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With poniedziałkowych events: opens the CME Group futures on the Bitcoin; England skeptical about Bitcoin; Bitcoin at the G20 summit?; Investigation of attacks on the South Korean stock exchange on crypto currency continue; On exchanges green.

Opens CME Group futures on the Bitcoin:

Immediately after the start of trading contracts futures Bitcoin via CME Group, which will be closed in January, the price of Bitcoin rose to $ 20.800, after which, at the time of publication, fell back to $ 18.800. However, the contract ends in February, March and June, previously estimated at $ 20 000. Given the current market price of $ 18,500 dollars, wall Street believes that this price is too high. These findings are retrieved despite the fact that a decline of 4% in the world kryptowaluty is relatively small.

The media also became interested in the discovery of new products CME Group. Bi-BI-si has informed on the fact, saying that the opening of this market contributes to the overall adoption of Bitcoin. Bi-bi-si found it necessary to combination of above events a statement, UBS Chairman Axel Weber, who expressed the opinion that Bitcoin is not money.

There are many theories on what will happen after the opening of the market CME. Although there are reasonable arguments for the possibility of failure of the contracts by the investors, the new must have in mind that trend is their friend. Even recently the President of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, admitted that before his fall Bitcoin can be estimated even in $ 100,000.

England skeptical of Bitcoin:

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is starting to fluctuate above $ 16,000, financial institutions and oversight bodies are still skeptical about the rapid growth of its cost. The reason the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bailey argues that Bitcoin is … a bubble spekulacyjną, and the new investors lose money invested in this digital currency.

The British regulator expressed concerns about the method of assessment of Bitcoin. Given that cryptocurrency has recorded over 1,000% increase in value in the period of 12 months, provided that investors will lose all their money:

If you look at what happened this year, you’ll be careful. We know very little about what sets the price of Bitcoin. This is an amazing product, because the offer lasts all the time. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, be prepared that you will lose your money – this is my serious warning.

Bailey acknowledged that classified Bitcoin as a commodity, given the fact that it’s limited to 21. million coins.

The head of the FCA reiterated what was said by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Cunliffe, who in November warned investors to dokształcili before investing in kryptowaluty. In November, the analyst compared the growth of Bitcoin for the relief dot.com since the 90-ies., stressing the supply / demand as a factor of the shaft, the value of Bitcoin. According to this report, the supply of virtual currency may be in the future cause of her death.

• Bitcoin at the G20 summit?:

The French Finance Minister called for public debate about Bitcoin at the next G20 summit in Buenos Aires. Speaking on the French channel » LCI, Le Maire said that Bitcoin should be about the international forum of the government, especially in relation to its regulation.

A significant increase in Bitcoin prices this year is attracting more attention not only media but also public authorities around the world. Some countries that already regulate kryptowaluty, the United States and Japan. While only a few countries have introduced a complete ban on digital currencies, including Morocco and Bolivia.

• Investigation of attacks on the South Korean stock exchange on crypto currency continues:

The head of intelligence of South Korea suspects behind the attacks at the national stock exchange on crypto currency responsible hackers from North Korea. According to a report released this week bi-bi-si, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), officially handed over the evidence of the prosecution prokuratorom which confirm that the attack on home computer employee Bithumb, which took place in February, is a kind of spying. In these attacks was stolen about 7.6 billion won (6,99 million dollars) in kryptowalutach and personal data of about 30,000 people. Report bi-bi-si also claims that hackers demanded a ransom in the amount of 6 billion won (5.5 million dollars) in exchange for the destruction of the stolen data.

The investigation is ongoing, and it is not an isolated case. In October, officials of the National Agency of Police of South Korea have confirmed that this year 25. employees of the four different exchanges was the goal 10. separate attempts to extort ransom. NIS also suspected that North Korea was involved in another attack on the South Korean stock exchange on crypto currency, Coinis, which took place in September. Believes that both events may be part of a coordinated plan to avoid the sanctions.

Exchanges green:

Today on the stock exchanges, by the way, very good. The most known crypto currency is gaining. Despite the small drop in the price of Bitcoin equal to 3% of the market capitalization increased by 9.5 billion dollars and is currently 588,1 billion. Ethereum has taken on 3,12%, Bitcoin Cash of 21.7% and Litecoin 0.8 percent. Cardano breaks winning streak of gains and are now correction, equivalent to 6.1 per cent.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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