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Tuesday events: Israel recognizes kryptowaluty for the assets; the Head of JPMorgan Chase spares no words about Bitcoinie; Thailand good kryptowalutom; Kryptowaluty violate Indian public interest; On the exchange green.

• Israel recognizes kryptowaluty for assets:

The Israeli Central Bank said that kryptowaluty is considered more for the assets than currency.
During a speech at the meeting of the Financial Committee of the Knesset, Nadine-the device supports the modes of transmission of Baudot-Trajtenberg, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel said

Bitcoin and similar virtual currency that is not currency and are not considered foreign currency. Kryptowaluty should be treated as financial assets and Bitcoin does not fit the legal definition of currency.

The Vice President asked his fellow citizens to have the consciousness that kryptowaluty not supported ofijalne state authorities. She added that users of virtual currencies should be aware of the risks and the high level of price volatility.

In recent months, many Central banks and financial Supervisory agencies issued a warning, because the price of crypto currency rose to record levels. Countries such as the UK, India and Russia expressed concern about the risks associated with investing in the virtual currency.

The head of JPMorgan Chase spares no words about Bitcoinie

CEO, JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon, said that he is sorry to call Bitcoin a hoax, although as before not a supporter. During the conference the JPMorgan Health Care in San Francisco, answered a few questions related to the topic of virtual currencies. During one of the questions, said he believes it is unlikely that any of the crypto currencies was zaadoptowana and accepted into the international mainstream. In his view, a global government wouldn’t give.
According to Mr. Dimon, no authority disagrees from a centralized to a distributed form of crypto currency, so this will not survive. And President of JPMorgan Chase is the other positions on the blockchain technology. In an interview with FOX Business on Tuesday, said:

Blockchain technology will be used and will be used for the transmission of dollars. Bitcoin, unlike the dollar, will end.

• Thailand good kryptowalutą;

While the rest of Asia tends to settle on crypto currency, Thailand is selected the opposite direction.
The country, despite the military dictatorship, he decided to leave the subject of virtual currency outside of the control of the authorities.

According to the newspaper Bangkok Post, the Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) oświadyczyła that futures trading offered by brokerage firms are legitimate. The information was given to investors to be careful because of the high risk. According to Phipilp Securities Thailand, investors can speculate Bitcoinem through the world of derivatives trading. Tajscy regulators argue that the actions taken were lawful.

In Thailand there is one stock exchange, providing trade Bitcoinem and ten altcoinami.
The leader of the military Junta, Prayut Chan-OCHA warned the risk associated with the trade kryptowalutami and advised its citizens to use the exchange, first wyedukowali.

• Kryptowaluty violate Indian public interest:

Lawyer Bivas Chatterjee filed a lawsuit in Calcutta the complaint in the case naraszania public interest (PIL), which is regulated by Bitcoin movement from and to India. According to counsel anonymity in crypto currency is a problem, because their flow difficult to track. In his statement Chatterkee suggested that kryptowaluty are mainly used for illegal purposes. According to counsel, they must be paid or denied. In his letter, said that kryptowaluty promise quick and anonymous transfer of funds at low cost, but the authorities of the state of things going on.

The request of Mr. Chatterjee gives a growing belief that Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty was too anonymous and unstable that they are not adjustable. In reviews people often have a comparison of virtual currencies for financial pyramids.

• On the green exchange:

In the last 24. hours main kryptowaluty noted the increase in prices. Their Bitcoin value increased by 1%, Bitcoin Cash of 3.6% Dash 3.2 percent, Litecoin 2.1% and Ethereum to 10%. For the last day of the market capitalisation rose by 18 billion dollars and is currently 749,6 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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