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Friday events: mark Zuckerberg is interested in kryptowalutami; Bank of England leaves the idea of national kryptowaluty; Another the restrictive measures in China; Trade Bitcoinem banned in Egypt; Bitcoin is growing in strength.

• Mark Zuckerberg is interested in kryptowalutami:

On Thursday, CEO of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has released a critical statement. He said he plans to study the subject at bitcoin and other technologies decentralizacyjne. His plans stem from the desire to improve the functioning of the portal.

In his statement posted on Facebook » Zuckerberg presented a plan for the coming year. Namely, he intends to focus on issues of technology and media. One of its objectives is the study of the positive and negative aspects on cryptocurrencies.

According to the founder of the portal, kryptowaluty currently, the most interesting mystery in the world of technology. According to him, many people lost faith in the fact that the technology could be decentralized. In conclusion, mark Zuckenberg added:

We are dealing with two important trends such as ktyptowaluty and encryption. They are opposed to systems that claimed to centralize and give back power to the people. I am interested in a deeper study of these technologies and the possibility of using them in our services.

• Bank of England leaves the idea of national kryptowaluty:

The Bank of England abandoned plans of introducing its own digital currency. The reason is the fear for the negative consequences of this decision, which may affect the financial system.

The UK’s Central Bank has announced that it currently has no plans to launch its own zakładałyby kryptowaluty. The message was released a few days after information that one of his subordinates, the Bank’s research Department analyzes the possibility of introducing kryptowaluty associated with the British pound szterlingiem. The team is studying this possibility will submit a report within 12. months.

The Bank of England said that the reason to abandon previous plans were having problems. The most significant of them is the fear that society may cease to use the services of commercial banks and completely switch the payment system in digital format. The Bank argues that the massive flow of the population towards crypto currency will lead to the fact that commercial banks run out of money for loans, which will lead turbulencjami economic.

According to the Bank of England paper money is flexible and it can be controlled, for example, by changes in interest rates. In the accident on crypto currency, it will mean inconvenience, affecting financial stability.

• New restrictive measures in China:

Chinese miners can expect another trouble. This time we are talking about the supply of energy. China has long been the state of the world’s production on crypto currency. This is due to an excess of energy in China. The largest group in the world mining industry as Bitmain, Antpool, BTCC, BW and BTC.com kryptowaluty mined in China.

The mining industry is the Foundation of candles on crypto currency. With the development of Internet production has increased the demand for network access. This means that countries where energy is cheap are the most attractive for the miners. China decided to reduce its energy production due to last year’s surplus. This resulted in cheaper electricity for final consumers in the country, which at the same time was a blessing for Chinese coal miners.

According to Bloomberg, people’s Bank of China intends to collect from their local regulators monitor and even limit the consumption of electricity miners in crypto currency. China intends to transfer its surplus electricity to regions with higher demand.

Last year, the authorities of the Centre banned ICO and restricted the functioning of markets. Past action seriously violated the situation on the crypto currency in this country. However, operations on the seabed continue, but if new regulations are introduced, the digger can occur at strict controls regarding energy consumption.

• Trade Bitcoinem banned in Egypt:

The Supreme religious leader of Egypt, Grand Mufti Shawki Allam has decided to sell most of the world kryptowalutą prohibited. Basing their case on Sharia law, the spiritual leader issued a fatwa, i.e. opinion teologiczno-legal entities in which he described the transmission and sale at crypto currency for any accidents illicit trade. In his opinion, Bitcoin is used for money laundering, and is not under the control of the government, potentially undermining the Egyptian economy.

According to Sharia law, Bitcoin banned, because it harms the individual as well as groups and institutions. During an interview with radio station bi-bi-si, Advisor to the Grand Mufti said

The Egyptian government is not an advocate for the crypto currency. This so-called Bitcoin is a form of fraud, which is subject to criminal liability.

• Bitcoin is growing in strength:

In the last days, the largest cryptocurrency in the world showed an increase of 12.7%. Increase your value, also developing Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash, receiving sequentially to 4.7% and 5.5%. The fall in the stock market we can observe in the case of Ethereum 3.5% and a Dash of 2.8%. In the last 24. hours, the market capitalization fell by $ 4 billion and is currently 759,1 billion.

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