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Wednesday events: Australia will improve the integrity of the tax; bill gates, as before, supports Bitcoin; Centres of higher education services in Bitcoinach; Digital currency of Venezuela questioned; Bitcoin Cash starts rally.

• Australia will improve the integrity of the tax:

If there is something near and dear to the hearts of national governments, it is, of course, is taxes. Australia is the latest country to have started over to get a closer look at the encryption operation for tax purposes. Because of its decentralized nature, bitcoin represents a challenge for the government in the field of control and taxation. The Australian government is afraid that people don’t pay their fair share of taxes as a result of realization of profits.

The reasons for this fear are legitimate, as evidenced by the recent legal battle IRS / Coinbase. In the study of user accounts for the exchange, the IRS stated that only 0.2% of users said profit or loss from trading in kryptowalutach. To ensure that will not happen in the Land Down Under, the Australian taxation office ATO will create a task force that will oversee operations in the crypto currency. The goal is to ensure that taxes owed.

Task force anti-terrorist operation will consist of groups of professionals from several sectors: banking, technology, Finance and tax. This group will come up with the strategy of following the money in the trade of encryption. The first meeting of this group will be held next month.

We coordinate with key stakeholders that expressed interest in tax issues regarding crypto currency. We will discuss typical queries and scenarios, practical problems and consequences of the tax for the current and expected future changes regarding crypto currency.

– said the press Secretary of the ATO.

ATO it is also interesting how to tax virtual currencies, and which may be other tax liabilities. Currently, virtual currency is treated as an asset that is used for the calculation of profit to capital, and not as monetary currency for tax purposes.

It can be expected that more and more regulation, the appearance in connection with Bitcoinem and other kryptowalutami. At the end of last month, Australian banks have begun to freeze Bank accounts associated with Bitcoin users.

• Bill gates, as before, supports the Bitcoin:

In the result of a blow for enthusiasts of Bitcoin, Microsoft Corporation has officially removed the option of payment with a kryptowaluty of their payment documents. Despite this decision, the former CEO bill gates expressed strong support for Bitcoin.

Microsoft had publicly confirmed negotiations with representatives of Customer Service. The main reason for this definition, the volatility and the risks associated with digital currency.

Customers, however, as before, can use Bitcoin to add money to your Microsoft account. Accounts can be used to purchase games, movies and programs, but these funds are not available in the store Microsoft. In addition, the funds are non-refundable.

Microsoft is one of the largest suppliers, which removed the option of payment Bitcoinem. Other companies such as Square, added support for BTC in 2017. However, along with a significant increase in price levels and volatility in the last quarter of last year, the risks for companies such as Microsoft grew.

• Centers of higher education services in Bitcoinach:

Red & Yellow, a well-known business school in South Africa, believes that is a pioneer in the field of payment methods that allows students to keep using Bitcoin.

This is the first such solution for the centre of higher education in South Africa, but not globally. Swiss University started this trend, but if we are talking about Africa, is a big step forward. While the level of education is still growing, it is events such as these signify that the Africans can do some intervals.

Business schools, centres of higher education and the universities, in fact, everything is ready to prepare students for the future, and that is, the integration of potential future global currency, which seems zadomowiona in this environment. Bitcoin, as a leader in the field of adoption of digital currencies is not only an interesting phenomenon and sector studies on the Blockchain – but it also makes its actual influence is felt in those who can shape the future.

The world is changing very quickly as our students. It is our duty to ensure that we offer future needs.

said Rob Stokes, CEO of Red & Yellow and the founder of the Agency’s Whim.

While wall Street and other financial investors zinstytucjonalizowani can sing the «bubble»in the context of Bitcoin, the youth of today thinks differently. The fad noted that the market of students and young people who invest in Bitcoin, should be able to use their resources. Students are not only able to pay for their education, with the help of Bitcoin, but it is also good for the faculty.

Professor John Simpson, former head of the research office at UCT, which now works the same faculty in Red & Yellow, said:

This step will not only make that our proposals will be more accessible to companies of individuals and organizations – but can we, on an international scale, regardless of the market.

Centres of higher education services in Bitcoinach because they have market domestic sales, and this market is cost-free thanks to digital walutom.

• Digital currency of Venezuela under the question mark:

Venezuela’s Parliament has condemned the emissions kryptowaluty «Peter», Nicolas Maduro, calling it «completely insignificant».

Planned national digital currency of the country would have been theoretically linked to oil reserves and it planned the initial value of $ 5.9 billion. Maduro announced last week on TV:

I ordered the emission of 100 million Petrosów with the legal provision of certified and zalegalizowanych wealth of oil in Venezuela.

However, preventing the plans in Parliament, Deputy Jorge Millan abused Peter as the «new fraud». The politician said during the debate:

We are facing a new kind of fraud, in the form of a solution to the crisis (financial). This incompetent government wants to compensate for the lack of oil production with the help of these virtual drums.

Maduro «routinely» ignored the protests of the divisions of the legislature, Reuters reports, and the final condemnation of law Peter may be the nail in the coffin of the system. Reuters also cited Millana:

It’s not a cryptocurrency, it’s pre-sale of Venezuelan oil.

Third-party commentators, they questioned the overall plan Peter, because of the bad political situation of Venezuela, as before, is struggling.

• Bitcoin Cash starts rally:

Another day on the exchanges runs from the future, although little dynamic correction of Bitcoin and most altów. The largest cryptocurrency has recorded a cost reduction of 2.7%, Ripple 13.3%, and Litecoin is 2.3%. In the other direction, in turn, follow Ethereum, the price of which rose by 10.4%. Even better would be a Bitcoin Cash in which 13. January will be a hard fork. In this regard, the newly increased interest in this kryptowalutą and at that time zakreślamy of 11.3% profit in the last 24 hours.

Today has been thrown out of the market for bitcoin at $ 19 billion, and its market capitalization is 730,4 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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