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With Saturday’s events: Fever Bitcoin arrives in Alaska; Lomocoin planned many events; Bank Merrill Lynch prohibits investment in Bitcoin; SEC warns kryptowalutami; Ethereum beats; On exchanges green.

• Fever Bitcoin arrives for Alaska:

The Bitcoin fever is spreading worldwide at an unusual pace. Attention control was drawn on the fact that the place, which is not usually considered the center of the world of technology – Alaska.

The authorities of this cold country issued a warning before you buy on the crypto currency. Based on sentymetach from the past, associated with the gold rush in the region, regulators are concerned about their residents. Argue that investors need to read between the lines and not to pay attention to the whole shell, capable of crypto currency. According to authorities, an aspiring treaderzy fall into the excitement associated with rapidly growing asset prices, without thinking over potential fraud and price fluctuations.

Despite the fact that Alaska does not seem a typical place where the trade Bitoinem to flourish, but in another way. One of the most famous companies that accept payments with virtual currencies, announced in November that the residents of Alaska made up of payments kryptowalutami more often than residents of any other state of the United States.

The Director of the Department of Banking and Securities Alaska, has issued a warning directed to the citizens of the state. It is associated with rumors of brokers who are in contact with local residents on the proposal of the ICO.
According to the Department, the citizens of Alaska do not understand what is actually kryptowaluty and therefore decided to realize that this is not a typical investment products, such as securities.

Lomocoin planned many events:

Lomocoin cryptocurrency is a currency, which probably will soon be loud, because of the very great activity of the whole team and marketing groups. Popularity app Lomostar that resembles PokemonGo, but instead of fabulous particles, collects… kryptowaluty! The plans of the developers is huge. Some of them that must be realized within the next few weeks.m.in:

  • Entrance on the Korean stock exchange Upbit, Japanese and Chinese BitFlyer Xstar;
  • The vast number of partners in the Asian market;
  • The release of a new walletu;
  • New website and roadmap in 2018;
  • Marketing campaign;
  • Several airdropów in the application;
  • The introduction of the program in version 2.0 in China, where app 1.0 50.000 active users and 300.000 registered;
  • The introduction of the ICO on the application;
  • The introduction of fees in the Appendix OTC – can buy coiny for payment via Paypal, card kredytowę etc..

One of the partners LomoStar MassGrid is very famous in China project, which aims to limit costs and power consumption when digging PoW. Was recently airdrop on the application LomoStar and users can collect tokens for free CFun.

Ambassador LomoStar Poland will be a YouTuber – Eugene «Wapniak» Wapiński, which has more than 330 thousand people and more than 45 million views, and the group marketing BTCPromo will be engaged in local marketing. In addition, according to our information, the DIRECTOR-General LomoStar familiar with the CEO of Binance and CEO KuCoin. Perhaps they are waiting for information on application release 2.0 for the Chinese community, and it is very likely that Lomocoin will also appear on these exchanges. At the moment, #LMC can be bought on the Bittrex exchange, and its price is in the range of 1950 Satoshi.

• Merrill Lynch Bank bans Bitcoin:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Bank is Merrill Lynch denies its customers the investment in Bitcoin. The solution to this is similar to the one recently adopted Bank JPMorgan – banned its financial advisors investing in middle to Bitcoin investment products.

The Merrill Lynch there are concerns about the stability of investment in the crypto currency. Work is the lack of access of Bank customers to the investment Fund Greyscale Investment Trust, which is engaged in the investment in the largest virtual currency in the world.

The solution to Merrill Lynch regarding more than 17 thousand customers and embraced all of their accounts.
Position of the Bank further expands policy that prohibits access to investment products associated with electronic currencies. Recently, Merrill Lynch has restricted access to the recently launched futures on Bitcoin.

• SEC warns kryptowalutami:

The American Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) warned on Thursday before ICO and kryptowalutami.
The regulator acknowledged their dangerous and characterized by a large risk that could lead to loss of funds. The SEC also added that in case of loss, the authority will not be able to help in their recovery.

A virtual currency was presented as in a replacement for traditional currencies, but not have to do a lot of reasons. According to the on kryptowaluty is more investment tools than an effective means of exchange.

Recently, virtual currencies also expressed another government Agency – the NASAA. Some time ago she released a report that reminded investors that unlike crypto currency, securities subject to the act, which issuers must comply. In a statement, the ICO’s offer was comparable to pyramid schemes which have no records to protect their investors.

• Ethereum has the record:

A few days after piercing the $ 900 Ethereum exceeded the historic, four-digit value.
According to preliminary balance of $ 900, Ethereum recorded a drop below this value, and then sharply pulled even stronger, at a price of $ 1,000 per unit.

Despite significant growth, Ethereum is the third-largest market capitalization kryptowalutą the world. Ethereum for a long time occupied a second position after Bitoinie, but the latest data on negotiations of managers Surge with large financial institutions has changed the situation.

• Exchanges green:

The last 24. hours brought an increase in the basic kryprowalut. Bitcoin grew by 3.3% growth, Ethereum Is 5.4%, Bitcoin Cash of 8.15%, one of the Top 3% and Litecoin to 20%. For the last day of the market capitalization increased by $ 44 billion and now stands 803,8 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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