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From events in the environment: SegWit2x in two days; Perhaps the use of the computing power of Bitcoin; Bitcoin as a bubble that can change the world; On exchanges of differentiation.

• SegWit2x two days later:

Controversial hard fork Bitcoin SegWit2x – according to the official website of the project will be introduced 28. Dec. The project SegWit2x, which sparked months of debates and conflicts within the Bitcoin community, should be carried out on the block 501451, that is a day.

The founder of the project, Jaap Terlouw said on his page that the fork has to deal with the issues of speed and transaction fees in the Bitcoin network, adding that currently, Bitcoin is not suitable for use as a means of payment. Confirmation that the plug is actually held, it is expedient both in terms of actions on the project site, as well as in words Terlouw:

Our team will do the hard fork of Bitcoin, which was scheduled for mid-November.

The founder also promised that in addition to the General lending practices of the holders of BTC the same saldami new coins (B2X), in addition, they will receive the appropriate amount of Bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto, as a reward for development. The Roadmap includes features such as support for network Lightning Network, smart contracts and anonymous transactions.

There are rumors that the B2X is not hard forkiem BTC, but only wants to use his popularity, however, our team did not find any confirmation (or refutation) of this thesis.

• Possible to use the computing power of Bitcoin:

This year during BlockShow Asia Yangdong Deng, chief scientist AI startupu Matrix explained how the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) to the ecosystem Blockchain will allow you to use the computing power of Bitcoin for scientific innovation. For Dengue, the current computing power used for digging Bitcoin is of 8.23×1022 floating point operations per second (FLOPS), while the total computing power in the world is 1.2×1023 FLOPS. According to these calculations, extraction Bitoina is 17% of total global capacity, citing frequent allegations that Bitcoin mining is wasteful of energy.

Matrix is trying to re-develop algorithms of digging, including AI for the algorithm of the production system bayesowski using the algorithm Monte Carlo Markov chain (MCMC). Because all these calculations work the same way as the traditional functions of production, they contribute to the production Bitcónów.

According to Dan uses artificial intelligence, the computing power used to verify transactions in the Bitcoin network can be used for other purposes outside the world on crypto currency. As one example, he cited his research explaining that the network modelling of the brain should be about 1018 FLOPS, while the complete simulation of the human metabolic network requires 1025 FLOPS. For Dengue and other important matters outside the world of encryption, which require enormous computing power, the simulation of chemical reactions, medical diagnoses and complex financial modeling. Intel recently filed a patent for a system based on Blockchainie which also uses energy, which is used in mining for crypto currency for the development of scientific – in this case, especially in the case of genetic sequencing.

Listopadowa conference BlockShow Asia, in addition to the Matrix contained many other innovative projects. During the event in Singapore brought together more than 1500 entrepreneurs and experts who shared the latest industry developments.

• Even as the Bitcoin bubble can change the world:

To the question, I think Bitcoin is a bubble, chief strategist for investment giant Charles Schwab, Jeffrey Kleintop, he focused on the uniqueness of Bitcoin in the global economy. In today’s interview to Business Insider Kleintop said that Bitcoin is one of a kind and difficult to predict for their independence.

Bitcoin has neglected the recent attempts to bounce him from the media and sources of investment mainstream, which recognized losses from last week, when prices fell to below $ 13,000, for «the bubble burst». In less than a week before the correction value per unit of Bitcoin was more than $ 20,000 per coin.

Despite the fact that the behavior is similar to the bubble remained a common story among analysts who told about Bitcoinie, Kleintop disagreed with this brand that offer the idea that Bitcoin is something more unknown and unique.

This week is also The co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, who said to Bloomberg that those who found that pure speculation is odpowiadzialna for the growth of prices for Bitcoin have no corresponding representation. And CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodget took a more diplomatic approach, stating that Bitcoin can be both be … that I was in a bubble, have a bright future and change the world.

• Exchanges of differentiation:

Today for most of the largest crypto currency adjustment time. Bitcoin loses 5.9 percent, Ethereum Is 3.1%, Bitcoin Cash 6.5% and Litecoin of 5.8%. Among them is Ripple, who is gathering today to 17.5%. Other kryptowaluty very different.

The cap falls, today at 15.4 billion dollars and is currently 580,1 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, gieldykryptowalut.pl, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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