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With Saturday’s events: Switzerland will support kryptowaluty at the G20 summit; Bitcoin is on the right path; they Will be instant transactions with BTC on BCH; On the island of Bali you will not be able to pay Bitcoinem; Bitcoin up Alta up.

Switzerland will support kryptowaluty at the G20 summit:

Countries around the world remain divided on the revolution kryptowalutową, which appeared in the last year. Some, such as China, are trying to eradicate all his cases, but others, including Switzerland, take crypto with open arms.

Cryptographic before the summit of G20, which could lead to a wave of regulatory action, Switzerland has come out with the full support of the technology, which was confirmed by the economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann. Rich commune of Zug is home to many companies involved in the technology of the Blockchain, including Ethereum Foundation. The experience gained in Zug, they are very positive and in Switzerland, the desire to expand it to the whole country.

We now have an innovative moment in the world of Finance. Kryptowaluty is part of the fourth industrial revolution. We observe that this to occur. From my side I’m trying to determine opportunities and risks and make a decision: is this the future business with future places of work, or not? Therefore, I support the circle, which can withstand such.

said Schneider-Ammann continue to appreciate the benefits of the innovative technology fintech, saying that Switzerland has increased and stabilized financially, because of the adoption of advanced technologies.

The Minister also said that it is too early to regulate kryptowaluty, because there is no clear direction, which will be implemented by innovation. It is important to remember that Switzerland is not in EU. In this connection, it is free from different and often suffocation EU rules, which should handle other countries, such as France and Germany. Schneider-Amman, he added:

We are who we are. We must and we want to be able to determine our own future. We our experience and, of course, we do cross comparisons with neighbors and distant competitors. France and Germany propose strict rules may be, in order to suppress the competing countries, such as Switzerland, Japan or great Britain. The summit will take place in March, and the conclusions about the regulation will be presented as the common position of the Franco-German to their counterparts in the G20. The great Britain along with Switzerland widely use the technology of the Blockchain, if you ever manage to solve their problems with Brexitem and finally go ahead with its fintech industry.

Bitcoin on the right track:

After sharp falls and an SLR Bitcoin, much indicates that is on the right track. In the area of 13.000 – 13.500 dollars per unit will be the solution, in what direction, in the following days, will be led with the largest crypto currency. At this level, a lot of people will begin a sale that is likely to cause a brief decrease in the exchange rate. If the correction will, however, deep and reaches below 10.700$, breaking the support will very likely return and the drop to $ 8000.

If this dark scenario is implemented, setting a new record price will be more during the week, maybe even a month is very difficult. The optimistic option and of course no less real, suggests that in a very close time, Bitcoin will start the rally in the direction of 17.000 dollars. We assume that in the coming days wykreują very good quotes for altów.

However, it is worth remembering that the behavior of Bitcoin, a great influence have data associated with it legislation and adoption around the world.

Will enable instant transactions from BTC to BCH:

Payment system BitPay has announced integration with exchange ShapeShift for immediate delivery transaction with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash. The new partnership will allow users to exchange between these currencies in the portfolios of BitPay and Copay.

Bitpay was founded in 2011 and is one of the largest international payment systems Bitcoin. ShapeShift is, in turn, the MKT platform for crypto currency, which is focused on the derivatives transactions between multiple kryptowalutami.

Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin forkowym view, entered 1. August 2017 with the aim of increasing the maximum size of the blocks of the Blockchain and thus the number of operations that can be processed through the network every minute.

Since the introduction of currency into the market, BCH has adopted several major currency exchanges, such as Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex or ShapeShift.

• On the island of Bali you will not be able to pay Bitcoinem:

Bitcoin is under intense observation on Bali island in the Indonesian archipelago. The staff of the Central Bank try to solve the problem kryptowaluty of the country. Causa Iman Punished, head of the representative office of Bank Indonesia in Bali, said:

Some of the records in social networks, we learned that in Bali became a refuge for the transaction bitcoinowych, and the next step will be to ban them in accordance with the law. So we ask people to have a crypto currency is not used. A special unit of the criminal dochodzeniowa will be engaged in the repression of the rule that says that all transactions in Indonesia must be made rupię.

This country is was previously registered as has a significant local consent to the use of Bitcoin, but the latest reports indicate that the government is trying to limit the use of digital currencies. The risk of money laundering and criminal activity has led to increased control.

Harsh rhetoric against Bitcoinowi and other kryptowalutom in Bali, in the Eastern region is more like China, South Korea, and the better and more open Australia.

• Bitcoin up Alta up:

As we wrote above, Bitcoin celebrates pronounced increase, and with most altów. The value of BTC compared to the previous epoch, increased by 12.4%, while other leading kryptowaluty such as Ethereum or Ripple, turn 10.2% and 3.1%. The best result he met EOS, the price of which jumped by 32.9%. At the market yesterday received a total of 57 billion dollars and its market capitalization amounts to 633 billion dollars.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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