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Friday events: the Head of the Polish government, Matthew Morawiecki, wants to restrict access to crypto currency; the European Central Bank wants regulation for bitcoin; the Problems of the great Japanese stock exchange; Russia introduces provisions for digital assets; a Small movement on the exchanges.

• The head of the Polish government, Matthew Morawiecki, wants to restrict access to crypto currency:

At the world Economic Forum in Davos, the Bloomberg journalist, Francine Lacqua, asked the Polish Prime Minister Matthew Morawieckiego, including relations with the European Union, reform of the judicial system, the prospects for the adoption of the Euro or the state of the budget. At the end of the interview the head of the government, the question was raised about kryptowaluty. On the question of how this issue will be resolved, Morawiecki said:

Zakażemy or enter some special rules in order to be sure that is not included in that too many unsuspecting people, and that there was another pyramid scheme.

Morawiecki in his speech, cites the scandal in the form of Amber Gold and says he does not want to have another one. He added that the Polish authorities are looking kryptowalutom in front of them to warn citizens, and will work harder to resolve. About kryptowalutach in a similar tone were expressed yesterday Adam Glapiński, who also lives in Davos. The Chairman of the national BANK of Ukraine noted that the introduction of the Polish kryptowaluty «makes no sense», and kryptowaluty that occur in the moment, «making a major concern, field for speculation, something that can be available to criminal, tax».

A special Department on crypto currencies, which is composed of: FZ, head of the KNF, the coordinator of intelligence services, the national Prosecutor and the Minister of internal Affairs, a month to submit a list of their tasks and recommendations to limit the risk associated with such schemes, including, for example, in investing in the market foreksowym that at some point it became also very fashionable and is associated with a greater risk «for average investors, not fully informed of this risk,» – said the head of government Matthew Morawiecki:

Recently, I organized a team consisting of head of the office of Protection of Competition and Consumers, the Chairman of the KNF, as well as the Minister coordinator of special services, the Prosecutor General, the National, the Minister of internal Affairs, in order to discuss about the various financial schemes and financial instruments which are for the population potentially very dangerous.

The Prime Minister drew attention that the Polish side as Germany, and thought about how to reduce bumps caused by kryptowaluty.

And we also think about what are the risks of a kryprowaluta. Some of the elements of investing in different kinds of instruments have the character of so-called «Ponzi schemes or pyramid», that is, the so-called inverted pyramid financial, with which we dealt in the case of Amber Gold.

And we all know what it can threaten.

– said Morawiecki.

• The European Central Bank wants to regulate on crypto currency:

The European Central Bank (ECB) expects the regulator to crypto currency will be an important item on the agenda at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in March. In the comments to the event during the world Economic Forum in Davos 2018, ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure, has attracted more attention of the Minister of economy of France, Brune Le Maire to make Bitcoin an important topic on the political forum.

Previously, Le Maire expressed a desire for regulation of Bitcoin in the agenda of the G20, and various subjects, repeated calls for international effort to adjust kryptowaluty during the WEF. British Prime Minister Theresa may and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin expressed the need to strengthen the positions at the same time as the former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that the technology has value and that people would talk about it. Somewhere in another place in Sweden, the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of Sweden ceased to call for the strengthening of control over kryptowalutami, claiming that the WEF that they do not meet the criteria to be called money.

They can be called an advantage, but not a very good version of money since their cost is not very stable and fluctuate.

• The large Japanese stocks:

Upgrade from 26. February, h 15:00 UTC: Coincheck reported a possible mistranslation of the value of the NEM value of 532 million dollars in the Financial Supervision authority and the Police, according to Nikkei.

Upgrade from 26. January time 14.00 UTC: the Owner of the Fund NEM LON Wong confirmed that Coincheck was zhackowany, calling the stolen funds «the largest theft in the history of the world.»

Japanese exchange kryptowalutowa Coincheck has suspended all payments because of Friday, 26. February, of the portfolios disappeared money amounting to 123 million dollars. Coincheck is one of the largest stock exchanges in Japan. Currently, the blog stated:

The financing of the NEM on Coincheck is currently limited. Deposit to Your account will not be reflected on Your balance sheet, and we encourage all users to refrain from making a Deposit at the time of cancellation restrictions.

Restrictions then spread to the sale and purchase of NEM, and then the payments before the exchange ceased to share all payments as cryptographic and fiducjarne.

All payments from the platform is limited, including JPY. Thank you for understanding. We do everything in our power to as soon as possible to resume normal operations.

according to the latest update post on the blog.

Unconfirmed reports Cointelegraph in addition, they say that exchange turned $ 600 million. As for social networks in English as in Japanese, Coincheck has promised users that they will provide complete information, while at the same time they apologize for the sharp cut in services. It should be noted that Coincheck not registered with the Japanese Financial Services Authority is the body responsible for exchange control in the country – in contrast to several other significant markets for crypto currencies such as bitFlyer and Quoine. There were also reports of the Japanese media, which began to gather in the headquarters Coinchek.

• Russia introduces provisions for digital assets:

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (turned out to be the richest among Europeans) introduced the draft resolution on digital assets, which defines and establishes a system of regulation on crypto currencies, ICO, mining and trade, reported the local center for media and news Agency TASS.

It should be noted that the Central Bank of Russia does not agree with the Ministry of Finance that the replacement kryptowaluty should be legally permissible. According to the Central Bank rules of trading digital currencies, should be used only in the case of markers that attract financial investment. However, the authors of the project believe that the legal status of exchange for crypto currency will reduce the risk of fraud and ensure transparency of the device, which should increase tax revenues for the government. In contrast, the prohibition of trade kryptowalutą to prevent a situation in which the currency is used for illegal purposes.

If we are talking about kryptowaluty and tokens are exchanged for other currencies, hryvnia and foreign currency, was the richest among the Europeans claims that protects the rights of qualified investors, allowing trade only through authorized operators of exchange for crypto currency.

In the case of ICO tokens can be issued via a legal person or single room for fundraising. In ICO, you must attach the legal documents containing information about contracts, such as the full name of the Issuer, location, official website and the price of the marker. According to this document, non-professional investors may not invest more than 50 000, which corresponds to about $ 900 every ICO. Moreover, the final version of the law will be promulgated no later than 1. July 2018, according to Forklog.

• Little movement on the exchanges:

In the last 24. hours, the total market capitalization of crypto currency has changed by only 2.8 billion dollars plus and is 545,8 billion. In the last month, the maximum value the market would place 7. Jan and built 829,7 billion, and at least 17. Jan and built 432,5 billion. Go turbulent period, but if you look at the historical year, the market of crypto Jan looked very similar from the point of view of the trend.

The price for a separate crypto currency has not changed significantly. Bitcoin relative to the last assessment have increased their value by only 0.11 percent, Bitcoin Cash lost 0.3%, while Gold Bitcoin of 1.3%. Among the most significant projects from the point of view of capitalization – the largest drop issued today mentioned NEM, at 8.4%, and a Ripple of 4.6%.

The total turnover on the exchange today totaled 29.4 billion dollars.

source: bankier.pl, cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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