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With Saturday’s events: How the word «Blockchain» adds value; Tools for market monitoring on crypto currency; the Launch of a hedge Fund Novogratza shifted; On exchanges is dominated by green color.

• As the word «Blockchain» adds value:

The madness continues – companies are starting to change their names to contain the word «Blockchain» and see how the value of their shares increases. As reported by The Verge, on the wave of change Long Island Corp Drinks turned into a long-Blockchain, thereby causing an instantaneous increase shares 200%.

Also, Vapetek with headquarters in California, changed its name to Nodechain, offering only vague promises about future plans based on the Blockchain.

Practice continues what has been an interesting phenomenon. In October, little known to the British Telecom operator has turned to the concept of Blockchain-based, adding this term to the name of your company. Its stock is falling rapidly, jumping from 15 pounds ($20) to 84 pounds ($112) for several days.

This trend is maintained also in Asia. Manufacturer of tea Ping Shan Tea Group from Hong Kong becomes a related company Group Blockchain. As the Blockchain affects the activities of the company or the product itself? It remains unclear. The website does not mention more about the technology than the name.

In Russia, consumer marketing associated with kryptowalutą scored more tariffs. Sushi-restaurants presented the drinks menu themed ICO, including with reference to the Chinese ban. Restaurants Burger King in the country also eksperymentowały with its own token, which the giant fast food chain called «Whoppercoin».

• Tools to monitor the market for crypto currencies:

It’s hard to keep up with the market of the crypto currency. Among the thousands of different projects are difficult to evaluate which one you should invest your money, and even harder to keep track of her constant price fluctuations. This rapidly growing and constantly changing market can disturb even experienced players, of course, that new investors feel lost in such a complex environment.

When the market is turned into heat kryptowalutową, which we are witnessing, created several platforms to monitor the performance of different currencies. It often happens that investors in the crypto currency constantly check their phones in search of information on their favorite currency or token. But even if you can find a lot of information skondensowanych in the same space, is still very preferred is the absorption and understanding of what is important and what is not. This is especially true for people who have no experience in trading.

CryptoPing bot that indicates unusual action on the market, improved availability of services to subscribers, allowing the monitoring of the market can become much easier. Although istaniał earlier, has been improved to provide new data, such as rising interest rates / volume. You can also use resource filtering using whitelists, blacklists, premine, ICO or no ICO. CryptoPing also compares information from multiple platforms to trade currencies.

New functions include receiving signals coming in the API – the system is available only to subscribers – both of which inform the application that uses the API. This allows you to upload a CSV file in an account with the same data displayed on the panel.

This service also allows experienced traders to publish information about transactions so that investors can monitor their actions. Social sharing is available only to subscribers, and allows users to become state institutions, which are then classified in accordance with the results of their signals.

Although CryptoPing also available for free, non-subscribers are not able to keep track of other investors. In addition, they pick up signals only after all users have received their own, but users with free accounts can now configure the exchange. While CryptoPing simply refers to information from different trading platforms, but also develops the ability to analyze all messages and posts on social networks. This remarkable feature will help to predict price changes even in the case of assets that have not been listed on any exchange platform.

The ultimate goal is the transformation of CryptoPing in the investment program. This will allow users to invest in accordance with filtrowanymi signals bot adding API keys that allow you to trade directly through the app. The second stage will include the option of automated trading aimed at achieving a «fixed profit» for users, as specified in the white book of the company.

Security is certainly an important issue, when enabled trade. To protect yourself from hacking into accounts, servers CryptoPing will not have any API keys. Instead, these keys are stored on users ‘ devices.

Subscription payable to the Ping, the marker created for this purpose and costs $ 20. Ping is currently at Tidex, YoBit Waves and DEX. 20. Dec 2017. 20. March 2018. The company offers free activation 30. day subscription for subscribers who have 100 PING on my account.

• Starting a hedge Fund Novogratza shifted:

Michael Novogratz he is going to collect $ 500 million to the Fund hedgingowy that zainwestowałby in kryptowaluty. The Fund is the largest entity which skupiałby on kryptowalutach and had to start their activities in mid-December. However announced that the plan of a hedge Fund was still suspended.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Novogratz said:

Not like us market conditions, and we wanted to re-evaluate what we are doing. Now I click on the pause button.

One of the factors that influenced his decisions would be associated with conflicts of interest, if you would have bought Bitcoin for the Fund and sold it in a private office. The novogratz adds:

In this business there are a lot of conflicts. It will be more difficult than I expected.

Mike Novogratz was one of the first investors in Bitcoin and Ethereum, buying Bitcoins when the price was $ 50, and the air in the initial stage crowdsal about 30 cents. From time to time sells Bitcoin and Ether, and the estimated, earned $ 250 million due to the elimination of part of its assets in 2017.

Despite earlier increases in prices, now believe that Bitcoin may fall a little and may take some time before its price impact. He thinks that the price stabiliziruemost between 10.000 to $ 16,000. When veterans such as the Novogratz, starts yelling about care enough to listen. Investors should always remember the fundamental principle: never invest more than you can afford to lose.

• On exchanges dominated by green:

The recent great fall of prices has led to a great opportunity for regular purchases. To date, trade on the stock exchanges amounted to 37 billion, and market capitalization increased by 90.2 billion and is 582,8 billion. However, this is not the highest level. 21. Dec capitalization amounted to 655 billion rubles.

The value of Bitcoin grew by 18%, Bitcoin Cash by 40%, Bitcoin, Gold is 17.7%. One of the largest crypto currency on the most profit made Verge, at 150% NXT: +92%. The value altcoinów is steadily growing. Although Bitcoin is certainly a big part of the market (43,6%), his level of dominance decreases. 8. Dec Bitcoin stood at 67.5% of the market of the crypto currency.

source: cointelegraph.com, worldcoinindex.com

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