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Friday event: Goldman Sachs, opened at kryptowaluty; the Main error in the security system the South Korean job boards; Russia about the introduction of rights to crypto currency; it is a Powerful correction in the stock exchanges.

• Goldman Sachs, opened at kryptowaluty:

According to Bloomberg Goldman Sachs until the end of June 2018. has otowrzyć trade kryptowalutami. Bloomberg quoted the information that could come from employees of the company. Currently, the investment Bank tries to determine how to stay digital assets. The President of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, he remains cautious, but open. He recently said:

Bitcoin is not for me. But in the past there were many things that were not for me, and then I’ve worked on. If it took 20 years, and he succeeded, I could tell why he was successful. But based on everything I know, I’m not going to guess that he will succeed.

This month, Goldman appeared on the front pages of Newspapers after the detection of descending to the dungeon futures Bitcoin to their customers. The Bank insisted, however, that at least some of his clients holding account with sufficient funds to cover the full cost of products related to kryptowalutami traded. It was a reason to leave the company for some of its customers.

On wall Street, Goldman Sachs is perceived as one of the elite. Managers are often retired, to occupy high posts in the government of the United States. Here an example can be the Minister of Finance Steve Mnuchin and former Secretary Hank Paulson. Thanks to the stability of the Bank in mind that accepts Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it is almost certain that other companies on wall Street will follow in his footsteps. As well as the opening of trading futures on CME and the CBOE, this movement, furthermore, legitimizes the asset class on crypto currency.

• Basic mistakes in the security system the South Korean job boards on crypto currency:

The South Korean company MBC hired a company involved in network security to check the security settings of five Korean Bitcoin exchanges, including Bithumb. Apparently, the company was able to successfully hack on all five targets, getting access to user data or funds. The article says that the contract company has treated the procedure of security exchanges as defined, the main tools of hacking. If this is true, this test highlights the fragmented nature of security settings, many users of the exchanges on crypto currency as well as the incorrect configuration of the exchanges.

This week the South Korean stock exchange Youbita declared bankruptcy after got two hacker attacks, of which the second lost 17% of its assets. It is not known what the experiment MBC Youbit was one of five targeted job boards, in which the guards formed their own account, which then broke. However, the company claims to be the largest national market – Bithumb was zhakowana. As we wrote in the last months Bithumb were victims of serious security breaches, and the attackers gained access to the means and confidential data of user accounts.

Under hacker attacks, the company » contracted to MBC acquired the IDs and passwords of users and also was able to circumvent two-factor authentication. According to a report by MBC skontaktowało with the South Korean government before the publication of test results, to inform him of critical security issues at the local exchanges. The official responses on this issue have not yet been disclosed.

• Russia about the introduction of the rights of crypto currency:

According to the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on Financial Markets of Russia, Anatoly Aksakova, it is expected that the new laws about crypto currencies will be officially introduced to the Russian national legislation in March 2018.

Russian media TASS and RIA comments Aksakova about new laws, which, apparently, sformalizują rules for creating and replacing a crypto currency like Bitcoin and will be introduced early next year. Aksakov for RIA said

I expect that the adoption of the draft law on kryptowalutach will come in March, ( … ), the Problem is that many citizens are becoming kryptowaluty and falls a victim of fraud. We need to give people the opportunity to legally work with digital currencies in order to save as many of them.

• Powerful correction on the stock exchanges:

Today exchanges powerful adjustments on almost all currencies. Starting with Bitcoin, which lost today, nearly 15.6 per cent, and it is very unstable, using Litecoina, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cache and Ripple that lose consistently 19.2% and 18,9%, 18,3% and 9.1%, for the projects, which recently gained popularity as IOTA, drive, dash or XEM that lose 37%, 19%, 22,9% and 13.4% to. Of course, this leads to a very large reduction in the cost of the market crypto currency, which is 105 billion dollars. This means that in the present capitalization is 492,4 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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