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Thursday events: Mandatory verification on the Korean stock exchanges; Insurance asset investors; Director of the exchange EXMO was stolen; Bitcoin and violas on one stood the house.

• Mandatory verification on the Korean stock exchanges:

Two days ago we wrote about the rules in South Korea. Today I will write down the following important provisions.

The South Korean government announced that it will ban the national giełdom kryptowalutowym provide users to make transactions through anonymous accounts. In the framework of what seems to be a series of updates aimed at improving control over the practice in the industry, the government will try to prohibit the banks to issue a new virtual account on the exchange of crypto currency.

According to South Korean Yonhap news Agency, the statement was posted on the official website Hong Nam-ki, the Minister of the Department for Policy Coordination of the Government, after discussion with wiceministrzami of other state bodies in the recent growth of interest kryptowalutami and their presence among the local community.

Ads Hong was only after an hour since then, as the head of the Korean financial regulator warned … a bubble bitcoinową during a meeting with the press.

I bet that bubble will burst sooner or later.

said Czwe Heung-sik, the Governor of the Financial Financial Supervisory Service (FSS).

Hong added that only accounts notarized to be authorized for deposits and payments. A government ban on the use of anonymous accounts is treated in South Korea as a new step in the direction of restraint of trade associated with kryptowalutami in this country.

According to the report, the financial intelligence unit and the financial Supervisory service, will introduce the regulation and supervision of the stock exchange to comply with the new rule.

• Insurance of assets investors:

Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking is preparing to launch services that will protect the owners for crypto currency, if the exchange that they use will be closed or zhackowane, reports Nikkei Asian Review.

The banking giant will ensure that the assets of clients who agree to the program. In the case where the trade will fail or be broken, Mitsubishi UFJ will compensate their customers losses, in accordance with the records kept. Nikkei reports that the service will start from the deal to Bitcoinie and may be launched in April. Users of Crypto exchanges that agree to protect their funds Mitsubishi UFJ, will be charged for the service.

However, as says General Director of Tokyo stock exchange Bituks Noriyuki Hirosue, an additional fee can be easily pay for those who prefer to trust traditional financial institutions:

Customers will feel safer knowing that the Bank escrow protects their assets.

Japanese investors in the crypto currency especially vulnerable to the risks associated with the use of exchanges for crypto currency – the main Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox was closed in 2014. after hackers stole 850.000 Bitcoins.

Japan is well known as a world leader in the field of investment and regulation in the crypto currency. Nikkei reports that the Japanese Financial Services Agency should recognize kryptowaluty for the assets.

• Director of the stock exchange EXMO was stolen:

As reported by Ukrainian site strana.ua Paul Lerner, General Director of the stock exchange on crypto currency EXMO, was kidnapped in Kiev. According to the source, Lerner was arrested when leaving his office in the city centre. An investigation was launched, which aims to determine why and by whom was kidnapped Lerner.

For strana.ua Lerner is a citizen of Russia has a residence permit in Poland and is engaged in a number of startups based on kryptowaluty and Blockchain in Ukraine. The Lerner profile on Facebook States that he hails from Kursk.

Representatives EXMO told local daily ForkLog that this incident did not affect the performance of the company, and that the data user’s money are completely safe:

We do everything possible to speed up the search for Pavera Lerner. Any information on his whereabouts would be very much appreciated. Despite this situation, the exchange is working fine. We also want to emphasize that the nature of the work Pavela in EXMO does not provide memory access to the exchange, nor any personal data of users. All assets are completely safe.

In other news from Ukraine since the beginning of this month ForkLog reported that in the office and apartment of the Director members of the Ukrainian Security Service conducted a RAID, which culminated in the confiscation of equipment, including those which have been placed on personal and corporate funds in kryptowalutach.

• Bitcoin and violas in the same house were:

In recent days, we have seen a clear fall in the price of the crypto currency. Since Bitcoin is currently cheaper by 6.4%, Ethereum 2.5%, while Litecoin is 7.8%. One of the biggest adjustments was met Verge, at the level of 24.5%. Among these falls, it is Ripple, which, in turn, noted the very good results, plus its value of 11.7%. The total capitalization of the market is at the moment 566,9 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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