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Wednesday events: Facebook restricts ads kryptowalutowych projects; South Korea will not deal with kryptowalutami; Venezuela will introduce its own digital currency; a football Club from Turkey will pay piłkarzowi Bitcoinami; a Further fall on the stock exchanges.

Facebook restricts ads kryptowalutowych projects:

Facebook has updated its advertising policy, declaring that prohibits advertising using «deceptive advertising practices», which in accordance with the platform of social media include ads on crypto currency and ICO.

(…) Advertising, misleading or deceptive has no place on Facebook. We have created a new principle prohibiting ads that promote products and financial services, often associated with wprowadzającymi or deceptive advertising practices such as binary options the ICO and kryptowaluty. We want people still discovered and studied new products and services through advertising on Facebook without fear of fraud (…)

writes in his statement, Rob Leatherna, Director of product management at Facebook. It further States:

We also understand that we can’t catch any advertisement that needs to be removed under the new rules, and encourage our community to report content that violates our rules against advertising. Users can report any advertising on Facebook by clicking in the upper right corner of the ad (…)

This policy, according to Facebook, seek to improve integrity and security, as well as preventing the crooks to benefit from presence on Facebook. It is, however, to draw attention to the fact that these arguments hide additional restrictions – for example, to insert links in certain exchanges for crypto currency automatically considered as spam and will be deleted facebookowe bots.

• South Korea will not deal with kryptowalutami:

The Finance Minister of South Korea Kim Dong-EN, confirmed today that the government does not intend to prohibit or otherwise «crush» on crypto currency in this country. In a recent statement, Who firmly distance Seoul before the previous comments about a possible total ban, which caused a public outcry in early January.

We do not intend to impose restrictions or to eliminate the market for crypto currency.

Kim and the Minister of justice Park sang-Ki, started the kerfuffle earlier this month when he said at a press conference that banned exchanges on crypto currency. The media is then issued misleading reports that the ban was solved, which led to increased sales on crypto currency.

Public petition, which called for the elimination of both Ministers of their positions and also to mitigate the laws, collected more than 200,000 signatures, and this meant that the government should formally respond to this question. Once you have identified agreements worth almost $ 600 million, law enforcement authorities investigate the agreements that openly violate the new trading rules, which are now in force.

Customs service stares trafficking dewizami using crypto currency that is part of the government task force.

– it was announced in a statement.

Prohibition of anonymous accounts is already creating problems because it appeared that the increased amount of work for banks, which requires a new system can make less that the exchange will be the face of forced cessation of activities.

Venezuela will introduce its own digital currency:

The Venezuelan government said that production at the crypto currency is now legitimately, as it plans to sell its own coins based on the Blockchain – Peter – in the next month. In comments during an interview with TV Carlos Vargas confirmed that the citizens led mining Bitcoin on crypto currency and others not to violate the law.

In the past year Venezuela has repeatedly appeared on the front pages of Newspapers once reported that the police cracked down on elements the interests of the drilling industry, accusing those who were involved in making big power with the national grid.

It is an action which is currently legitimate.

Vargas announced and continued:

We had a meeting with the Supreme Court. People who have become victims of seizures and arrests in previous years, will produce.

In the same place Vargas confirmed that highly controversial cryptocurrency Peter, we wrote about a few weeks ago, at the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro, will be the premiere of 20. february’s. Venezuelan opposition Parliament, who worked against the President at every opportunity, he called a new coin cheat at the beginning of this month.

Peter needs to be supported by the oil reserves in Venezuela, since one chip is equal to one barrel. This will give Peter 100 million and the market value at nearly $ 6 billion.

Soccer club of Turkey will pay piłkarzowi Bitcoinami:

Turkish football team Harunustaspor, announced on Tuesday 30th. February that will pay the player partially in Bitcoinie reports local news provider CNN Turk. Haldun Şehit as Chairman of the Amateur club gave the station that the move was made to hire 22-year-old Omar Faruka for 2000 lire ($528) in BTC and 2500 lier (661$) in cash.

This movement is probably the first in półprofesjonalnym round sports for the employment of players. In December, there was the same situation when Bitcoin Suisse decided to pay the best player of the Danish club in Bitcoinie, within a three-year contract sponsoringowego.

Turning to the latest situation in Turkey, the President said Harunustaspor:

We did this to make a name for himself in the country and in the world. We are proud of it.

The message from Turkey is the third announcement of the world of sports and Bitcoin from Dec. This month, the brand owner of Dallas Mavericks mark Cuban, noted on Twitter that next season fans will be able to buy tickets through kryptowaluty.

In related news, the club Arsenal has announced that it will soon begin its sponsorship of the forthcoming ICO American sports betting. At the same time adjusting the situation on the crypto currency in Turkey and Denmark remains uncertain. At the end of last year, the government of Turkey invited the citizens to use crypto currencies is not suitable for Muslims because the government was unable to exercise sufficient control over their usage.

Meanwhile, in Copenhagen Central Bank chief Lars Rohde, has named Bitcoin as the deadly and encouraged citizens to stay away.

A further fall on the stock exchanges:

3.4% decrease in the value of Bitcoin relative to the last day. The next wave correction leads to the fact that almost the entire market is not far behind the crypto currency. Other leading kryptowaluty like Ripple or Ethereum, reduced queues at 0.8% and 7.7%. In a tangle of red, much proved himself Lisk, who carried a completely different track, and notes the growth to 24.1%. The total capitalization of the market at this point is 505,9 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com

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