the desire ultimately raised the price of the largest kryptowaluty to a new historic maximum.

Compared with the expectations of the majority in 2017. the price of Bitcoin was the decisive impetus for futures transactions on a regulated market, and the futures for wall Street, as well as implementation of a network of Lightning. CBOE introduced futures 10. Dec and CME (significantly above the market) will begin trading futures on Monday, 18. Dec.

The markets reacted to the growth rates with the effect of snow, causing massive consumer interest in the purchase and trade of virtual currency. In the last few weeks, the Coinbase app was at the top of the list of most downloaded apps.

Bitcoin has grown from the 1950s percent in 2017. In January worth «only» 974 dollars.

• The chief financial regulator, the U.S. sees no threat in Bitcoinie:

The Council on Financial regulation and Supervision (FSOC), argues that Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty not pose a threat to existing financial systems around the world. Your 152-page report, FSOC is immediately stated that virtual currencies are only a small number of consumers and Blockchain technology offers the potential in various industrial applications.

Virtual currencies are a small number of consumers. We give a little more credibility a much wider use of so-called technologies of distributed books, which lies at the heart of innovation. It should be noted that this wave also represents a challenge, adjustment, as a decentralized data storage.

Opinion on digital currencies is a bit surprising because of the negative attitude some individuals from the financial industry. An example is the recent request of the President of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon, about which wrote repeatedly. The report przytaczano various currency risks, geopolitical and cybernetic, faced with global financial control. Bitcoin, however, is not mentioned as a threat.

The virtual currency market has made significant growth throughout 2017. However, despite the phenomenal statistics, the total market remains significantly below 1. trillion dollars, and probably too small to represent a systemic risk for the global financial sector. Simultaneously, the potential that can be released from kryptowaluty, this is extreme.

• QTUM BlockShow at the conference Asia in Singapore:

Qtum joined BlockShow Asia because he hoped that would enlighten people and the value of their technology and knowledge to support an entire industry. Qtum is a project based on the Blockchain, which bridges the gap between Bitcoinem, Ethereum and other parts of the whole field Crypto / Blockchain.

The combination of East and West, as well as the benefits of several projects with his innovation that makes our team and our technology is so stunning».

says Patrick Dai, CEO of QTUM.

What is Qtum?

Qtum to open sourceowy Blockchain developed by the Fund Qtum Fund from Singapore. Qtum is a hybrid application framework Blockchain. The underlying technology Qtum combines a fork of Bitcoin core, a layer of abstraction account, which allows you to use multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and the consensus check to eliminate the problems associated with the industry.

We believe that this will allow the use of smart contracts and decentralized applications on the basis of known and provides a reliable environment for developers.

Give Patrick joined the Blockchain in 2012. He was the first of 50 people in China who knew something about Bitcoinie. In 2015, he wanted to create something new to help the industry – it was the birth of Qtum. Patrick said at BlockShow Asia:

The whole area of crypto currency is one thing in common, again and again, to work together, we need communication, that’s why we created Qtum.

With the evolution of software and open source, he believed he should do something more zirytowanego invent the wheel. Patrick wanted Qtum was warstwowym project. There is a decentralized control Protocol, in which everyone can decide, if you are the owner of the coin. Most of the Blockchain is based on bringing the work – the original decision Satoshiego – but now the idea is that the Blockchain becomes more centralized. Comments:

I believe that confirmation of participation is a new trend, which is one of the reasons why Qtum from the start uses the evidence of the bet. I also think that now utility is a disaster for many people, it is very difficult to manage a private key to manage your money. At the moment for travel contract we use Solidity, but Solidity is a new programming language, we don’t have many developers, who are Champions of Solidarity.

In BlockShow Asia 2017 Qtum was not only one of the main sponsors, but also participated in the event as Exhibitor. Thus, the team Qtum explains the main goal of the company, taking part in the exhibition BlockShow Asia:

Because our industry changes so fast that we need to be aware of all the novelties that appear on the stage. I think community participation, monitoring of mood changes and technologies that have made recent breakthroughs, it is important that the company Qtum was aware of.

According to John Scianna, Director of marketing at Qtum, the audience that came to the booth during the conference were very diverse. Moreover, President of Qtum, Patrick Dai, acted as speaker on the first day of the conference talking about the future of the Blockchain and IoT, which, in his opinion, is one of the most promising sectors that can be strengthened by using Blockchain technology. Patrick commented:

We believe that the program Blockchain IoT will really begin next year. Blockchain technology offers a number of advantages for the industry. There are currently several competing communication technologies for IoT devices, but if we manage to develop a framework and certain standards, we can make some progress.

Qtum builds a bridge between the Blockchain and traditional worlds. For too long the industry has been limited by the number of programmers who could be trained to study the Reliability. They will have a prototype VM for x86, runs in a test network in the beginning of 2018. Along with a wide selection of portfolios, and development tools that will enhance the accessibility and usability of the network. Qtum is very ambitious in terms of numbers in VM VM Qtum:

Thanks Qtum x86 VM will help to give access to millions of developers who know that traditional programming languages such as C, C ++, Rust, Haskell, etc., in order that they could become programmers dapp.

Furthermore, Qtum has just released its new wallet Qt that allows users to interact with smart contracts and tokens QRC20. It is much a milestone for the community, Qtum, because now they can unleash the full potential of their dappów.

Kryptowaluty brną forward:

Another day on the stock exchanges shows that the market for crypto currency very well. Come the next billions of dollars, creating a capitalization level 588,1 billion. The value of Bitcoin, though it has bounced from $ 20,000 down, compared with yesterday, said growth at 2.4%. The value of most major currencies also grew – for example, Ethererum 2.8% Litecoin 6.5%. This is a great time, especially for project ADA, the price of which increased to 69.1 per cent.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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