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From random events: Bitcoin gold for Japan; Teenage millionaire creates innovative University in Dubai with Bitcoin; 7 largest krytoprzestępstw in 2017; green in the new year!

Bitcoin gold for Japan:

Japan has become one of the most open countries to companies associated Bitcoinem and Blockchain technology. One of the main reasons for this situation is the fact that the Japanese government has the necessary regulations and laws that prefer kryptowaluty. In the beginning of this year, the Japanese government has officially recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method. This has caused significant price increases, because many Japanese investors decided to invest in from a centralized to a distributed cryptocurrency.

Analysts at Nomura believe that the rise in Bitcoin price has given many investors a very high return, which may lead to revival of the Japanese economy.

The increase in the value of assets often leads to an increase in consumer costs, known as the wealth effect. Property valuation arises from unrealized gains from the transaction bitcoinowych held by Japanese investors since the beginning of the tax 2017, and we estimate the potential growth in consumer spending in 23.2 – 96 billion yen.

– said the head of the investigative group of analysts, Yoshiyuki Suimon and added:

Moreover, the fact that the rise in the price of Bitcoin was recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017., can lead to the fact that the effect on wealth will appear in the first quarter of 2018., but if so, then our estimates of potential real GDP growth in annual terms in relation to the quarter by about 0.3 percentage points.

Effects numerous in the Bitcoin economy. There are not only regular jobs, but increases economic growth. As more and more exchanges on crypto currency and the operations go to Japan, it is likely that this trend will continue financial.

• Teenage millionaire creates innovative University in Dubai Bitcoin:

Erik Finman, teenage millionaire, plans to create «the best University in the world» in Dubai to fight with outdated teaching methods.

Finman he’s only 19 years old. Seven years ago, when he was 12 years old, his grandmother gave him a gift in the amount of $ 1,000. His brother Scott gave him a hint that he was interested in Bitcoinem. Then one unit it was worth the time 12 dolaów, so I bought as much as I could, and then decided hodlować.

However, the story becomes much more interesting. Erik Finman went through a horrible school system. It was boring, and devoid of motivation. Says one teacher even told him that would never amount to anything, so he should just quit school and start grilling burgers at McDonald’s.

Finmana parents decided to pull him out of school that really wanted and began to teach him at home. In 2013. chose some of their bitcoins to found online educational called Botangle. This event is designed for frustrated students such as he, to find good teachers in the video chat. Then started an internship at a start-up-Oh in the Silicon Valley, and he moved to San Francisco at the age of 15. years.

Finman currently has 401 Bitcoins, currently worth 4.9 million dollars. I want to use part of their property to create a new University in Dubai, and his whole family involved in the project. It is already online, with the help of technology, which was developed in the framework of the project Botangle. Looking at his family, you can understand why learning the house was really a good choice. His father has a doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and my mother has a doctorate in physics at Stanford University. His brothers went into the MYTH.

Dubai has indeed become the center of the world. Already the tallest building, biggest shopping malls, and I think he deserves the best educational system in the world.

– Finman says, adding that College is often a waste of time due to obsolete methods of education, so the University is a special system that helps students like him who are constantly disappointed.

As for the Bitcoin, Finman is no fear of price fluctuations kryptowaluty:

Cryptocurrency is, of course, has more to do. This is another interesting thing. The only way you can eliminate Bitcoin, it does not follow from his own actions, but if you create a better alternative.

It is possible that Erik Finman and his family can achieve something spectacular. Still teenage millionaire was doing okay. He first Bitcoins, but these investments in Ethereum and Litecoin.

• 7 the largest krytoprzestępstw in 2017:

In 2017, the users of Blockchain technology – often do not know the basic, industry-specific technical terms – once again became a target for hackers and fraudsters. But not all attacks and fraud were equal. Some of them were very significant due to their scale, influence, and how the condition of the Blockchain technology and the same industry said. Despite this, the consequences of these incidents was far from academic. Regardless of whether it was normal hacking on the wallet fraud in ICO projects, or errors in the code, as a result, investors lost nearly $ 490 million. So far none of the perpetrators have not been caught, and even managed, and the recovery of the stolen funds is very doubtful. Here is a list of the 7 biggest scams, in the area of crypto:

1. CoinDash ICO Hack

Start CoinDash campaign launched by the initial sale of the coins (ICO) earlier this year, but soon had to stop after the address Ethereum was broken. Run managed to earn $ 7.3 million after you hacker changed the address that the donations came to an unknown page. The company turned off ICO, but she promised to send your personal marker, CDT, those who tried to give a donation. Although the company said that the donations sent after the release of the statement will not be awarded, some investors, as before, to send money, handing over donations to the hacked address by chance raising amount of stolen funds from 7 million to 10 million dollars.

