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With Saturday’s events: Qtum will work with the space; UPS accepts Bitcoin; Approved the first Fund Blockchain in Canada; Unconfirmed reports of connections Poloniex and the Circle; a Change of trend on the stock exchange.

• Qtum will run out of space:

Qtum, a project based on Blockchain focused on decentralized applications (DApps). Friday, 2. February, it was announced on Twitter that the first ever host of the Blockchain created by the company Qtum, was launched on a Chinese satellite.

Qtum announced the release date on Twitter 31. January, with reference to the count to 2. february’s. However, on Friday, the day of the premiere, the countdown was replaced with reference to the press service of the China National Space Administration on the successful launch of the satellite, Zhangheng-1. Qtum and the Blockchain was not mentioned in the press release.

Subscription users r/Qtum expressed confusion related to the disappearance of the countdown site, with a request for additional information and the startup process. Channel Qegrum Telegram published a video on YouTube with today’s inauguration of satellites, with superimposed subtitles, saying it’s «entry of the first node Qtum POS in space.»

Qtum DApps are unique because the platform uses a model of the Blockchain Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO), which allows more light intelligent interactions contract with programs for mobile devices and IoT.

Qtum is also working with Spacechain, the initiative of space exploration, aimed at creating a satellite network with open source. Data storage in space negates the benefits of the potential problems with regulators.

In an interview with Tech in Asia in November 2017. Zheng Zuo, CEO of the newspaper Spacechain, spoke about the plan in February 2018. the inauguration of the satellites are Cubesats Spacechain that operates a network of Qtum.

Spacechain also published on Twitter a video with the premiere today, writing that the missile has satellite SpaceChain and runs a full node Qtum. Qtum did not respond to a request for comment.

• UPS accepts Bitcoin:

According to us patent application 1 complex. February, United Parcel Service (UPS) is a multinational company that delivers parcels – planning the use of Bitcoin as a method of payment its new decentralized system.

We are building a secure, computerized system that will be adapted to the relief payments and the physical exchange of goods between actors (…)

– according to the summary of patent-UPS.

The patent application shows that the main purpose of the new system, to make deals in private is more secure and prevent theft – because private sale through ads, retail and online auctions, carries with it the risks associated with fraud or physical attack.

The app also shows what’s new, decentralized system allows customers to have cabinets that are sealed and fixed using an automated system. To get access to those cabinets, in which there are internal cameras and screens that reflect their content – users have determined their passwords. The external screen is also used to facilitate payment.

The word «Bitcoin» appears exactly two times throughout the patent application, indicating that maternal cryptocurrency is likely to be the most cost-effective method of payment. If the UPS is soon to introduce a new system, and Bitcoin is acceptable payment method, you can expect that other large companies will follow his example – which would mean a big step in acceptance of crypto currency.

Approved the first Fund Blockchain in Canada:

After the tests, the Harvest Portfolio, has received consent for the publication of the first in Canada Exchangeched Exchange funded most Funds (ETFs). The Fund since the trade to Toronto, starting next week, will focus on large and small corporations Blockchain.

The approval of the regulators, this is good news also for two other companies: First Trust Portfolios Canada and Evolve Funds Group, Inc. who have already applied for a similar ETF. The head of the First Trust ETF, Carl Chong, noticed that interest in the Blockchain technology and kryptowalutami in Canada huge:

Every conversation with clients, leads to questions concerning investments in Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

In contrast to the messages that come from Canada, us regulators have stated that such funds are not ready for legitimate reasons, the law of the United States.

Dalia Blass, Director of the group of investment management U.S. Securities and exchange Commission (SEC), she said that SEC is at the moment a lot of unanswered questions in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in the United States, for such funds, based on kryptowaluty and related products.

• Unconfirmed reports of connections Poloniex and Round:

According to a post on the technology blog Modern Consensus Blockchain, Circle, multi-currency application to send money, apparently, in the process of working on the connection to Poloniex, the main American stock exchange for the crypto currency.

Information about consent serves two unnamed sources who had information about a potential change. However, when asked about the comment Poloniex, Paradise Date – Board member Circle – told for Modern Consensus:

I can’t comment on something like that. Now I am in Europe. Thanks for the contact.

Modern Consensus is a blog founded by Ken Kursona, former editor of the New York Observer, which involves messages that are technological in the areas kryptowalutowych and Blockchain.

Circle and Poloniex agreed to terms and have appealed to the supervisors. The regulators came back with a list of requirements of KYC [Know Your Customer], and the Circle agreed to fulfill all the conditions.

he brought Kurson in the discussion on Twitter about acquisitions.

Like a Circle, like Poloniex did not respond to a request for comment about the ongoing discussion.

Circle, which received $ 50 million from Goldman Sachs in 2015, contains Circle Pay responsible for the translation Circle Trade as liquidity provider for crypto currencies, and will soon add a Circle invest, the application that allows retail investment clients in the markets of cryptographic.

Poloniex is now the fourteenth largest stock exchange in the crypto currency, which makes the almost $ 300 million of turnover per day, gives 7. place in the rating of global. Exchange allows users to trade 68 different coins. This year the exchange Poloniex she had a problem with incorrect saldami users and with a very long waiting time for withdrawals.

• Changing the trend of the stock market:

In the last days the market of crypto currency increased 30.9 billion and is exactly 451,6 billion Value is mainly dictated at the moment, the value of Bitcoin, which is currently at the level 9.290$, which is 5% more than yesterday. The large increase marked the project Cardano (ADA), increasing the value of the coin by 19.3% and Litecoin 14.1%. The total turnover on the exchange reached 24 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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