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With poniedziałkowych of events: Israel is considering the proposal of the national kryptowaluty; Confusion with the payment limits BitPay; a well-Known analyst says that there is no bubble in Bitcoinie; Increase exchanges.

• Israel is considering the proposal of the national kryptowaluty:

Following the example of Russia and Dubai, Israel is considering the proposal of the national kryptowaluty digital bracket, which will have the value of the physical NIS.

According to sources close to the Ministry of Finance black market in Israel is about 22 percent of gross domestic product in the country. Digital currency that are registered by the government of Israel know that the operations on the black market would be smaller, perhaps. In addition, according to a source, the government is considering laws that will greatly reduce the number of individual funds in the economy. For example, one proposal would be entitled to the payment of wages in cash.

Is the process of creating digital bracket. The government has proposed a «Law on economic agreements,» which, if passed, will create a separate panel for the Bank of Israel to consider the establishment of a digital parenthesis. Pressure on the adoption of digital currency is high, as recent comments by the Prime Minister of Israel.

Colu, application portfelowa Blockchain, it was part of his talks with the Israeli government on the question of holding the digital currency. Mark Smorgon, Vice-President of the Blockchain Colu said:

Israeli regulators at what time interested in digital currencies, we were part of this conversation, if this initiative becomes a reality, Colu will be happy to take cooperation … because we believe that digital currency is the future of money.

Confusion with limits of payments BitPay:

Supplier payment method using Bitocina – BitPay announced on Friday, 22. Dec, updates the minimum payment amount on your web site 5. $ 100. dollars. However, two days later – on Sunday – I assume this decision.

Friday update reported by users that the platform will not process any invoice for an amount less than 100 dollars, which makes a huge difference in relation to the previous limit of $ 5. dollars. The reason of this change the company has made a large amount of deals Bitcoinem and the ensuing record-high congestion, and charges for the mining industry. In the company blog States:

Assembly production is currently more than $ 30 per transaction (…) Payment Bitcoinem below $ 100 quickly become impossible for users and BitPay.

However, only two days later, BitPay has withdrawn the changes, restoring the previous limit for the sum of 5. dollars on the basis of the claim that recently introduced improvements to the Protocol billing on the platform is allowed. The mentioned improvements of the Protocol is to implement Protocol support scaling SegWit that were introduced to the platform 25. Dec. In the Sunday announcement reads:

We have no immediate plans for further changes to the minimum sum of the invoice BitPay.

• Renowned analyst says that there is no bubble in Bitcoinie:

Analyst, head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors – Because – he described the recent sharp movements in the Bitcoinie as «very healthy» and in this tone commented to the media. In a conversation with Bloomberg 22. December, when Bitcoin continued to decline 30% to below $ 13,000, said the biggest cryptocurrency to move the «value network» for several years.

If you look at the growing number of portfolios and trading activity, this explains the amazing growth in the last four years, and with optimism to look at Bitcoin.

said to Daybreak.

Comments by the analyst supplying a fresh contrast to those, to those, of which we have seen in the media. As soon as the Bitcoin price has corrected after zahaczeniu of $ 20,000, the largest cryptocurrency has met with public criticism, especially from the followers of the Bitcoin Cash.

These warnings, as they say, do not indicate the reason but on ignorance.

If someone says that Bitcoin is based on pure speculation, not well-acquainted with the market. If someone says that Bitcoin is a bubble, it is less likely … that I was in a bubble, I have never met.

he continued, citing published Fundstrat research results.

• Increase of exchanges:

In the last 24. time market capitalization grew from 28.7 billion dollars. One of the biggest crypto currency Lisk increased its value by 26%, Ethereum 15%, Cardano 12%, and Monero from 12.5%. The total capitalization of the market is 547,3 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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