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From random events: Kryptowaluty disappear from Chinese social networks; Positive statements in South Korea on bitcoin; Vitalik Buterin allocates Ethery of the Fund; a Change of policy J. P. Morgan for purchases on crypto currency; Correction continues.

Kryptowaluty disappear from Chinese social networking:

Fighting kryptowalutami in China continues. It seems that this is the last round in the ring. Crypto disappear even from the Chinese social networking.

The last months weren’t easy for cryptocurrencies in China. At the beginning of the people’s Bank of China banned the use of ICO, claiming that 90% of them are fraudulent. Later, the government banned exchanges, Bitcoin became illegal, and mining was severely limited. Now ads kryptowalutami disappeared from Chinese social networks – such practices have started to use Facebook, as we wrote here. Because of this, increasing interest in portals, Reddit and Twitter, which are many of the elements, a good alternative to FB.

At a time when users on Chinese social networks will use in search engines passwords, such as «Bitcoin», «ICO» and «cryptocurrency» – will appear with empty fields. The largest search engine in the country, already operates in accordance with the government decree.

Such prohibitions are, however, consistent with the fact that China is a Communist country where the economy is under the control of the Central Government. The promise of unbridled economic freedom that bitcoin represents, stands in sharp contrast with the ideology of the government. Countries such as Japan and Singapore are reaping the fruits of the Chinese of the result of the encryption.

• Positive statements in South Korea on crypto currency:

During a trip to China for talks, economic, Finance Minister of South Korea Kim Dong-EN positively spoke about the possibilities of the Blockchain, saying that «the Blockchain technology could disrupt and revolutionize the world», claims South Korean news Agency Yonhap.

During a meeting with Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of people’s Bank of China, the EP also talked about the need for closer cooperation with China in the field of Blockchain technology. According to another Korean site Chosun information, the EP confirmed that the Ministry of Finance of South Korea has no plans to prohibitions or restrictions on crypto currency in the country, adding:

Blockchain technology is a major breakthrough in the movement of the fourth industrial revolution. The Ministry is taking a cautious approach to the regulation of the market for crypto currency. In the case of negative precedents in the crypto currency will impose strict rules.

While some said kryptowaluty don’t need to continue to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology, Young sees these two elements as inextricably linked:

In the case of open source network Blockchain, kryptowaluty necessary as an incentive for individuals to participate in the network.

Positive comments Yeona about the Blockchain and crypto currency appear after a period of tighter restrictions on exchanges and invest in kryptowaluty in South Korea, because the country prohibits anonymous trading kryptowalutami and speaks about the universal prohibition of the activities for the miners, leading, therefore, reduced markets.

• Vitalik Buterin Ethery allocates the Fund:

The research Foundation SENS Research Foundation is funding research on diseases associated with age, have received 2.4 million dollars from the Ether one of the founders of Ethereum, Vitalika Buterina, according to the press release on the website charytatywnejo.

The Foundation was founded in 2009 Abri where gray, gerontologa test rejuvenation therapy, to prolong the biological age of people, hoping that will allow people to live longer than ever before.

Buterin, who is quoted in a press release said:

I’m glad I was blessed with the opportunity for personal support MEANING. Their concentration is on creating solutions for diseases of aging, one of the biggest problems facing mankind, it is very consistent with my goal which has a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

The Foundation for the study of MEANING also received two large donations totaling 2. million dollars in Bitcoinie from an anonymous charitable Foundation Pinapple – the first million was made in December 2017, and 2 more. february’s.

• Change policies J. P. Morgan for purchases on crypto currency:

Clients J. P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup are unable to buy bitcoin with credit cards, as reported by CNBC, 3. february’s.

J. P. Morgan Chase confirmed the CNBC 25. January, which allowed the purchase of crypto currency, however, the policy has undergone rapid canceled.

At the moment we do not handle purchases kryptowalutowych credit card for variability and risk. We will discuss this question as the evolution of the market.

– said the press Secretary of the Bank to CNBC.

Citigroup also stated that it does not allow to do purchase a map, and consider its principles in the development of the encryption market, while Bank of America reduces also purchase bitcoin with credit card, pending review of the policy.

• Correction continues:

Bitcoin revival lasted very long. He returned for further deepening of correction, making the last day falling at the rate of 7.8%. Other leading currencies have followed in his footsteps – the value of Ethereum decreased by 9%, and the Ripple is 8.3%. Only Litecoin, who announced fork, increased by 4.7%. Capitalization the total market declined by 42 billion dollars and is currently 409,6 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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