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With Saturday’s events: Russia zalegalizuje however kryptowaluty; Cheapest electricity in Washington attracts miners; the Transparency and security offered by Blockchain technology; Increase exchanges.

In Russia, however, zalegalizuje kryptowaluty:

According to local media reports, the Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on the legalization of trade kryptowalutami at approved sites. Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev – he pointed out that the government seeks to provide greater oversight:

The thing is, what to buy and sell crypto currency to be a certain way standardized. The General concept is such that you can buy and sell only so-called official stock exchanges.

This news may come as a shock, especially given the recent rhetoric from other Russian officials in recent months. However, Moiseev has said that Bitcoin will be legalized, albeit with restrictions. Such a move would allow for more open trade kryptowalutami and investment in Russia. Other countries have begun to hear statements or legalizujące or banujące kryptowaluty.

The Ministry of Finance, as before, considering what the exchange will be approved. Moiseev noted that this issue remains unresolved, but total legalization is now «less clear».

Carl Bennetts, co-founder Status, said

Where traditionally hoped for the Central authorities and institutions for trade, the Blockchain allows us to go in the direction of a society, which eliminates intermediaries and allows you to truly rówieśniczy trade.

• Cheap electricity in Washington attracts miners:

Research on crypto currency exerts undue pressure on the electrical infrastructure of Douglas County, a small area in Washington state.

Crypto miners arrive in Washington to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the state, creating a need for greater data infrastructure to keep pace with increased demand for energy. The price per kilowatt of electricity is about four cents in Washington state, in contrast, on average, seven cents in the rest of the US.

Manager economic Development at the Port of Douglas, Ron Cridlebaugh said in an interview with CNBC:

Our infrastructure is in fact put on trial, we are fully… catching up takes time, because the increase was so fast.

A study conducted in December 2017. Crescent Electric company (CESCO), Louisiana, is the cheapest state in the U.S. – a total of 9.87 cents per watt leads to the fact that the cost of producing one Bitcoin is about $ 3.224. According to the same research, Washington is the third cheapest state, if we are talking about the cost of producing one Bitcoin average of $ 3.309.

Mining Btcoina and other digital currencies, has sparked a debate about their impact on the environment, but critics complained about the cost, and the possible consequences and power company. Opponents argue that mining crypto is, in fact, a lesser evil, arguing that the production of cash is going to consume more energy compared to crypto currency.

• The transparency and security offered by Blockchain technology:

The flow of communication and logistics is an important aspect of human existence, which is the basis for the transfer of goods, services and values. Inasmuch as international trade and logistics continues to evolve, there are more effective methods, which ensure the effective provision of services and transfer of values. Blockchain technology is, however, a different size, which changes the operation of the logistics industry in the areas of transparency and effective monitoring.

John Monarch, CEO Shipchain, notes that the logistics sector employs the most people in the world. Explains that as this sector has evolved over thousands of years, it required innovation to scale and keep practicality for the growing human population. This occurs at the time of writing, together with the fourth industrial revolution.

Monarch speaks to Cointelegraph:

Connected device revolves around the Internet require a higher level of security. Blockchain technology is a superior choice in this regard because it provides the best protection through the scattered books, advanced encryption, smart contracts, and reducing intermediation. As a result, solve the problem of corruption, ransomware, theft, fees, premium, and problems with monitoring.

He argues that when the Blockchain network will begin to take their first steps into the mass market, save industrial international trade, at least $ 50 billion a year. And after reaching maturity, the Blockchain technology could save the industry logistics up to $ 500 billion per year.

Specialist Blockchain Alexander Matanovic says that Blockchain technology, in fact will act as a means of improving processes by implementing the industry’s inherent properties and adds:

As in many other industries, I see the Blockchain as a tool that increases efficiency, a much more efficient system than those based on the Blockchain. I think that is a way to make the system more transparent, solidniejszymi and less dependent on intermediaries.

Chief operating officer BitLand, Christopher Bates, explains that many of the problems associated with land ownership that affect it worldwide. One of the most consistent problems is the situation when the land is sold double or triple the amount, and it means that the person selling the land of many people, and only one (if one exists) is actually legal. In some places the land title is stored on paper or tracked only one person. In such cases it is often impossible true knowledge of proper chain of custody, and the units are manipulated dossier of ownership for personal gain.

Given that shipping is what is the sequence of transmitted livelihood, continued write operations of the supply chain leads to the fact that you can’t lose information about who is responsible for the object during each transmission. Existing courier services often tracking packages along their route, but such methods are imperfect.

Bates says:

The problem is that, since they are variables, records relating to the delivery can be completely hidden or removed with the harm to society of people. The government is not able to hide their black budget spending by eliminating the records of the mailing or complete prevention of the granting documents. On the one hand, the government will argue that talking about national security, but, on the other hand, taxpayers who sponsor these budgets deserve transparency in spending.

Blockchain technology combines the control of the supply chain with the unchanged clarity of documentation. This creates an ecosystem that discourages harmful actors, because, in the end, will be known through the transparency of the system.

Bates summarizes the results, noting that anyone who argues that is in motion decentralizacyjnym, should be immensely happy when the government decides to deploy any technology of the Blockchain. This means that the government is moving toward transparency, regardless of whether he knows about it or not.

• Increase of exchanges:

In the last 24. watch on the market crypto currency increased by 43.4 billion dollars that we see with the growth of prices of some currencies. Bitcoin mark the growth of prices by 5.2%, Ethereum 12.6%, and 14 IOTA$, EOS 12%, Monero 13.3% and the highest result observed Bitcoin is Gold on the level of 41.8% and a Heat of 65%. The total turnover on the exchange today was 38.6 billion (almost identical to yesterday’s). The entire market for crypto currency market is estimated today of 747.6 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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