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Event Tuesday: South Korea regulates the exchange to protect investors; before Bittrex warns of fake letters; With Bitcoinem you can sleep peacefully; the End of correction?.

In South Korea regulates the exchange to protect investors

The South Korean government and local financial bodies to comply with the precautionary measures. investors before the advent about on crypto currency exchanges and currency exchange. 13. December, the South Korean government, and its task force on issues of crypto currency created by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Financial Services Commission, the Ministry of Justice, the Fair trade Commission and Financial Supervisory Commission, held an emergency meeting to discuss the status of South Korean market to crypto currency and rules for companies and investors.

Two of the four laws prepared by the government of South Korea during a meeting of the emergency and that is:

Does not allow foreigners and minors investors to trade kryptowalutami.
Regulates exchange platform for crypto currency as a legitimate financial services providers.

Taking into account the rapidly growing number of fraudulent exchanges, platforms and actions, the South Korean government immediately moved to the regulation of the stock exchanges on crypto currency and deal with unscrupulous operations. Last week several incorrect platforms of exchange for crypto currency was declared through the local Bitcoin community and the financial authorities. One of the fraudulent exchanges was BitKRX, named for the similarity of the Korean Stock Exchange (KRX), the largest financial trading platforms in South Korea, established KOSDAQ.

Exchange BitKRX was characterized as a branch of the KRX, encouraging the user to use its platform to promote their activities as a controlled and legitimate company, managed through KRX.

Chosun, one of the largest media-the press in South Korea, said that the local financial authorities, and law enforcement agencies began to attack on the exchange of crypto currency with the help of fraudulent marketing and fraudulent. Local financial authorities found that few job boards on crypto currency in South Korea is unregulated, but they act as a legitimate enterprise using branding leading financial institutions such as BitKRX.

One of the members of the South Korean Bitcoin community told Chosun:

A small group of people who do not have sufficient expertise and experience to manage large platforms, leading on the exchange of crypto currency in the local market. In this regard, traders are not able to properly fulfill orders and to sell at the right time, incurring significant losses and challenges in investing. Severe regulation of the government of the Republic of Korea even more stabiliziruemost the local market for crypto currency.

In the beginning of this week, the biggest exchange kryptowalutowa in South Korea, Bithumb, which is also the second largest platform on the global market for crypto currency, said that the appropriate set of rules for investors and enterprises to develop the market for crypto currency and creates exponential growth. Bithumb said:

The right collection of recipes will rather contribute to market (virtual currency), and we would like them to take.

If on the stock exchange cryptocurrencies, such as Bithumb, Korbit and Coinone the day we process billions of dollars in transactions, the rules are necessary because a large portion of investors in the market for crypto currency in South Korea have become victims of Ponizego schemes and other scams. Supplier data exchange CryptoCompare, the South Korean stock market for crypto currency is only responsible for 4.6 percent. world market exchanges for crypto currencies, with the United States, Japan and Europe.

Bittrex warns of fraudulent email:

Exchange cryptocurrencies Bittrex before warns fake emails are trying to require API keys. Exchange has nothing to do with these letters. In this regard, we remind you that never in the match, none of the companies should not require API keys and private keys of your portfolios.

The letter disguised as a letter from Bittrex – uses its logo, layout, and writing style. In the letter, the swindlers report that the information they need to implement additional security measures on the account and threaten that in case of no response the recipient’s account will be blocked. Misleading well as detailed instructions on how to find the information they require.

If you receive this type of mail, just ignore it. Everyone who will enter into possession of the information about your API keys able to take your money.

With Bitcoinem you can sleep peacefully:

The price of Bitcoin today I received almost $ 2000. This movement caused the weakening altcoinów last week when prices fell below 13,000 dollars, we have experienced a new round of accusations wykreowaną bubble. Now the owners of Bitcoin – as told by Jameson Lopp (lopp) – «more delicious than ever». The engineer who brought the world of crypto various well-known investors, and expresses more confidence in the future of Bitcoin and despise its current technical shortcomings.

I am more optimistic about Bitcoin within the last 5. years. Events that have been published are only the tip of the iceberg.

commented on Twitter Lopp (lopp).

Further to be the first kryptowaluty, also commented on John McAfee, which confirmed the current status quo of the Bitcoin network:

All my life I was a technician, and if someone is afraid of Bitcoin is superfluous. The world economy will find the correct decision, and that is Bitcoin, which is still the only guaranteed investment in the world of crypto.

McAfee added that by the end of 2018., Bitcoin will be ten times more expensive than currently, still keeping his thumbs, which provides that in 2020, the cost reaches a million dollars. In his Twitter, he is also known to periodically describes the chosen cryptocurrency, which, according to him, will succeed. The provision of such information, immediately leads to a pronounced price increase. The Internet is buzzing about the alleged leak, supposedly it SiaCoin had to be described using McAfee project. Thus, we will see the popular profile of the investor.

• End of correction?:

Bitcoin quickly recovers the loss, and its coefficient of price increases today by 16.3%. Despite the fact that the rapid price rise of Bitcoin, other crypto currency loses against him, the largest of the alternative currencies against the dollar also buying Ethereum 1.2 Percent, Bitcoin Cash 1%, Ripple 6.6% and Litecoin 4%. If we are talking about less kryptowaluty, many of them marked significant changes. Here, the exception is BitConnect, which is gaining today to 66,37%. Market capitalization is growing today at 48.2 billion dollars and is currently 595,5 billion.

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