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Of random events: the Blockchain will help democracy in Brazil; the Bitcoin the field of medical tourism; Dogecoin punches billion dollars; the exchange of differentiation.

• The Blockchain will help democracy in Brazil:

The petition is an important part of Brazilian social life. Unfortunately, with current capabilities, the methodology is a process that is not functioning in a fairly good way. Country and decided to look for a solution in the system Ethereum Blockchain.

In many political systems is often the voice of the grey citizen, not making its way to lawmakers. In the Brazilian Constitution a highly integrated institution of the petition. If it is very popular and will get the required number of signatures, the authorities should consider.
There are, however, some technical obstacles that prevent the effective collection, verification, all signatures. Therefore, Brazil considers the use of the system is the Blockchain from Ethereum, which will optimize this whole process.

The statement that Brazil has a complex electoral system, is very soft. The weekly the Economist called it poor. In the country there are dozens of political parties and their representative of thousands of candidates. Effective way of getting the important message is the creation of the petition. If you sign under it, at least 1% of the electorate, then the Congress needs to consider.

According to Professor Enrique Araujo problem is the lack of a suitable platform to collect signatures. Creating a simplified application through which citizens could support this petition, would facilitate the work of the entire system. Therefore, the idea of using the system Ethereum Blockchain. He is able to effectively process information and, most importantly, protect the data, signed by the applicant.

Bitcoin in the sphere of medical tourism:

Payment Bitcoinem increasingly wyorzystywane in various sectors of the tourism industry.
Recently travelers, tourists use the transfers Bitcoinami how to pay for flight and accommodation.

For some time we notice the flourishing medical tourism. According to the calculations of economist Mar Pilkingtona its global value has exceeded 100 billion dollars. In connection with the flourishing of tourism industry, also opened to pay kryptowalutami. Many tourists prefer to pay Bitcoinami for procedures such as cancer treatment, treatment of dental, orthopedic and cosmetic procedures. American Scripture Fortune predicts an even greater increase of reception of payments kryptowalutami in this area.

• Dogecoin in excess of a billion dollars:

Dogecoin, which was created for jokes reached a total capitalization of $ 1 billion. This virtual currency is known for the Internet meme Doge, and in Poland, known as Pieseł. Over time, around kryptowaluty there was a large crowd of fans that decided to promote Dogecoina.

Doge is the currency created in December 2013 and within four years from the date of existence were among the 40 largest virtual currency world. At the moment Dogecoinów total capitalization is $ 1.2 billion and generates daily trading volume at the level of $ 155 million. It is worth mentioning that the currency in the last month has seen a six-fold increase.

The community that gathered around the project Dogecoin is also known, from the charity. As kryptowaluty when the platform is empty in the hack attack as and when needed to support a fundraiser for clean water in Kenya, then the supporters of the project Doge collected the necessary funds.

• On the stock exchange of differentiation:

In the last 24. hours, as the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Litecoin-noted reduction in the cost paragraph 4.2% and 4.6%. The other three, large currency, developing growth, Ethereum And 9.9%, Bitcoin Cash 5% and a Dash of 5.7%. For the last day of the market capitalization increased by 22 billion and currently stands at 825 billion dollars.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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