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With poniedziałkowych events: the Development of Ethereum and growing importance; New projects represent a temptation for hackers, and Methods of fraud to extortion on crypto currency; BlackRock and Deutsche bank are skeptical about investing in kryptowaluty; Light falling on the exchanges.

• The development of Ethereum and growth values:

For Livecoinwatch.com which involves the South Korean markets, Ethereum reaches a value of more than $ 1,200, the lowest level $ 930 on Monday. This means a weekly rise of 30%. The same can be said about Bitcoinie, which showed a small profit last week. 24-hour trading volume for ETH amounted to about $ 4.5 billion, and Bithumb in South Korea was a special technique for these operations.

According to the chief NewsBTC, Joseph young, also cited within Forbes, the rise coincides with the increase in the number of transactions in the network:

Increase in daily turnover in Ethereum reflects the exponential growth in the share of decentralized applications running on top of the Ethereum Protocol. Applications such as EtherDelta, 0x, Radar Relay, and CryptoCrib won a significant number of active users in the last few months.

With the increasing number of ICO and decentralized applications will be a demand for Ethereum. It is currently the best platform because of the level of support and a number of scalability improvements in preparation for the network. «Ethereum eliminates the problems associated with the scale through the deployment of updates is Casper, which is already in the testing stage. The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, told:

Casper, which is unable to complete the two blocks in conflict, it seems to actually work successfully, and the network is constantly. This part was a huge success. On the side of the Sharding started working.

Sharding involves the removal of large volumes of work with chain, to increase the speed of transactions and reduce the load in the distributed book. Ethereum will grow from strength to strength, and currently is reflected in the increasing price.

How far Ethereum, can we expect in the near future the value of $ 2,000 per unit? We will see shortly.

• New projects represent a temptation for hackers:

Thanks to projects based on Blockchain, for example, such as Ethereum, the initial offerings of coins have become an integral part of the world on crypto currency. Companies that adopt innovative ideas with this technology, able to attract large amount of capital through an initial deal of coins (ICO), companies that are exchanged on stock exchanges in the first public offering.

Popularity on crypto currency has led to the fact that many investors look forward to the next best opportunity after the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased dramatically in the last 12 months. This led to the fact that a ICO has received a lot of capital support in their projects. But, says a recent report by Ernst and young, where there is a wealth associated criminal business.

According to Fortune, 10. percent of all money collected by the ICO in the period from 2015 to 2017 remains lost in kryptoeterze or stolen as a result of hacker attacks. It is estimated that stole $ 400 million. This is often the result of the action in a hurry. To attract investors, company introduction services based on the Blockchain not notice the necessary security measures needed to protect themselves and investors buying tokens.

Report of Ernst and Youngsa claims that more than $ 3.7 billion was invested in 372 ICO during this period. This is a huge amount of money for sentences like «start-up», so it is not surprising that hackers are looking for easy targets. The report also suggests that large ICO are considered soft targets for experienced hackers:

Hackers attract the rush, the lack of centralized power, the irreversibility of the Blockchain and transaction information chaos. The founders of the project focused on attracting investors, safety often is not a priority. Hackers successfully use it – the more advanced the ICO, and on a larger scale, the more attractive is the attack.

As reported in August 2017 Cointelegraph, cyberprzestępstwa has grown along with the popularity of Ethereum, thanks to the intelligent system of contracts that allows developers to create their own decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain system. These hackers have the effect of fed – Ethereum Blockchain has the burden of traffic associated with the ICO, and even more if there is an event, which means lost users looking for their money in the project baseline.

• Methods of fraud in the extortion on crypto currency:

American Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned Internet users from receiving death threats, as a new way of levies on crypto currency Translation told the ABC on Friday 26. February.

One of the victims, presented in the form of Christian, have used an online criminal Crime center (IC3) of the FBI to inform the Agency that received an e-mail with the threat of death. The letter was as follows: «I will Say briefly, I have orders to kill you.» The sender demanded Christian, so she paid $ 2,800 or equivalent in Bitcoinie to be oszczędzonym for a potential murderer.

Although she realized that the scammer sent a message, Christian passed the information to the relevant services because she was so sad that he felt the fear of a potential threat in the way to work.

According to FBI agent Laura Eimiller, the case presents a new method of online extortion in California is markedly increased in the moment, according to ABC. Eimiller also highlights the fact that the email is structured and written in a way that can make it so that the text will be deeply felt by the recipient, even if he is not able to recognize it as a Scam. Thus, the FBI is warning Internet users and encourages potential victims to inform about new cases.

• BlackRock and Deutsche bank are skeptical about investing in kryptowaluty:

Isabelle Mateos Y Lago, senior strategist of many assets in BlackRock, the Corporation that manages assets worth 5.7 trillion dollars, said that the company is working under accurate estimates on crypto currency.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV on Monday, 29. Jan, the Secretary-General stated that although bitcoin is not currently «possible assets to invest», it actively monitors the progress, because «it is developing very fast.» Larryy Fink, who last week spoke at the world Economic Forum in 2018, has described the space as «an indicator of money laundering» and said it has no plans input on the future Bitcoin ETF arena.

Despite the fact that the dust has settled on the Japanese stock exchange Coincheck after skradzeniu 530 million dollars in kryptowalucie, Mateos Y Lago sees no reason to completely abandon the investment kryptowalutową.

The fact that the interest retained, despite repeated attacks.

she continued, describing the demand for Bitcoin in BlackRock.

Taking the term «not now, but later can interact, BlackRock reflects the mood of the head of Deutsche Bank, Markus Muellera, who also said Bloombergowi that the crypto market for speculative investors, and over the next five to ten years should act according to the rules, it can be regarded as «founded by the class of assets».

• Light falling on the exchanges:

In the last 24. while the total market capitalization of crypto currency decreased by 16.8 billion dollars and at the moment is 571,8 billion, the Vast majority of currency notes falling prices at the level of a few percent. Bitcoin has lost in value 3.3%, the Bitcoin Cash of 2.5%, Ethereum 2.8 Percent, Litecoin is 3.2%. Among the most significant projects, in terms of market capitalization, increased cost proved himself as a NEO, at 6.9%, and the Ripple of 2.2%. The total turnover on the exchange today totaled 22.1 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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