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Wednesday events: Switzerland is looking for developers of Blockchain technology; SegWit solves the problems in the transaction; Participation in the Bitcoin market is reduced in favor of altcoinów; Malaysia has not banned trade kryptowalutami; On the exchange of differentiation.

Switzerland is looking for developers of Blockchain technology:

According to Thomas Bertanie, CEO Eidoo, the developers of the various Blockchain technologies may require monthly in the amount of from 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. In his opinion, the causes of this situation are two:

• Hard to find developers who have the relevant experience and knowledge;

• Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

This little Alpine country is a recognized pioneer in the development of the Blockchain technology and digital currency support for the latest start-UPS, and also calls for the creation of ICO. It should be noted that at the same time, ICO is banned in China, and the USA and Britain before it.

Switzerland recognizes the ICO for a new form of investment that allows you to raise funds for innovative projects. According to the Association of Crypto Valley, located in Zug, including hundreds of entities carrying out activities in the field of crypto currency, Switzerland has deployed on its territory «Crypto valley», which became green technological development.

Unfortunately, despite all this, still the problem is attracting developers of Blockchain technology, and the main reason is the constantly increasing market competition and the struggle for worker.

SegWit solves problems for trade:

Dr. Peter Wuille claims that SegWit will optimize problems that Bitcoin has. More than 65% of the entire block occupied by an electronic signature. This fact can be changed by software updates Bitoinów so that data associated with signatures were separated from these transactions. Offer SegWit provides for omission of signature relay (takes almost 60% of the space unit), the reduction of the old signatures and the problem of change of the signed agreement.

Bitcoin started its year, several schemes and technological solutions remained presented for the solution of problems related to scalability. These initiatives include signatures SegWit, Lightning Network and Schnorr. Many enthusiasts and investors ‘ hopes that these efforts will be supported by all stakeholders and call for the successful solution of problems with large kryptowalutą the world.

Participation in the Bitcoin market is reduced in favor of altcoinów:

In General, participation in the Bitcoin market fell to a record low at 35.8%, reduced dynamics gave altcoinom a huge advantage. Despite repeated reflection in the amount of$ 14.000, and the Bitcoin price has failed to even keep near a record of $ 20,000 reached in December.

Contrasting with this situation in the market altcoinów that investors have decided to bet. Ethereum after the long-awaited implementation of the algorithm Casper is still at a high level and yesterday has topped more than $ 900 per unit.

In addition, several major altcoinów, after zeszłomiesięcznych loss, regained importance. Bitcoin is Cash, which has committed to $ 3000 per unit, Ripple ocierający abroad of $ 2.4 apiece, as well as NEO, who jumped to level 93. dollars per unit (which is almost potroiło it zeszłomiesięczną value).

Malaysia has not banned trade kryptowalutami:

Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia, Johari Abdul Ghani said that his country will not enter całkowidego ban trading kryptowalutami. In an interview with the Malaysian Reserve, said that the introduction of such a ban would mean the restriction of innovation and creativity in the financial sector.

The official, who said that the government focuses on achieving a balance between the public interest and the integrity of the financial system, he added:

The intention of the authorities not to ban or stop innovation, which are considered useful to society.

Given the fact that in October of last year, the Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia, did not want to exclude a complete ban on the sale of electronic currencies, this is the word of the Lord Ghaniego will surely bring relief to the owners of crypto currency and can testify to the change of the position of the ruling camp.

Continuing his interview, the Deputy Minister said that the financial innovations associated with modern technologies, will allow to improve economic indicators of Malaysia and make financial intermediation will become more smooth.

On the stock exchange of differentiation:

The last 24 hours is most of the time rest among the largest in the crypto currency. Bitcoin boasts a pronounced increase of 7.1%. Ethereum has issued minimal progress, at 0.1%, while Litecoin fall of 2.3%. Minor changes have been made to the Dash and Bitcoin Cash, the first, increasing its value by 1.2%, while in the case hardforka Bitcoin, we can note a 4% drop. Market capitalization is 718,7 billion dollars, a rise from yesterday of 61 billion dollars.

source: bitcoinist.com, ccn.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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