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Friday events: the Prime Minister sees the dependencies in the international system of regulation on crypto currency; EU launches Observatory Blockchain; Kodak translates the term ICO; the Wolf of wall Street claims that Bitcoin can grow to $ 50,000 before you reach the bottom; Another day.

• Prime Minister sees the dependencies in the international system regulation for crypto currency:

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that the regulation on crypto currencies should not be held only in one country, but must be unified action in all the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (the EAEU), according to the economic newspaper Vedomosti, 2. february’s.

At the conference entitled «digital Agenda in the era of globalization», which took place today in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Medvedev spoke of the need for regulation at the international level, especially in relation to the EAEU, which consists of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia:

You can’t introduce these rules [adjustment kryptowaluty] in one country, our approach must be closer to the European level.

In December 2017. Putin proposed to create a new, multinational kryptowaluty to be adopted in all countries of the EAEU and the BRICS, which allows the use of Blockchain and smart contracts in these markets. Although Medvedev only talked about the EAEU, reiterated this idea of a multinational model of regulation of cryptography payment services, not just the Blockchain Protocol:

In any case, we should not restrict ourselves only to models domestic. My colleagues said here that kryptowaluty can be used for payment. Approach this carefully, because our economies are closely and intimately connected.

In March 2017. Medvedev appealed to the Ministry of communications and Ministry of the early studies on potential applications Blockchaina in the government. Recently, at the Gaidar Forum, followed the trail, which took place in January, Medvedev criticized kryptowaluty as an economic bubble that eventually disappears, although he said that Blockchain technology will remain.

• EU launches Observatory Blockchain:

ConsenSys, one of the most prominent startups in the Ethereum ecosystem will cooperate with the European Commission on their EU Observatory and Forum for the Future. A two-year project will Fund up to 340 million euros ($425 million) in projects Blockchain. The Commission announced that in the spring of last year the initiative, citing a desire to enhance knowledge about institutional Blockchain technology and distributed books.

As an important part of the community the Blockchain, ConsenSys will make a strong involvement in the development of technology, in-depth knowledge and contacts with the global Blockchain ecosystem and entrepreneurial approach to engagement with stakeholders and experts of the European Union and around the world.

– the European Commission said Thursday in a statement ujawniającym partnership.

In the Commission’s report clearly indicated a desire for the mobilization of community technology for the benefit of the European single market.

European Commissioner for digital Economy and society Mariya Gabriel commented:

I see the Blockchain as a breakthrough, and I want Europe to be a leader in its development. We must create the necessary conditions – digital single market – that all citizens could benefit from it, in place of the various initiatives. European Observatory and Forum for the Future is an important step in this direction.

Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the Commission responsible for financial stability, financial services and European Capital Markets, as well as other projects, said the Observatory will also control the policy of the European Union. Praised the idea of the Blockchain technology, saying that among the many technologies that promote innovation, digital, Blockchain has the potential to be truly transformującą for financial services and other markets.

• Kodak translates the term ICO:

Eastman Kodak company announced 30. February that the launch of their kryptowaluty KODAKCoin will be delayed to assess the status of potential investors. The delay was announced the day before the first phase of the ICO, according to the report, 9. February.

As explained on the company’s website, Kodak intends to launch the ICO, which offers security tokens as «exempt offering» – this means that you do not need to register their security in the American Commission on Securities and stock Exchanges, but only accredited investors can participate in the ICO. The SEC requires that one accredited investor had a net value in excess of $ 1 million or annual income of at least $ 200,000, along with other conditions.

The company claims that it will take a few weeks to check the status of accredited investors who have applied for investing in the ICO, including as reported by Kodak – more than 40,000.
Potential investors outside the United States will rozpatrywani accordance with its in accordance with their jurisdictions, added the company.
According to Marketwatch, the stock price of Kodak (KODK) increased dramatically after the publication of the press release of the project, 9. February, from 3.1 per dollar to almost $ 11 the next day. However, after the announcement of the delay 30. February, the capital fell by more than 18 percent.

• The wolf of wall Street claims that Bitcoin can grow to $ 50,000 before you reach the bottom:

Jordan Belfort, popularly known as «the Wolf of wall Street», once again questioned the Bitcoin, this time in an interview with entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David, posted on Facebook Beth David, 31. February.

Belfort said bet-David believes in Bitcoin, because that in itself is a fraud, referring to him as a kite «financial anarchists». It is believed, however, that the way that was built cryptocurrency is a great tool for manipulation. He argues that the growing value of Bitcoin can be attributed to a madman.

Belfort spoke negatively about the possibility of manipulation of markets through kryptowalutowymi the small size of the market, especially in the case of Olaf Carlson-Wee, the previous user Bitconia, which were paid in kryptowalucie while working in Coinbase, in 2013. For Belforta, Carlson-E sold all my Bitcoin and bought Bitcoin Cash, and then thrown on the television interview about the fact that Bitcoin lives and the future of Bitcoin Cash that spowało that its price has sharply grown.

CT scan could not confirm that the Carlson-have You ever mentioned about replacing all of their Bitcoin to Cash Bitcoin, although gave an interview for CNBC on Ethereum, which was misunderstood by some agricultural Reddita, Carlson-VI had to transfer all of its shares Ethereum.

Belfort suggests that although Bitcoin is, in his opinion, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this can increase to $ 50,000 before will eventually fall to zero. In September 2017. Belfort said that Bitcoin is problematic because the ease with which hackers can steal virtual currency, and in October announced that ICO-this is the biggest deception in history. Belfort said bet-David has not invested a dime in cryptocurrency.

• Another day:

In the last days the market of crypto currency decreased by 41.3 billion dollars, which now gives the total cost at the level 420,7 billion. It’s almost half the cost of when 7. February market (824 billion dollars. The total turnover on the exchange today totaled 40.1 billion dollars. The prices of crypto currencies fall together with the price of Bitcoin, which was worth $ 9.358 today at the highest point and 7.796 $ at the bottom.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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