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Wednesday events: world Economic Forum talking about Bitcoinie; Conference TNABC Miami-2018; Changes in legislation for civil servants in Roji; Ads cooperation IOTA Volkswagen; Mixed movement on stock exchanges.

• The world Economic Forum talking about Bitcoinie:

Ongoing world Economic Forum (WEF) in 2018 then it produces negative reviews about Bitcoin, because economists, including Joseph Stiglitz, are preparing for the announcement of the advantages of money fiducjarnego.

We have a good medium of exchange, called the Dollar. Why do people want Bitcoins?

said Joseph Stiglitz, joined the Chairman of the Swiss National Bank Thomas Jordan, who in his speech called for severe restrictions in the use of Bitcoin. Thomas Jordan adds:

There is an important rule: such actions must be regulated in such a way, Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty have some characteristics of other investment instruments.

On one hand, you can limit the use of cash, and on the other hand, to allow completely anonymous instruments, which largely can be used for any type of operation.

The WEF gathered the supporters, opponents and caregivers Blockchain technology and Bitcoin. While markets kryptowalutowe continue this month fall, forecast prices of Bitcoin were definitely more mundane. Awarded the Nobel prize economist Robert Shiller, who in September 2017. called Bitcoin as «the best example of a bubble», said last week that he did not know that in the end make Bitcoinem.

• Conference TNABC Miami 2018:

American conference on Bitcoin that took place in Miami last week, was attended by about 4,000 people, including entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and leaders who gathered to talk with the crypto community.

The conference has come a long way from the event with 100. participants in 2012. Its founder, Dr. Mo Levin, was the host of this year’s event, which announced the community kryptologów about current events, investment opportunities and trends. Among the people in the industry were James L. Knight Center, General DIRECTOR of Sales, Patrick Brunet, Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research and CEO of BitInstant, Charlie Shrem. Talking about Blockchain technology, resources, digital, and economic history and the future and possibilities of the Blockchain.

Sean Walsh recalled in his presentation «Breaking Down «Bitcoin» that the market for crypto currency is an unprecedented feature and is not receiving its core values in the usual way as on the stock exchanges, are accustomed to investors. In turn, many other speakers argued that we are in a bubble. Charlie Shrem said that, despite the fact that you can invest in a large number of different companies based on Blockchain, many of these firms will not disappoint you. However, even if only two out of 100. the companies in which you invest, will succeed, maybe it will be useful. Shrem recalled the bubble dot-com, in which thousands of websites have fallen. However, we also have websites, such as Amazon and Google, who came out of the bubble of dot-com thrive and informed. Bruce Fenton, founder and CEO Chainstone Labs gave the participants a tool for the analysis of digital resources ratings and evaluation of potential success. Fenton said about 100. pinpoint assessment tool for investment under the Spacesuit X.

The exhibition hall consisted mainly of companies that had intended to launch their projects in the coming months, as well as companies that represent emerging technologies in the space of the Blockchain, and virtual reality. Many companies that were subjected to action and talked with the audience in the conference room about the purpose of his project, hoping to receive funding from investors.

With the increase in market capitalization on the market of crypto currency increases the number of crypto investors. In the settings pane, it is established that the regulation of cryptocurrencies on the right track, as in criminal proceedings, and the policy of consumer protection.

• Changes in legislation for civil servants in Roji:

In a recent interview to the Russian newspaper «Gazeta», the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Financial Markets Anatoly Aksakow stated that the current draft of the Russian law kryptowalutowej requires officials to declare investments in kryptowaluty.

Now the Project is analyzed through the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, and the final project must be published no later than 1. July 2018, according to Forklog. At the moment, and government officials have to mortgage their assets kryptowalutowych for lack of proper definition and regulation on crypto currencies, in connection with the recent statement of the Russian Ministry of Labor.

So Aksakow continues in his interview with the Newspaper that if a new draft defines kryptowaluty as the property of:

All properties included in the state Duma, should be declared [cryptocurrency].

Russia is not the only country that will be a requirement that government officials claimed that they owned themselves kryptowaluty. Earlier this week, a Committee of the governing and Security of the South Korean National Assembly, apparently, introduced a law that obliges officials to declare their assets cryptography. It happened after some employees of the Financial Supervisory (FSS) was charged with a confidential trade Bitcoinem.

• Ads cooperation IOTA with Volkswagen:

The IOTA Foundation has announced that Director of Digital (CDO) Volkswagen, Johann Jungwirth, will join the Board of Directors of the Fund. Jungwirth said,

The IOTA platform allows connected devices and the transfer of money in the form of micropayments, so it’s helpful for Internet of Things.

Although these additives are not particularly important, and recent additions like Jungwirtha as Dr. Hongquan Jiang, Partner of Robert Bosch Venture Capital, are of growing interest to mainstream technology, which gives IOTA.

The company has recently been in the news because of mistakenly zinterpretowanej partnership agreements with Microsoft and other companies. In recent months, the price kryptowaluty sharply rose and fell sharply, reaching a value of more than 5.50 per dollar until the end of last year. At the moment, the coin sold for about 2.40 dollar, according to CoinMarketCap.

• Mixed traffic exchanges:

In the last 24. hours of the market on crypto currency … fainted 10.1 billion dollars and the total capitalization is 539,9 billion. The total turnover today of 28.1 billion dollars. The Bitcoin price has fallen a bit because 1%, Bitcoin Cash 3.5%, Bitcoin, Gold by 3.1%. Most projects today is marked by red, but there are currencies that can boast of quite a good result. These are, for example, Stellar with 9.5%, NEO is 7.3%, Populous 13.8% and OmiseGo of 6.6%. Bitcoin is already «all» 34.6% of the total market of the crypto currency.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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