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Thursday events: the Indian government is testing Blockchain technology; Venezuela recruits and inwigiluje miners, Criminals have found an alternative to Bitcoin; McAfee warns against hacking; market Capitalization more and more.

• The Indian government is testing Blockchain technology:

The government of India is going to consider the possibility of using the Blockchain technology in the public sectors. In this process, the organization of NITI Aayog is developing research to support the validity of the use of Blockchain technology, particularly in education, health and agriculture.

An anonymous high-level official stated that the Blockchain technology is taken as it provides adequate protection, and data transfer.

Despite the fact that the government of India still skeptical approached the question on crypto currency, the Blockchain technology is very positive.

• Venezuela recruits and inwigiluje miners:

Last month, Venezuelan authorities ordered the registration of all kryptowalutowych miners. Some people had false hope that this step will trigger legal protection of the community with those. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Everything points to the fact that the total registration served only the purposes inwigilacyjnym, many times reduces the confiscation of property of those. There was quite a lot of reports that the police and state bodies are production computers and use them for their own benefit.

Interestingly, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro announced that more than 860 thousand young people have registered to begin to produce new wenezuelską cryptocurrency Peter. Virtual currency would allow the country to deny the effect of sanctions imposed by the US and was based on reserves of gold, diamonds and oil.

The Venezuelan economy for many years is in a terrible state. The disastrous socialist policies of Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro wyniszczyła as a country and its economy, bringing to a humanitarian crisis and hyperinflation. With such a weak currency, many Venezuelans were interested in mining for crypto currency. The government of this practice have not been helpful, so I suggested the establishment of a national virtual currency called Peter.

• Criminals found an alternative to Bitcoin:

Many people consider Bitcoin as currency, desired by the offenders, but, according to experts, it is becoming less relevant. Criminals abandon Bitcoin in favor of other virtual currencies.

In recent years, the hidden web (deep web) increased in popularity. The main attraction that we might find suggestions of stores that sell illegal products such as drugs or weapons. However, thanks to the actions of the FBI man to the hidden network ceased to be completely unpunished. The website Silk Road, was one of the most popular websites that sell all of the hidden network. In 2013, the site was closed. Managed it thanks to the investigation prowadzonemu the FBI that the transaction of Bitcoin, has led to many arrests.

So many underground shops ceased to accept Bitcoin as an available form of payment. At the moment, the criminals prefer to use crypto currency, which guarantee complete anonymity – that is, the so-called coins of privacy (privacy coins). Therefore, currently deep in prima store dash, and zcash for Monero.

• McAfee warns against hacking:

Expert in the field of cyber security, John McAfee warns of the terrible methods that allow hackers. Last week, his Twitter account became the target of such an attack.

Creator protection of computer regularly, on his Twitter account there was a message with the so-called «currency of the day.» Unfortunately, the attackers managed to get to his account by changing the phone number and then change the password. Hackers are using the account of John, sent a series of tweets. Promoted multiple currencies day at a time, which led to their short-term growth.

John McAfee warns that the next targets of attacks might be the exchange of exchange for crypto currency. This is because they are kryptowaluty worth several million dollars.

Market capitalization more and more:

Today on the stock exchanges has varied. Bitcoin itself has issued a cost reduction of 1.6%. Another great loss suffered Bitcoin Cash 10.3% and Litecoin 4.35 percent. And currency, Ethereum, and Dashes, developing growth, respectively, 16% and 7%. Total market capitalization is steadily increasing. From the previous day increased by 45 billion dollars and is currently 763,8 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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