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Thursday events: the Largest Russian State-owned Bank opens on the exchange of crypto currency in Europe; IOTA will facilitate the creation of » smart cities; In India kryptowaluty will be limited; the Exchange Huobi opens office in the USA; the Royal mint launches the UK digital currency is supported by gold; the Highway to hell.

• The largest Russian State Bank opens on the exchange of crypto currency in Europe:

Sberbank, the largest State Bank of Russia, plans to launch on the stock exchange of crypto currencies in your Swiss Bank – Sberbank Switzerland AG, reported local media group RBC Tuesday, 30. February. The head of the Bank Andrey Shemetov, told RBC that the Bank of Russia has chosen Switzerland as the place of exchange, because the Russian authorities do not allow at the present time in operation kryptowalutami, while the replacement of the crypto currency in Switzerland is legal.

We want to serve the interests of our customers, so we believe that we need to have a strategic access to all types of products and services.

– Shemetov says.

According to RBC, Sberbank is developing currently its trading infrastructure, but Shemetov did not specify when the exchange is launched. Sberbank is not planning to provide the possibility of exchange for crypto currency for retail investors, want to work at the facility level.

Exchange operations kryptowalutowej will be available only for legal entities.

– Shemetov said, adding that investment in kryptowaluty is a big risk due to the instability of the market.

Earlier this month, the Chairman Sberbanku – Herman Gref has declared that bitcoin should be banned in all circumstances, Recalling how on crypto currencies as Blockchaina. 25. January, the Russian government submitted a draft decree on digital assets, which defines and establishes a system of regulation on crypto currency, ICO, miningu and trade. In connection with the latest update of the law, the Ministry of Finance seeks a legal agreement kryptowalutowych, because this would reduce the risk of fraud and increased tax revenues of the government, given the possibility of fiscal transparency.

According to the local page with information about kryptowalutach – Forklog, the final draft will be officially issued no later than 1.: July 2018, which means that the current version may be changed prior to entry of this law into force.

• IOTA will facilitate the creation of » smart cities:

Taipei, capital of Taiwan, wants to become a smart city, using the power of Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) or the Blockchain. The city decided to cooperate with IOTA, the inventors of the so-called technology is the perfect solution for the Internet of things (IoT) to provide a number of new features, technologies, for residents.

Wei-bin, Commissioner of the Department of Information technology government of Taipei, invited to the official press release that the unique technology offered by IOTA will usher in a new era of » smart cities for the residents of Taipei.

The first project in the list is the creation of civil passports, based on the technology Tangle. This creation, called the card «TangleID», aimed at addressing the risk of identity theft and fraud at the polling stations, and also provides an easy way to track health history, and other data for services associated with the government.

The company is already working on a project the Junior room for the city to create a map the size of a palm with sensors that react to light, temperature, humidity and pollution. The project aims to provide citizens of Taipei, the relevant information about the level of pollution in real-time.

Co-founder of IOTA, David Sønstebø, perceives the adoption as a great step forward, noting that the technology is ready for actual use cases, and it’s more than just theory.

In India kryptowaluty will be limited:

The government of India, although often expressed not very positive about Bitcoin and other crypto currency, such measures have not led to the suppression of their popularity.

In his annual speech, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, once again explained that the government intends to stop the use of digital currencies in India, arguing that the country południowoazjatycki does not recognize Bitcoin and other coinów for legal tender:

The government does not recognize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender and will take all measures to limit their use in funding illegal activities or any part of the payment systems.

However, Jaitley did not say anything about banning trade. In fact, says the government will instead propose to use Blockchain technology to traditional payment systems, showing that the Indian government does recognize the value in crypto currency, but not as a legitimate means of payment.

Most likely, Indian exchanges will become legal and people will have to buy and sell crypto currency.

• Exchange Huobi opens office in USA:

Huobi is one of the largest exchanges kryptowalutowych, which initially originated in China, revealed plans to open an office in San Francisco. The announcement took place during the conference Blockchain Connect on Friday, 26. February. This event focuses on cooperation between kryptowalutowymi markets in the United States and China, and took place on Friday, 26. February in San Francisco.

The exchange Huobi was one of the speakers at the conference, during which it was announced was going to start a business in the United States. The new office of the company you are already in the process of manufacturing in Silicon Valley.

The United States will now be in the center of our attention.

said Cai Kailong, Director of Strategy Huobi.

Founded in 2013, the Group Huobi exchange service on the exchange in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other countries. The company was forced to leave China, their original jurisdiction after the local Supervisory authorities demanding the closure of all stock exchanges on crypto currency in September 2017.

In December 2017. Huobi announced a partnership with Japanese financial Group SBI to help him in launching a private exchange for the crypto currency.

• The Royal mint UK launches digital currency is supported by gold:

The Royal mint of Britain, the organisation responsible for the production of all physical money that a country has in circulation, announced its own kryptowaluty backed by the gold. The coin will be based on Blockchain technology, call themselves Royal Mint Gold (RMG) and will represent the gold stored in the vault the Royal Mint.

Royal Mint Bullion – a company owned by Royal Mint, which sells physical gold, is the first company that allows customers to have assets in the Blockchain based on gold, said Tom Coghill, leader commercial Royal Mint Gold in an interview with Express.that.uk. Coghill, he also remembered that one coin equals one gramowi RMG gold.

A recent report published by the World Gold Council has compared Bitcoin to gold. It was noted that, although Bitcoin experience higher value growth in 2017, gold remains an investment. Coghill said that investments in Bitcoin are more uncertain than investment in gold:

A likely argument for gold is the fact that functioning during the 6,000 years. Bitcoin is a bit younger and his future is uncertain.

The RMG project was first presented to the Royal Mennicę in December 2016. The UK is not the only country that created a cryptocurrency supported precious metals. Last week, local sources in Australia reported that the country’s largest refinery of precious metals – Perth Mint – to develop their own cryptocurrency, and physical precious metals.

• Highway to hell:

43 billion dollars uszczupliła’s market capitalization, and it currently is 462 billion dollars. Bitcoin, which has fallen in recent days by 7.2%, again pulled the entire market. Other currencies like Ethereum or Ripple, recorded correction at 3% and 12.1%. Similar is the situation in almost all altów.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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