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With Saturday’s events: India compare kryptowaluty for financial pyramids; managing Director of the exchange EXMO dismissed; Bitrefill implements Lightning; Strong correction on the stock exchanges.

In India compare kryptowaluty for the pyramid:

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Indian Finance Ministry stated that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are similar to a Ponzi scheme, or pyramid (a financial pyramid), and investors should exercise caution, when investing in not. The Ministry added that kryptowaluty devoid of value, as well as providing any property, as speculation is the only reason why their prices are constantly rising. In its statement, the Ministry repeated that the market for crypto currency is the real and heightened risk of a financial bubble. This can lead to immediate and prolonged crisis, in which investors, especially consumers, sellers can lose all the money. However, the government of India has not introduced rules relating to market digital currency, but created an interdisciplinary Committee for research and development of regulatory framework for the sector. A member of the Committee is the country’s Central Bank-Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Despite the warnings, which brought the latest Ministry of Finance did not create a complete ban on the sale of electronic currencies and has not taken any action that could limit the adoption and trade of digital currencies in India.

Meanwhile, in November the Indian Supreme Court has sent the government a case to start developing a regulatory framework to control the flow of Bitcoin in the country.

• Managing Director of the exchange EXMO released:

The Financial Times (FT) reports that Paul Lerner, General Director of the exchange for crypto currency EXMO kidnapped in Kiev 27. Dec, after paying a ransom of $ 1 million dollars in Bitcoinie was today dismissed. The FT reports that the ransom was informed via Anton Geraszczenkę, Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of internal Affairs.

As we wrote yesterday, Lerner was kidnapped in Kiev on Wednesday, after leaving his office. Ukrainian publication on the website strana.ua for the first time reported that he was taken by unidentified men in black «Mercedes». In article published today strana.ua reports that local police believe the kidnappers were afraid to release Lerner after the story of his abduction has caused so much interest around the world.

EXMO today issued an official statement on the abduction of Lerner. The statement reports that the company received information from Lerner and that he currently is safe:

At the moment he is safe and had not inflicted any physical harm. Nevertheless, Paul is currently in a state of great stress; therefore in the coming days won’t provide any official comments.

Statement EXMO does not mention zapłaconym ransom. In a statement, the exchange reiterated that the abduction of Lerner is in no way affected the work of the company:

We also want to emphasize that the activities Pavela in company EXMO was not associated with access to financial assets of our users.

According to today’s official statement EXMO investigation of the abduction Lerner continues, and the identity of the kidnappers is still not known. After its installation, in accordance with article 146.2 of the Ukrainian criminal code, the case threatens till five years of imprisonment.

Moreover, according to the official Twitter of the company EXMO only 2 days ago, 28. December, the stock market, was attacked by a DDoS attack.

• Implements Bitrefill Lightning:

Faster and cheaper operations Bitcoinem may soon see the light. Recent deal posted on Twitter from the provider’s office, payment in advance, Bitrefill, used chain Lightning to charge a mobile phone with a speed close to instant with zero cost. Although this deal is not yet publicly available, and may still be largely confined to the command line interface, however, gives an idea of how the future might look like normal Bitcoin users.

Lightning was one of the most popular solutions for scaling Bitcoin. This is a new layer on top of Bitcoin Protocol that allows faster and cheaper transactions without violating safety regulations. Currently, according to the site Bitinfocharts, currently, the average fee per transaction of bitcoin is $ 36. However, people who saw the tweet Boswortha could be confused, as this use is not displayed to customers Bitrefill. According to the President Sergey Kotliara the transaction took place, when Bosworth was tested by the introduction of Bitrefill one of the developers of the company, by invitation. Bosworth will have to recharge your phone, so decided to test the new rozwiąanie. Happened. Kotliar said

Everything is ready, but it will not work until you release the purse Zipper.

Wallets need to be updated, so they can interact with the Protocol layer of Lightning, and now this does not happen, – said Kotliar. Bitrefill in his blog announced that it adopts Lightning in August. Interested users and developers can test it right now, using a fake Bitcoin. Kotliar insisted that the partner companies do not zwlekały with the introduction of Lightning:

Integration with the other ultros was surprisingly easy.

• A strong correction on the stock exchanges:

During the last days in the exchanges was marked by large swings. Bitcoin has issued corrections in the amount of 14.6%, Ethereum 7.8 Percent, Bitcoin Cash of 15.8% and Litecoin – 14,4%. Several projects that have marked a significant success Stellar, which is gaining 10.7 percent, Cardano 29% and Ripple is 28.5%. In connection with the wave of falling market capitalization falls 45.6 billion dollars and is currently 561,4 billion.

source: coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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