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Tuesday events: new Or NEO exchange take off the crown Ethereum? Chinese exchange moved to Hong Kong; the U.S. Government claims that Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoinem ; Robbery on crypto currency in the UK.

• New exchange NEO take off the crown Ethereum?:

Ethereum is currently the main class of decentralized programs and projects of ICO. This is the platform of choice, which greatly influenced the positive action price ETH. Can be, however, new contenders in this digital crown, and among them may be NEO and his smaller brothers and sisters, and GAS.

Reports show that the GAS may be present in the ecosystem ERC20, as previously Ethereum. Moreover, it will be the easiest way to purchase any token running on a platform of NEO.

Like NEO, like GAS gain at the moment a lot of attention, and the conference for developers and slide show live is scheduled for 31. February. The marketing Department of the group is strong, and the price of both Altcoinów reflects this. GAS was the car of mine for the last two days, jumping from approximately $ 50, weekend to more than $ 70 today. As NEO has shown great profit, increasing the value by more than 45% last week. For Livecoinwatch, he is now listed at 164 dollars.

The latest data also show that the new decentralized exchange cryptographic is running on the platform of the NEO as ICO next month or two. Neon Exchange (NEX) should be fully operational in the third quarter. According to the official web site:

NEX connects the circuit block NEO engine dopasowującym, which allows for much faster and more complex operations than the existing decentralized exchange.

The road map is no less convincing; when the transaction interface and engine will be launched in the third quarter, it will serve operations, NEO, and NEX GAS, and in the fourth quarter appears mixed markers support the ETH and ERC20. Exchange Neon will be something more than just exchange. There is a plan input API, which will facilitate the purchase of markers NEP5 that run on the platform of the NEO. Thus, the markers ERC20 and ICO largely on food and bought Ethereum, it will be the Genesis of a completely new ecosystem that is powered through NEO and GAS.

Thanks to the support of both the ecosystems in the network, the Neon Exchange may lead to a change in the rules of the game for the NEO and GAS, which showed an increase of cost, while other krypy had problems.

• Gold moved to Hong Kong:

BTCC Bitcoin exchange, formerly known as BTC China, has been acquired by investment Fund Blockchain with headquarters in Hong Kong, on terms that have not yet been disclosed.

Calvin Cheng, adviser of the investment Fund, expressed his admiration over the acquisition of the longest serving exchange BTC China. According to the press BTCC, the company is now focused on three main areas of the market, namely the international Bank for BTCC, software for a purse, Mobi and a private exchange for the crypto currency.

The BTCC co-founder Bobby – publicly expressed their pleasure:

I am very pleased with the resources that will enable the BTCC faster and more aggressive to develop, as in 2018, and at a later time.

The company had to confront a difficult situation, since, as has been successfully removed from home base in Shanghai, China. It happened in September 2017, because of the decision of the Chinese government banning the trade kryptowalutami in this country. Since then, the company opened a new base in Hong Kong and will now have adequate capital to continue the processing of the brand.

The US government claims that Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoinem :

American Institute of government said in an official research over kryptowalutą that Bitcoin Cash-this is the original Bitcoin, while Bitcoin itself forkiem. In the document called «the Blockchain Technology Overview» National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce, authors Dylan Yaga, Peter Mell, Nick, Robbie and Karen Scarfone claim that on the technical side, Bitcoin Cash is the original version of Bitcoin:

Activation SegWitu led to the emergence of hard forka, and users who did not want to change, became known as the original Bitcoin Bitcoinem Cash. From a technical point of view, forkiem Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is Cash is the original Blockchainem. When hard fork happened, people had access to the same number of coins in Bitcoinie and Bitcoinie Cash.

The document is an interesting book in the days when the industry on crypto currency remains flooded outreach activities and marketing as representatives of the BCH and BTC. Confuse new users of Bitcoin increased after the July hard forku. Recently there have been two high-profile scandals related to Bitcoinem Cash, the main news channel CNBC and the main American stock exchange Coinbase, which further take up the whip, pony reputation BCH. The document of the US government, it seems, however, impassive as through events and the nature of bitcoinowego forka.

Litecoin, say the authors, is «complementary to Bitcoin», while Ethereum Classic as the original underlined version is more popular Ethereum. Last week, the rating Agency Weiss showed up when they put their first assessment on crypto currency, giving Ethereum «B», and Bitcoinowi «C+» (US equivalent of the estimates, paragraph 4, and 3+).

• Robbery on crypto currency in the UK:

Four masked robbers broke into the house of a merchant kryptowalutami in Moulsford in Oxfordshire, and they forced him to transfer all of your Bitcoins on your wallet, reports The Telegraph on Thursday, 28. February. The exact number of stolen bitcoins have not yet been specified. According to The Telegraph, this is the first case of robbery on crypto currency in the UK.

Fortunately, the incident did not cause any serious injuries. The police immediately started investigation on this case, however, no arrests were made. The police also asked for help from local residents.

Officers are not particularly interested in conversation with each travel [Moulsford] on the A329 Reading Road between 7.30 a.m. and 10: 30 a.m. on Monday, who has a Dashcam material or the material of your mobile phone.

Kryptowaluty for their relatively anonymous nature, are becoming more and more popular of murders and robberies. In December 2017. Cointelegraph described another question: the General Director of the stock exchange on crypto currency EXMO, Paul Lerner, were abducted in Kiev by a group of unknown people. Fortunately, Lerner came safely in two days, but had to pay a ransom of $ 1 million in Bitcoinie.

Another attack occurred in Russia in mid-January in which a local blogger was denied the Bitcoin cost 45.000 dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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