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From random events: Suspicion Tether; Malicious software on YouTube steals the power; you can connect Monero and Litecoina; Increase exchanges.

• Suspicion Tether:

On Saturday evening there were reports that the Tether and the auditor Friedman LLP decided to cooperate. Over the weekend, has not received independent confirmation.

It is unlikely that any of these companies doing such actions without the approval, in particular that it would cause a storm. A lot of people in the cryptographic community there is concern that the Tether does support appropriate provision to use all the expired tokens. The company hired Friedman LLP to audit in order to address community concerns.

Tether was the source of many disputes in the past year and the company hardly responds to criticism. The company, which has some of the same owners as Bitfinex – exchange, who wrote last fall:

Friedman LLP was engaged to conduct the research procedures balance for Tether Limited. However, as the number Tetherów in circulation has increased significantly in recent months, we asked Friedman about the interim analysis of our Bank accounts, our overdraft. Friedman agreed to provide us services consulting firms in order to provide the Board of Directors of useful information on the cash position of the Tether and the Tether tokens, issued and unsettled for a while. Friedman was able to provide us with consulting services in an accelerated mode, using the procedure from 15. Sep 2017. These consultations do not constitute an audit or help, which will include a much wider range of procedures and take much more time.

Any decisions the connection between the Tether and Friedman LLP will cause great suspicion by the community, because it seemed that this goes against the desire Tether to demonstrate greater transparency. Tether (the company) claims that it receives from investor deposits U.S. dollars, whereupon an equivalent amount of Tetherów (currency) and gives it to the investor. Tether says it has $ 2.2 billion Deposit in their Bank accounts to create a backup of each marker on the basis of 1:1. However, without audit can not prove that the Tether actually has these reserves, or that they are not used for anything other than support tokens nieuwolnionych.

Some members of the community of digital currency, expressed deep skepticism on the issue of issuing tokens. It often happens that the firm produces a huge number Tetheru, 50-100 million units at a time, making many people wonder what the investors put the funds. From the time the obstacles in the relationship Bank Bitfinexu in the beginning of last year, replacement was strongly dependent on the markers of its subsidiaries to move cash to the exchange. Some suggest that the Tether can support fractional reserve, spending more tokens than they support, and send them on Bitfinex. Exchange uses these markers as collateral to create lewarowane long or short position in the market.

Charlie, the founder of Litecoin, commented:

In early December Bitfinex threatened to «hunt court» against anonymous blogerowi «Bitfinex’ed» on the basis of his claim for mistreatment from the side of Bitfinex and Tether.

This article will be updated when more information will be provided.

• Malware on YouTube is stealing power:

Another case of «cryptojackingu» was discovered on YouTube and fixed by Google in the course of this week, according to Ars Technica on Friday, 26. February. According to the anonymous hackers are able to run ads on YouTube, which consumed CPU, visit power and electricity for production on crypto currency for the attacker.

Users began posting complaints on social networks, reporting that their antivirus program has detected a code search on crypto currency in the ads that were shown to them on Youtube. According to a report by Trend Micro, cyber criminals managed to put malicious software in the mining industry in YouTube via advertising platform Google DoubleClick. Ads disproportionately attracted users from Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy and Spain. The vast majority – ninety percent – of the ads use the JavaScript code provided Coinhive, controversial platform for mining crypto currency, which allows subscribers to earn income using the power of computers of other persons, unauthorized method.

As discovered by Trend Micro, YouTube is responsible for a threefold increase in the number of detectors Internet resources around the world. In response to user complaints, Google – owner of YouTube, announced that the situation was resolved within a few hours. However, there is still no accurate information about past events, because Google did not provide any additional data, while Trend Micro says that the warnings on abuse began to emerge 18. February.

Earlier this month, the company security software Check Point has published a report about a sharp increase in the spread of malicious software crypto-production, stating that 55% of companies worldwide are attacked. The report announced that Coinhive is the number one, called «the Most popular malicious software.»

• You can connect Monero and Litecoina:

Charlie admits that has ambitions to work with Monero, as follows from a series of tweets published yesterday, arguing that the liquidity Litecoina will be well suited for anonymity and the possibility of Monero.

The founder of Monero (XMR), Riccardo Spagni and the Creator of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie, seem to prepare to take a step in a potential approximation of their coins. Spagni yesterday published a tweet, which suggested that a possible merger between the two kryptowalutami. Lee, who in the past has said it is ready to increase anonymity concerning Litecoina quickly responded with their own series of tweets.

Teety they underline the change that is likely to happen soon, if we are talking about the future and direction of these two currencies: On-chain atomic exchange, enables the replacement of two different coins in a safe and instant way. Technology atomic substitutions in the chain should revolutionize the current industry encryption. This resulted in recent changes in SegWit, which was first tested Litecoina and Bitcoinie end up in them, at the end of last year.

It wasn’t the first time Charlie Or reached for other coins to use the opportunities for cooperation. Earlier helped to save Dogecoina allowing the production of two coins. It was in the initial stage, replacing mine in a mining pool. Litecoin was able to offer Dogecoinowi liferaft, simultaneously introducing wyspiarską community Litecoina to the wider world of crypto. Recently, Charlie appeared on the front pages of Newspapers to separate their private financial interests of the community, Litecoin, sold the entire stake Litecoinów. It was widely seen as a rejection of its own coins.

Selling its reserves was a step that had puzzled many people in the changing world of crypto. Lee was earlier seen as a strong guidance for the cryptographic community as a whole, monitoring the implementation of SegWit on Litecoinie and later Bitcoinie. It was a feat, based on the belief the interests of big mining companies. A lot of goodwill, which he built, was destroyed by accusations of self-interest and a loss of faith in their own coin.

If the partnership with the Monero will continue, it will help you save a lot of time in the development of Litecoina, which has its own basis, which helps. In turn, the workload related to development, referred to in tweecie, will also fall on Monero.

• Increase exchanges:

In the last 24. hours of market capitalization kyptowalut increased by 25.4 billion and is 588,6 billion. We are seeing the growth of prices of certain currency. Bitcoin increased its value by 2%, Bitcoin Cash 4%, Bitcoin, Gold is 4.8%. A big increase by the end of summer, today Ethereum 11.3% and Ethereum Classic of 12.2%. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 25.1 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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