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Thursday events: Trouble on the exchange Poloniex; a Good chance for Bitcoin; Alibaba, however, without its own kryptowaluty; US warns investors through kryptowalutą Venezuela; the Dynamic return of the stock market.

• Problems on the Poloniex exchange:

According to the users of non-subreddita Poloniex, the stock market does not align the balance of the user account if you cancel the transaction. One user wrote:

When will cancel all open orders, the initial value of USDT will not be refunded. As a rule, the purchase price will be refunded my total amount, and everything is in order, but I just noticed that every time I cancel the order «estimated portfolio value» is becoming less and never returns to the original value.

Others complained about the balance in your account reflecting the amount of inaccurate and even negative:

(…) My position is focused on selling with profit, suddenly I see the warning, «elimination» and margin of about 16%. Fortunately, none of my positions were not actually eliminated, but currently I can’t effectively control any of them due to low margin level. Still experienced such problems with the management of the margin and usually repaired, but it is very inconvenient. I hope that they have a problem with the system and everything will be restored.

Polonie responded to this question, indicating that they are trying to restore the correct balance and to stop all forced reductions.

While almost every exchange kryptowalutowe faced with a large number of registration users Poloniex complain of problems with customer service for almost a year. A lot of people, computers, complain about the very long response time on tickets, while one user claims that he waited for 158 days for a response.

Another user writes:

Waiting for verification to give up after 3 months! It’s crazy! Should I get a lawyer? I can’t access your own money!

The author personally experienced delays of more than one month withdrawal. Despite top-level verification and use 2FA, on three separate occasions, this author was weekly waiting status on approval, despite numerous requests for help, asking for help.

• A good chance for Bitcoin:

The owner of Bitcoin Knowledge and the well-known lawyer Trace Meyer, they suggested that Bitcoin can reach the amount of $ 115,000 until 2018, after the completion of the correction. Meyer said another analyst, Tony Blair Vaysa on someone’s recommendation, what can you expect over the next eleven and a half months.

115,000 USD despite a theoretical possibility, based on previous behavioral cycles, it would be very overrated.

adds Meyer.

On the major exchanges offered only 9402 dollars apiece on Wednesday, which represents the lowest level since the end of November. The optimism of Mayer at the same time, is partially reflected on mainstreamowym issue of Business Insider earlier this month. He also said about udziałe wall Street movements in the markets on crypto currency. The publication suggests that this additional investment could lead to a «przecenę» Bitcoin. Mayer argues that the «fair» value is protected from 9.500 to $ 14.340.

This year before the crisis, investor Fundstrat, proposed to return to $ 20,000 through 2018, which if implemented, can lead to subsequent transition towards record highs.

I think that Bitcoin still is something that needs to be Your property.

said in an interview with CNBC.

Alibaba, however, without its own kryptowaluty:

More and more companies are investing in their own solutions to the Blockchain and kryptowaluty. It was thought that he makes is the Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba, but now it seems, however, not so.

After the publication of the article, revealed new data that show that Alibaba does not provide production platforms, and does not create a private kryptowaluty. The company released a statement on Weibo (Chinese Twitter), stating that the nodes in a P2P network is enterprise content delivery network-CDN, and not by the cryptography or virtual currency.

• US warns investors through kryptowalutą Venezuela:

The Ministry of Finance of the USA has warned investors that Petro Venezuela can disrupt imposed by Washington sanctions.

In December last year, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that his government will create a digital currency – Peter. In a country that is rapidly coming into a financial abyss, Maduro sees cryptocurrency controlled by the state as bypass sanctions, then the way to improve the deep economic problems of the country.

The Treasury Department of the United States, however, do not agree with Maduro. For Firstpost, the Department warned about a possible violation of sanctions by using digital currencies and alerts wenezuelskim Peter. Because of these sanctions, the country is unable to refinance its seemingly nieprzezwyciężonej a mountain of debt. In addition, due to hyperinflation, the national currency of Venezuela, the Venezuelan fell to a record low.

These concerns are also shared the Congress Opposition in the country, who said that he does not believe Peter. Became well as the legitimacy of Peter, because the use of oil to issue debt is illegal. Maduro said every Petro will be supported and will cost the same that a single barrel of oil. In addition, he said he will spend 100 million petrosów, and the cost will be about $ 6 billion. The government, however, Maduro did not specify how and when investors will receive the actual oil.

Document seen by Reuters shows that VIBE, the Advisory Group on issues of Cryptography, which, together with the government and suggested that Maduro was first sold to Peter for $ 2.3 billion in private, with discounts up to 60%. Thus, society will be able to buy a share worth $ 2.7 billion Peter, a month after the private sale. Other petrosy will be divided between the government of Venezuela, and VIBE.

In this document it is written that the tax may be paid in Petros and that PDVSA, the state oil company may use crypto to facilitate cross-border payments. VIBE also suggested that the token Peter will be developed in Ethereum, a popular choice in the field of crypto. An anonymous source noted that the contents of the document allegedly was already discussed at the public officials.

According to Maduro, the exchange zajmowałyby as bolivarami as kryptowalutami when trading with przedpremierowymi petrosami.

• Dynamic stock return on the market:

After several days of powerful drops on the stock exchanges, the time has come for a reversal move. Bitcoin rebounded from the outskirts of 9,000 dollars, and its price significantly exceeded 11,000 dollars, noting a growth rate of 14.5%. Most of the leading altów reached even better results. For comparison, Ethereum increased by 18.7%, and the Ripple to 58.3%. In the first hundred, has kryptowaluty, the price of which decreased relative to yesterday.

The market received in the last 24 hours to 140 billion dollars and its market capitalization is currently 580 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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