#166 news from 01.01.2017.

With poniedziałkowych of events: the Freezing of Bank accounts in Australia; Binance management; the United Kingdom plans to release its own crypto-currency; exchanges of correction.

• Lock Bank accounts in Australia:

On Twitter there are reports that a Bank account in Australia associated with buying Bitcoin with transactions of the most popular exchanges for crypto currency eggs frozen.

Australian banks, which have been removed from freezing user accounts Bitcoin: National Australia Bank, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Westpac Banking Corporation. Wytłumacznie this fact, which fell under one of the tweets, misleading the problem is that user activity associated with some sites (BTC Markets, CoinSpot Australia, CoinJar and Coinbase) was seen as leading to suspicious activity in Bank accounts. The reports are not, however, widespread and it is not clear why some users become a victim of this precedent. The representative of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, says:

Our clients can interact with these currencies as they are compatible with our terms and conditions and all legal responsibilities.

• Binance to conduct:

Exchange crypto currency Binance came in first place in sales, ahead of competitors like Poloniex or Bitfinex. Its popularity can be attributed to the lack of obligation to audit, but, in addition, charakteryzuję it is a nice interface, a liquidity operation, reliability and low Commission.

Exchange Binance started its operations in mid-2017. in China, using the ICO project – just before zakazaniem trade kryptowalutami and this type of projects the Chinese authorities. Currently, the headquarters exchange is located in Japan.

• Britain plans to issue its own cryptocurrency:

The UK’s Central Bank sees kryptowalutom 2015. and it is possible that in the course of the year may issue its own cryptocurrency, based on Bitcoinie.

The Central Bank’s objective is to limit the role of commercial banks, i.e. banks with a high degree of risk. The national kryptowalucie citizens could be served directly via the Bank of England. The new currency would be associated with the value of the pound, which suggests that could it replace the current national currency of the UK.

The Bank of England last year created a prototype of a currency called RSCoin, which can be used by Central Banks. This means that commercial banks may feel threatened.

• Exchanges adjustments:

In the last 24 hours on multiple currencies note more or less, for the correction. Bitcoin loses today, 4.8%, Ripple Is 1.2%, Bitcoin Cash 5,9%, CV 3.8% and Litecoin of 2.7%. The downtrend on the largest crypto currency was allocated Ethereum, which today is gaining 1.2 percent. Despite numerous amendments, some kryptowaluty end this day with great success. Stellar has taken to 30.7%, Ethereum Classic 24,9%, and Stratis of 15.1%. Capitalization decreases, today at 13 billion dollars and is currently 598,9 billion.

source: gieldykryptowalut.pl, bitcoin.pl, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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