2. Violation of the parity portfolio

It was a tough year for suppliers of briefcases for crypto currency. The problems began in July when a launch from the UK has discovered a vulnerability in the software of the Ethereum wallet in version 1.5 that resulted in the theft of at least 150,000 ethers of user accounts. Error was found in the portfolios of multi-signature (many signatures) that threatened it, mainly in the ICO funds of many companies. Currently stolen ethers was worth about $ 30 million, but currently they cost close to $ 105 million. This issue was considered critical, when the boss technological Ethereum, Gavin wood, has announced that, at least, three addresses were shakowane and said that efforts were made to prevent further loss of funds. Later it turned out that more than 70,000 esters have been paid, providing them a complete loss.

3. Deception in the end of the Enigma project

Back to ICO, the problem is not limited to shackowanych addresses. Start Blockchainu Enigma noticed that his web site, mailing list and an administrator account in the channel Slack was transferred to fraudsters, who in August entered the wrong pre-sale token, deceiving potential investors on more than 1,500 broadcasts. About the launch of promised ROI and pretended to be the real operators of the project that a lot of users gave a donation on your website. While the real developers of the Enigma project took control of the company accounts, portfolio Ethereum uses the hacker was empty, and funds were not restored.

4. The freezing of the parity portfolio

Appearing suddenly in November of Parity you accidentally found a bug in the code software that froze more than $ 275 million in Eterach in another serious incident on portfolios in 2017. Error one of the two widely used clients Ethereum effectively podważyło what was and is a Central element of the network infrastructure, causing some doubt about the company’s offerings and renewing criticism of Ethereum. In the next updates the developers sought to restore the funds, although currently it is believed that the manufacture of this will require a software update for all users of Ethereum.

5. Tether Token Hack

In late November, a controversial incident more than $ 30 million was stolen from a locked currency against the dollar Tether. At the time, Tether said that about 31 million dollars in tokenach was downloaded from their virtual store and sent to an unknown Bitcoin address. Although not too significant number in the economy kryptowalutowej hack was so successful that effectively provoked a lengthy critique of the company’s Tether, the control of the blogs and the main directions of information and questioned the transparency of the project’s creators. Later, the company – update of the Protocol Omni – moved stolen badges to the black list, however, despite this, have not returned yet she is full of confidence

6. Scam Bitcoin Gold

You think forki sąą astray? Thus, the scammers and those who want to obtain new tokens are awarded splitach blockchaina, were often easy prey. Shortly after turning fork called Bitcoin, Gold, some Bitcoin users – after a visit with dropu – emptied their wallets for a crypto currency. The operators of the site, which was created as a way of authentication, if the user is authorized to receive Bitcoin Gold, stole more than $ 3 million in Bitcoinie, Bitcoinie Gold, Ethereum and Litecoinie. The team Bitcoin Gold claimed that there was no formal cooperation with the Creator of the website, claiming that he proposed the creation of the test service portfolio and offer its code open-source. Web site first, they argued that the site was zhakowana, but later cleaned out his GitHub and stopped responding to channel Slack fork. In General, it was another case of consumers who fell into the trap with promises of free money.

7. NiceHash Market Breach

The latest Scam concerns the market of mining for crypto currency NiceHash. The company is well known in the market for the miner stated that it was zhackowany in early December, confirming later that it was stolen about 4.700 Bitcoins. At that time they cost about $ 78 million. Later reveals that the employee’s computer was zhackowany, allowing people to access systems market and the removal of Bitcoin with corporate accounts. CEO NiceHash, Marko Kobal announced later that his team is trying to determine exactly how the fracture occurred, but it will take some time.

• Green in the new year!:

Today for the majority of crypto currency day success. Bitcoin gains 10%, Ethereum Is 7.2%, Bitcoin Cash of 7.4%, Litecoin 9.4% and Kardan to 19.1% thanks to what is ahead Litecoina and will be released on the 5th place in relation to the total market value. Most of the other coinów also reported a significant increase. Of the largest crypto currency only coinem with the loss token from the Ripple, which today is losing 4.2 percent. As a result, the market capitalization is growing at 50.5 billion dollars, and is currently 611,9 billion. How do you see the market for crypto currency gives us a good gift for the new year and we wish you all the best and success in 2018!

source: coindesk.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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