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Friday event: What Forka!? Mysterious SegWit2x; the Continuation of a South Korean confusion around on crypto currency; the New rules K-Y-C exchange Poloniex; Forecast the price of Bitcoin in 2018; the Green wave on the stock exchanges.

• What Forka!? Mysterious SegWit2x:

New SegWit2x, the revival of the original hard forka, designed to solve the scalability problem of Bitcoin was to be held on the block of the Bitcoin number 501451. This unit was excavated about 19:00 Moscow time 28. December, and the team responsible for the project announced the official commissioning of:

The long-awaited start of the new SegWit2x Bitcoin now has a place!

Movement SegWit2x started again in may 2017 as a direct result of the agreement in new York (NYA). The idea of agreement, signed by more than 50 leading companies associated with Bitcoinem was a compromise in the area of scaling Bitcoin to a larger audience. One of the parties wanted to implement the decision of the second layer under SegWit, which took place 24. August 2017, resulted in a Bitcoin Cash. It was the first part of the compromise. The second part of the agreement was developed in order to increase the maximum Bitcoin block size to 2 megabytes. But I’m never happy places that directly violate the Treaty.

The fork was to appear 16. Nov. However, when developers found code for hard forka, the reaction of the Bitcoin community was very negative. The lack of protection from attacks of type double spend, as well as General concerns about the safety of the new branching caused a great protest against SegWit2x, aptly named #no2x. After several weeks of disputes 8. Nov fork canceled – about a week before the scheduled start. The team is responsible for coding SegWit2x postponed the plan due to disagreements.

In late December, the project was reborn through another group of developers. Created web site, which lists the task, the work plan and the team responsible for the new fork. In the last few days came reports that were sent to several niespójnościach on the project website. First of all, the team is responsible for new plug had nothing to do with people that are on the original contract, the new York and SegWit2x, which was canceled in November. The creators of a new project to do this was hospitalized in rozmawie for communication Finance Magnates. Second, it is difficult to find reliable information about the team members listed on the official website. For example, the founder of the project, Jaap Terlouw, has only połowiczny LinkedIn profile which claims that is the main developer of the new SegWit2x without any other sources that confirm his status. Moreover, the GitHub account of the project only 9 days. Still doubt generates a code stored in the GitHub account, which indicates that the band was planning to usurp the ready coinów 6 million, which is 28% of the total supply at 21 million At the top of the list of reasons for suspicion-it’s a strange promise to a proportional number of Bitcoins Satoshi Nakamoto all owners of BTC after the hardfork will take place. Not specified how the team actually him to take possession of the coins that were placed through the mysterious Creator of Bitcoin, from the very first days of its existence.

The flames added a paid press releases are distributed to various sites related to Blockchainem like Bitcoinist Russian vc.ru where there had been a large rise in the value of futures new SegWit2x. At the same time, other news sites reported concerns about the intentions of the group responsible for the project.

• Continuation of the Korean confusion around on crypto currency:

The December noise in the end Bitcoin continues because the South Korean government expressed concern about the lack of regulation in respect of workers ‘ councils on crypto currency. This year the country was on the verge takes on the universal crypto currency, and the government tried to keep pace with development and manufacturing in the region where it is widely distributed arbitration between the number of stock exchanges. Earlier, in December, the South Korean government has developed plans for the closure of some national stock exchanges, and this topic is back this week.

According to Bloomberg, the South Korean exchanges, the Bitcoin exchange rate is higher by almost 30% compared to average exchange rates of the international. The decision makers seem to seek to control or at least slowing – the huge popularity of the currency. In the press release of the South Korean government expressed concern that the country is just obsessed with crypto currency:

Speculation kryptowalutowe in Korea have become irrational. The government can no longer tolerate this abnormal situation.

Recovery plans a certain level of control over transactions kryptowalutowymi include a ban on banks to open Bank accounts for exchanges on crypto currency. The government has also considered the closure of the exchanges for crypto currencies, but refrained from statements that he was going to do it.

Given that South Korea is responsible for a fifth of global turnover kryptowalutami, perhaps in reaction to the uncertainty caused by the recent concerns of the government of the country on Thursday, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum fell. Bitcoin recorded a decline of 12% in 24 hours, comes with 14.900 doalrów to the lowest level 13.100 doalrów. However, the market in a short time revived the company 14.800 dollars.

• New rules K-Y-C exchange Poloniex:

One of the oldest exchanges kryptowalutowych takes steps to customize the registration process of clients. 27. Dec exchange Poloniex with headquarters in the United States, announced that it will soon disable all the existing user accounts that will not hold a new verification process. Exchange reported that the deadline for the confirmation of a person will be published in the first quarter of 2018.

This requirement is probably the last step that will be carried out through the stock exchange to meet regulatory requirements and ensure that the services provided by the service is not used for criminal purposes such as money laundering. Poloniex said that the accounts of those who fail to meet the deadline checks will be disabled.

It seems that the only function that will not be disabled for users who do not meet the new requirements, will be the recovery of funds subject to maximum limit of 2,000 dollars.

• Forecast the price of Bitcoin in 2018.:

Roger McNamee, an American venture capitalist and early investor in Facebook, said that 2018 will be a watershed year for Bitcoin (BTC) in an interview with CNBC. The investor is convinced that a significant increase in value of Bitcoin this year will turn out, mainly because of assumptions, but indicates that potential identity of the coin depends on its strength in the coming year:

[Bitcoin] is still a very small market in the context of the larger financial world, but he had a great year and increased spekulacyjnej mania. The thing that people forget, what if the maniac lasts long enough, it becomes a real industry.

For McNamee, the current results of the market Bitcoin – with capitalization, is 246 billion dollars, and a 24-hour turnover is 12 billion dollars – show that can attract larger money that may ultimately make it an established part of the global financial market.

Exactly one week ago Bitcoin along with the entire market cryptographic suffered a serious fall, the BTC, which fell almost 30 percent. The market improved rapidly, but last week was characterized by instability. For McNamee, next year will be even bigger, but the way he «solves», is to bequeath the longevity of Bitcoin.

In other predictions for the New Year, the famous stock analyst Ronnie Moas believes that Bitcoin could reach $ 28.000. As McNamee, Dr. Julian Hosp, co-founder of TenX, sees more volatility for coins, saying that next year the cost could reach $ 60,000.

• Green wave on the stock exchanges:

The last 24 hours is a good time for the market to crypto currency. Almost all kryptowaluty of the top 100 by market capitalization noted an increase in the number of Bitcoin 3.8%, Ethereum 4.3%, Bitcoin Cash by 11.1%, Litecoin 3.5% and Surge to 25.9%. High gain fixed Stellar, drive, NEO IS in the queue in 28.3% to 20.5%, 14% and 13%. The consequence of the many gains is the increase in the value of the market at 40.1 billion dollars, which means the capitalization equal to 607 billion dollars

source: coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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