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Thursday events: IOTA revolution in the world of crypto currency; Expert exchange investing in Bitcoin; Asian defence will contribute to the Blockchain; High turnover on the stock exchanges.

• IOTA revolution in the world of crypto currency:

The main purpose of revolutionary technology IOTA is the possibility of implementing Internet of Things (IoT). In the ecosystem there is no IOTA Blockchaina. Instead there is a weave, which is the side name plate graphics for store transactions. Because there are no blocks, no miners verify the transaction is as follows:

Each member on the network who wants to make a deal, should actively participate in the network agreement, agreeing two previous operations. The certificate of fitness of the two previous transactions, ensures that the entire network reaches an agreement to the current status of approved operations, and enables a number of unique features that are only visible in IOTA.

After a few months, IOTA has a capitalization of more than $ 14 billion on the market. It introduces a paradigm shift in the ecosystem kryptowaluty, and as the markets, it attracts investors and enthusiasts of the concepts of machine economy. Investment RBVC will undoubtedly contribute to the development of this revolutionary technology.

• Expert exchange investing in Bitcoin:

Expert stock market and founder of Birinyi Associates, Laszlo Birinyi, believes that the phenomenal growth of the Bitcoin prices that January 2017 is 1.950 percent, is the catalyst for global financial market and attracting new investors to the exchange.

In a telephone interview with CNBC, Birinyi said Bitcoin mania attracts most of the money back into the stock market, which was active on the sideline.

However, according to Birinyi, Bitcoin from a few weeks shows features of a bubble. He added that if Bitcoin is in fact … a bubble kryptowalutową, this is more than some of the biggest financial bubbles in history, including the Nasdaq bubble of the late nineties. He also said that he is not ready to invest in Bitcoin in the long term, but believes that it is more suitable for trading instruments.

I made $ 3000 in one hour, it’s not investment money, this money I will spend on a new Golf bag.

While well-known digital currency in the world is of growing importance, more and more investors from wall Street enters the market encryption. Famous American investor bill Miller recently told reporters that 50% of hedge funds are currently invested in Bitcoin.

The recent explosion limits of Bitcoin in the media paves the way for others on crypto currency, which have the potential to grow.

• Asian defence will contribute to the Blockchain:

Two groups of legal services Blockchain from Japan and South Korea have decided to unite to promote the wider use of this technology. According to the communication, Korean Blockchain Open Forum (KBOF) and Japanese Blockchain Joint Consortium (BCCC), began a collaboration in November. A formal agreement between these groups was signed during the conference BlockBain TechBiz, which was held on 19. Dec in Seoul.

As noted by BCCC:

In the future pogłębimy our cooperation in relation to external events, and group actions, and we will share the accumulated knowledge.

According to the group, more than 200 companies have joined the consortium since its launch. BCCC announced in December last year, which increased its membership to more than 100. companies, including Microsoft Japan, Mitsui Sumotomo Insurance, PwC, Bitbank or ConsenSys. Also KBOF said in the announcement that the forum operates 157 organizations specializing in the Blockchain, it companies, government agencies, academic institutions and local authorities of the city.

The deadlines are regulated in South Korea, to expand provisions relating to crypto currency, although officials also said that they want to avoid creating new burdens for companies that are working on niefinansowymi use the Blockchain.

• High turnover on the stock exchanges:

In the last 24. watch the market krytowalut … lost consciousness 26.3 billion, which was 4.2% of the total market, which today is 597,4 billion. The cash outflow reflects the falling prices of various currencies, which may be another good buying opportunity, after the previous large increases. One of the biggest crypto currency, the largest drop in records of Bitcoin Cash is at 20.2% and Bitcoin, Gold, 16%. The cost of one Bitcoin fell by 7% relative to previous estimates. A pleasant surprise is today Ripple, which allows you to profit at 41% and Lisk, which grew by 19%. 24. hour turnaround of stock exchanges is at a high level and is of 45.3 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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