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Tuesday events: China accelerate, Alibaba platform crypto; the President of Venezuela wants to co kryptowaluty; Bitcoin falls in the world of sport; member of the Bundesbanku wants international control; the Whole market on fire.

China accelerate, Alibaba platform crypto:

According to anonymous sources quoted by Bloomberg, yesterday, the Chinese government gradually began to accelerate the inclusion of platforms «Market-making» and similar services.

Because the focus is on the battle of regulation in South Korea for signals on crypto currency, Bloomberg reports that, where an official stock exchange from September, banned, now they are used by the radar of officials. According to anonymous sources, the government plans to block national access platforms, domestic and offshore platforms that provide a centralized trade, while, silently, how decision-makers define these platforms.

The move is supposedly a response to the increase in trading activity. Chinese investors sought to bypass the September ban exchanges, resorting to alternative media transactions such as platform peer-to-peer and OTC transactions. Popular trading type p2p Localbitcoins – it is noticed that the effect of the introduction of the ban on traders collected a record amount, which in September reached the level of 115. million yuan (approx. 17.8 million dollars) a week.

From China is not all. Real bomb to be a surprise launch of the Chinese giant e-Commerce Alibaba platform for production on the crypto currency. CnLedger, a local provider of information about cryptography on Twitter, gave a report from a Chinese website qq.com stating that platform P2P Nodes Alibaba, launched after the registration in October of 2017!

Although these steps are inconsistent with the current story of regulation in accordance with the available material from cnLedger, Alibaba may become the nodes of the P2P on their e-Commerce platform in the near future. These movements contradict the current story of regulation coming from Beijing.

• The President of Venezuela wants to co kryptowaluty:

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, asked all of the 10 States with Boliwariańskiego Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) to jointly worked on the creation of Peter, his alleged kryptowaluty.

During the meeting, ALBA, Maduro announced:

I put on the table a proposal kryptowaluty Peter, so we can choose one of the integration projects XXI. age right, brave, but also very creative.

Maduro announced the intention to create Peter at the beginning of December, and 6. February ordered the release of the first 100. million petrosów, each with one barrel of oil. The President has already produced 5 million barrels of Venezuelan oil, and the currency has to come out for 6. weeks in the form of an auction.

However, 9. February the Venezuelan Parliament recognized Peter for illegal currency. Parliament stood in opposition to President Maduro, as long as his socialist Party lost its majority in 2016. and voted against things that I believe are for fake currency. The delegate of the Parliament, Williams Dávila, in addition to Peter, said,

Avoid financial sanctions. They openly violate the Constitution and legitymizują illegal transactions.

Venezuela, the country borykający as hiperinflacją as EU sanctions and the United States, recorded a huge number of users of Bitcoins, which are solved by the use of digital currency. Some see a large amount of BTC in Venezuela as the beginning of one of the first «bitcoinizacji» of a sovereign state.

While the future Prime Minister Peter is uncertain due to weak political context, the idea of using kryptowaluty to trade oil appeared before the year 2016, when tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia, has caused concern about the stability of the oil market.

Bitcoin enters the world of sports:

Mark Cuban, the billionaire kryptowalutowy, said his basketball team Dallas Mavericks, will accept Bitcoin in the next season.

In comments on Twitter following the publication of team Cuban, who in June last year he called Bitcoin … that I was in a bubble, said that the team’s fans can buy tickets with Bitcoin in the second half of 2018. This step is an important milestone for American basketball, and accepts crypto currency in the sport, and Cuban became firmly convinced of Bitcoin in the last six months.

This is interesting because there are a lot of assets whose value is based only on supply and demand.

said in the October interview. Also confirmed that invested their money in Bitcoin:

Most of the stock has no value because you have no real ownership rights and voting rights. Just you have the ability to buy and sell these shares. With Bitcoinem the same. Its value is based on the demand from the supply side. I bought some through ETN on the Swedish stock exchange.

Outside the United States, Denmark made even more expressive gesture last month, when the change of the principal owner of the hockey club has led to the fact that today it is associated with kryptowalutami. A three-year frequency Bitcoin Suisse means that the stadium Rungsted Seier parent Capital, will now carry the name of the Bitcoin arena. Besides, the best player on the team will receive compensation in Bitcoinach, which was officially announced by the club.

Member Bundesbanku wants international regulation:

Joachim Wuermeling, member of the Board of the German Bundesbanku, suggested that any attempt at settlement on crypto currency require international cooperation. Speaking during yesterday’s events in Frankfurt, told listeners:

Effective regulation of virtual currencies will thus be achieved only through more international cooperation, because the power to regulate national States are obviously limited.

Wuermeling draws attention to the fact that many countries in the world have tried to control and regulate the market differently and, apparently, wants unification of the law on crypto currency. China has established the most stringent test, the closure of the stock exchange and prohibiting the ICO, and now trying to close all the «similar services».

The Minister of justice of South Korea recently proposed a ban on the trade, and the government introduced other control mechanisms in the conditions that some believe the craze for kryptowalutową in this country. Russia has offered a certain degree of legitimacy in the trade in so-called «official stock exchanges».

United States see rules for cryptocurrencies, at both Federal and state. The Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) released last year a lot of warnings to investors, cryptographic and take action against companies Blockchain or companies kryptologicznym. At the state level, regulatory agencies in Texas, has recently issued a warrant for the termination of the British cryptographic company that allegedly sold unlicensed securities to residents of Texas.

The entire market is lit:

Another day we see the outflow of money from the market for crypto currency. Just yesterday, was up to 130 billion dollars, resulting in a capitalization already is 583 billion. A year ago it seemed a huge amount, but the money is disappearing from the exchanges at a very fast pace. Could not this will also affect the price of a Bitcoin, currently worth about. 12 thousand. dollars, which means a drop of 15.7% in the last days.

Other leading violas are very similar – Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash – the major Coinmarketcap noted the price drop sequentially by 15.6%, 25% and 17.7%. Newly NEO, this time was not able to go the other side and met 13,8% correction.

source: cointelegraph.com, bloomberg.com, qq.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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