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Tuesday events: Polish banks are disapproving kryptowalutom; Russia is developing Kryptorubla; North Korea robs neighbor to the South; Kryptowaluty grow in strength.

• National banks disapproving kryptowalutom:

In September last year, the Internet came information about the closure of Bank BZ WBK, account of his client, due to suspicions that he is using it to trade e-currencies. In this adverse kryptowalutom group, just joined two more banks – Pekao and AGO.

The reason I decided to do it, BECAUSE there is a risk associated with investments in kryptowaluty. Therefore, according to the statement, since the beginning of this year will be to open accounts for legal entities that are associated with trading currencies on a virtual.

In turn, the Bank Pekao got down to business and decided to contract the provision of services for easycoin.pl that to 31. January 2018 will have to find a new current account. Pekao his decision uzasadniło the obligations arising from the law on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Russia is developing a Kryptorubla:

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed setting himself officials the establishment of a national kryptowaluty – Kryptorubla. According to the magazine Financial Times, it is to be an effective way to bypass Western sanctions. Kryptorubel will be a counterpart to the traditional ruble, and its circulation would be limited so that officials could follow the individual motions. Nor is it clear whether she was to be broadcast through the Central Bank.

In the summer of 2017, a meeting took place between the founder of Ethereum, Vitalikiem Buterinem and President Putin, and then ordered his officials to develop a ram. In October 2017, the Russian authorities introduced new rules on crypto currency, in particular, registration of miners, as well as additional rules that may constitute a project ICO.

Anton Silunov, Russia’s Finance Minister said that his Ministry will regulate the use of crypto currency, but it is not going to ban them because they are «reality.»

• North Korea robs neighbor to the South:

2017 has been successful for Bitcoin. According to experts, it is, among other things, the merit of negative advertising, which is not sufficient which is not returned to supporters in crypto currency is still attracted many new. Speculators and observers believe that the growth of Bitcoin influence was North Korea. Despite the ongoing correction, the largest cryptocurrency in the world for the year increased by 1600% (one year ago it was possible to buy for $ 800).

According to reports, the international sanctions imposed on North Korea’s nuclear program has led to the fact that the regime is looking for a way to earn «on the side». Mode difficult, in particular, drug trafficking, endangered species, money laundering and counterfeiting, cyber-piracy, and theft on crypto currency. The way Koreans is simple – to access this kryptowaluty and then increase its price to maximize profit. In the end, find a way to replace it with traditional «hard» currency, which the regime so desperately needs.

Account opening zbankrutowanym exchange in the country impossible, so North Korea is suspected of using various types of above in order to steal Bitcoins from users around the world. It is assumed that North Korea is behind a series of hacks organized in recent years in its neighbor to the South.

Campaign spearphishingowe is aimed for traders Bitcoins in South Korea, a series of attacks on the South Korean stock exchange Youbit and many others, could be a setup by the government of North Korea. The number of attacks in recent times was so great that the South Korean government was forced to introduce additional regulation in the area of exchange of crypto currency.

It is very difficult to know exactly what volumes on crypto currency regime of Kim Jong-UN has, but he probably played an important role in last year’s growth of BTC, this is indicated by the fact that almost 80% of global trade Bitcoinami took place in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

• Kryptowaluty grow in virtue:

Almost 58 billion dollars – was the increase in the market of digital currencies in the past 24. hours. At that time, the total capitalization is 656 billion. The rise in the last days, can be considered fast and dynamic, and that we are witnessing a new capital all the time comes.

Today on the stock exchanges is dominated by green, and some «big Alta» record growth. Among these the largest Ethereum 16.5% And BitcoinCash of 10.8%, Dash 10.2% and Bitcoin itself, which recorded a growth of 4.6%.

source: coindesk.com, fxmag.pl, coinmarketcap.com.

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