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Friday event: Ukraine will regulate kryptowaluty; Citizens want the resignation of Ministers, prohibiting kryptowaluty; Trade kryptowalutami in Japan is booming; the Russian Sberbank has launched a Blockchain laboratory; KFC Canada, following in the footsteps of other companies presented their own cryptocurrency; the Return of capital on the exchanges.

Ukraine will regulate kryptowaluty:

As reported, the Ukrainian government, representatives of higher level in Ukraine, create a new working group on the regulation of the crypto currency.

During a meeting on the topic of cybersecurity and infrastructure, Chairman of the National Security Council and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov said that the lack of regulation in the industry technology is a threat to the economy and security of Ukraine.

The risk this caused the creation of a working group, composed of officials of the bodies, including the National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance, the National Commission on Securities and exchange Commission and State Police. The group will determine which agencies will have jurisdiction over national encryption market and create a system of collection of income taxes related to operations kryptowalutowymi.

In a statement the government said:

In addition, the government was intended to develop a mechanism that provides law enforcement access to data exchanges kryptowalutowych with the responsibility of entities for storing information about all transactions for the period prescribed by law for financial institutions and disclosure of information to clients about the reasoned statement.

It should be noted that the statement indicates that the national Bank can create their own cryptocurrency.

We offer recipes contain information relating to the taxation and control of workers ‘ councils on crypto currency, and even the laws on national mining operations. However, the legislation has not been adopted by law and has no timetable for its adoption.

• Citizens want the resignation of Ministers, prohibiting kryptowaluty:

Obligations of the tax, one account for exchange per citizen and the ban on transactions ICO, leads to the fact that among the users of crypto currencies in South Korea, the growing rebellion. Users massively vote against such changes, and they require filing in the resignation of Ministers. 30% of respondents in favour of the release of their manipulation on the market.

This week, in response to the aftershocks, the website tracks the price of crypto currency – Coinmarketcap – excluded basic Korean stock exchange with the data sheet, due to the fact that defined as «extreme differences in prices.»

The effect of movement regulate has caused concern users.

The policy of the Ministry of Justice is not final and will be determined through coordination between the ministries.

– said the chief Director of the National Security Agency, Yoon young-Chan.

When the Minister of justice Park sang-Ki was originally meant about preparing to enact a special law against trading of virtual currencies via exchanges, Bitcoin reacted sharply, falling by about $ 3,500 per unit in the last week.

Ambiguous situation the adjustment is traditionally bad news about the stability of Bitcoin, and both the company and consumers accept with pleasure the decision to create hard and fast rules governing the markets on crypto currency. This policy, as before benefits neighboring Japan where actively encouraged mass adoption of Bitcoin, both as an asset and as currency.

• Trade kryptowalutami in Japan is booming:

Japanese conglomerate e-commerce DMM Group has launched a national exchange kryptowalutową called DMM Bitcoin.

After the issuance of the mining shares in September 2017. DMM has officially opened its orders portfolio stock market Thursday, 11. February, at seven in crypto currency and 14 pairs of transactions.

DMM Bitcoin has a potential customer base, which consists of 27. million existing customers, DMM, excluding external interest. Currently offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Classic. The announcement of the company’s market promises the benefits of a promo for pre-registration, including a loan for 1000 yen and some without a fee.

The project has been in development for several months and is ready to use, while Japan continues strengthening its status as a new adjustable center of trade kryptowalutami in the world.

Exchange for crypto currency become big business for the Japanese economy in the last six months, with the introduction of a licensing system, which aroused great interest. The experts also recognize the benefits that Bitcoin can potentially have on the culture of celebrity. In the past month, analysts Nomury even suggested that Bitcoin adds 0.3% to Japan’s GDP.

• Russia’s Sberbank has launched a laboratory Blockchain:

Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Russia, announced the launch of the laboratory of the blockchain that will be used for testing and development of this technology. New lab aims to create prototype products, testing, pilot and implementation of business solutions based on the blockchain for the Sberbank Group, reports a press release.

According to Igor Bulantseva, senior Vice President of Sberbank, the blockchain can help in the transformation of the financial market, as well as in the activities and services of the Bank. Bulantsev said:

It is important to remember that the blockchain helps market participants to work more effectively, because Sberbank running lab blockchain, contributes to the development in the future in the banking sector in our country.

The project will include the development of advanced technologies in conjunction with other laboratories of the Bank, and involves the construction of cooperation with start-UPS and other alliances. Laboratory Sberbanku appoint specialists with experience in the creation and implementation of ideas blockchain for existing products, but also focus on creating new approaches to business.

Sberbank has launched a number of initiatives in the Blockchain ecosystem, including recent entry into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – the consortium concentrated on the enterprise. Some of the pilot projects of the Bank based on the Blockchain also include collaboration with OAO Severstal, the largest steel producer in Russia – Federal Antimonopoly Services (Federal services, Antimonopoly).

• KFC Canada, following in the footsteps of other companies, presented its own cryptocurrency:

In the last example, the adoption of cryptography accounting as techniques of PR, KFC Canada introduced a new menu item, Bitcoin Bucket, which customers can buy only with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bucket, which is sold for the equivalent of 20. canadian dollars, includes ten sentences, poultry, French fries, medium soda, medium sauce and two dips. Canadian citizens can buy Bitcoin Bucket through the website of the Colonel & Co.

KFC Canada has also released a promo video live from the Facebook to Bitcoin Bucket, contains another picture of a bucket of chicken KFC, which carries the equivalent of 20. canadian dollars to BTC, updating every 5 minutes in real time for almost 4 hours. Bucket one Bitcoin is worth about 0.001 of a Bitcoin.

In such programs, prospect, 9. February, Kodak announced the Initial Deal of Coins (ICO) with its own cryptocurrency, KodakOne. KodakOne, apparently, will be used for the registration and licensing of images on a new platform KodakOne.

Bitcoin is also listed in the fast food industry, in July 2017, when the German company that supplies food, Lieferando, started to accept Bitcoin orders. Recently, in August 2017. Burger king Russia introduced its own virtual currency Whoppercoin that can be used within loyalty programmes to customers.

• The return of capital on stock exchanges:

In the last 24. hours we observed a gradual increase in prices of certain currencies. In comparison with other, Bitcoin note a slight increase in cost of 3.5%. Of the key players, Ripple grew by an impressive 18% growth. A very good result boasts a Stellar 33.3% and EOS 37%. The vast majority of currencies in the overall ranking is decorated in green color. The total capitalization of the market is 704,2 billion dollars, and today the turnover amounted to € 38.7 billion.

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