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With poniedziałkowych events: Prime Minister Matteo Morawiecki moving area; a Message to the Prosecutor on suspicion in Commission of crimes through the Polish stock exchange; Banks in the UK followed America; Exchange Bittrex will add trading dollars and will re-open registration for new users; On the stock exchanges continue to fall.

• Prime Minister Matteo Morawiecki moving to the area:

The office of Protection of Competition and Consumers, and recommended caution in investing in kryptowaluty. Group of dangerous financial instruments called premiere Matthew Morawieckiego will recommend this week for control of a few Polish companies that offer to sell crypto currency.

We are talking about companies who build their philosophy on the basis of kryptowaluty and, in our opinion, therefore, introduce clients to confusion. Or use the madness around on crypto currency, and that build their capacity. Of course, we will show you a list of companies that, in our opinion, should be studied through various institutions. It companies that operate on the so-called market for alternative financial investments, which are based on the Forex market. We are talking about enterprises based on the philosophy on crypto currency. Building something like the company who were selling kryptowaluty that is popular, that is Bitcoin.

notes the press Secretary of management of Protection of Competition and Consumers, Margaret Cieloch, also adds that the necessary changes in the law in question on crypto currency.

Regulation on crypto currencies should be determined by the conclusions of the previously mentioned team of the Prime Minister Morawieckiego. In his opinion, the only options are ban or strict regulation. Approximate data of the Ministry of Investment and Development, show that the same Bitcoinem daily in the world produced hundreds of thousands of operations.

Here’s a snippet of the message UOKK:

On the Internet, particularly social media, in other media, as well as the so-called «events», often involving famous celebrities, we are overwhelmed with the amount of marketing that contains promises easy, fast and high profits. (…)

Financial pyramids are illegal. Not earn them because your money will be transferred to the ideological project, not invested. So you really don’t know what happens to them. (…) Be careful: there is a chance that such «investment» is a Scam and you will lose the money paid.

• Notification to the Prosecutor’s office about suspicion of committing a crime through the Polish stock exchange:

According to «legal newspaper», the financial Supervisory Commission, considering the possibility of sending notifications to the Prosecutor’s office about suspicion of committing a crime on the grounds of Finance. It comes to one of the Polish workers ‘ councils on crypto currency, the officials did not disclose, however, what kind of exchange going on. Lawyers who work in the Commission began in a recent ultrasound study of the rules of all the operators who work in the industry on cryptocurrencies, registered on the territory of Poland. If one of the checked job boards KNF suspects that a legal entity may conduct its activities illegally, without prior permission. Based on the existing Polish law threatens punishment for it in the form of a fine in the amount of 5 million rubles, or two years imprisonment.

According to the information received tradinggroup.pl contact the hotline with the biggest Polish stock exchange – BitBay, it follows that they have the necessary permissions, so it does not concern them, and the clients of this exchange can be calm for their money.

BitBay officially dispels doubt, issuing a statement on the matter:

In connection with the information that has appeared in recent days in the media and questions of our users reported that the BitBay we have a legal opinion, the procedures and processes which ensure that our activities comply with legislation. State agencies do not issue licenses for this type of service in Poland, so we work in accordance with the best standards, expressed in the Canon of the practice of market entities kryptowalutowego in Poland) and AML and KYC policies that have been implemented, despite the lack of regulation in this area.

Press reports suggest that the currently ongoing analysis of numerous digital currency exchanges. We are always ready to be a procedure that checks and to work as still, with the public institutions.

We ensure that our clients ‘ funds are safe. Each user has an individual virtual account RUBLES, family-Bank (alias). Service deposits and payments in currencies USD and EUR warrants, and the payment processor that is a subject which is protected, and licensed company KNF. Clients of our exchange should not fear for their deposits and access to them.

• UK banks are following America:

Publishers credit card fear that people popadną into debt if you buy kryptowaluty, and prices will continue to fall. Bitcoin fell more than 50% of the 17.000 dollars in early January about 7,000 dollars today. Lloyds Banking Group will give a statement today about their 9. millions of credit card users.

According to reports, the Bank will block any attempt to buy on crypto currencies with credit cards. Debit cards, however, continue to be accepted. In the email, the press Secretary said:

Banks Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA we do not accept purchase transaction in crypto currency, carried out by credit cards.

The banking giant is the first in the UK, which limits their credit cards and the purchasing power of their customers. It may additionally enhance the prices to fall a bit because it is harder to buy on crypto currency. Some banks are already anti-crypto, as decentralized money is contrary to their business model. This motion occurs after a wave of state regulation around the world who want to prevent the use of digital currencies for criminal activities. Unlike many incorrect reports in the media, there was no ban on the sale of and trading in India or South Korea. Three major American banks occupy a similar position in the ad from last week. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank of America Corp and Citigroup Inc. said that they would not be allowed to purchase crypto with credit cards. Use the credit card associated with a higher risk, and banks try to ease them, forcing their customers to use their own money to purchase virtual currency. They also fear that customers will spend more than you can afford – what much easier when it’s not their money.

• Exchange Bittrex will add trading dollars and will re-open new user registration:

Bill Shihara, President of Bittrex confirmed during the broadcast of the Radio Unikrn, head Unikrn – Rahulem Sood – what exchange Bittrex will open trades drawable for the majority of its customers. The company Bittrex was founded in 2013. through Shihara and two business partners who she previously worked with security at Microsoft. Shihara said Soodowi that the initial success of Bittrexa was caused by a combination of experience of its founders and their readiness to publish their resume with photo online at a time when majority of the exchanges were anonymous.

Bittrex has been in the news in October 2017, because it took an unexpected decision to disable thousands of accounts to verify compliance, without prior notice to users. Perhaps because of this, the exchange announced in December 2017 that temporarily stops accepting new users, citing the inability to accurately verify each new user with such strong demand. In the podcast Shihara noticed that if Bittrex is the stock exchange, the American, are very serious about legal obligations KYC and AML. To conduct the necessary inspections required a large number of employees. In response to the question regarding problems related to customer service, Shihara said he hopes to add another 20. service providers support this spring, that would be a total of 80.

Shihara he also added that it will soon be possible user signups on the exchange, but there will be additional requirements for new users, such as the minimum deposits trading. For Shihary, this step will ensure that new users are people who understand what they are doing. Bittrex is not intended for retail customers, but is directed to the target audience, consisting of more sophisticated or institutional traders, said Shihara to Sooda. If we are talking about future plans, Bittrexa, Shihara remembered the partnership with the Korean stock exchange Upbit, which will give access to more liquidity and a retail store. He also remembered that in the coming months in preparation there are still many such partnerships.

Shihara has set a meeting with the Commission on Securities and stock Exchanges, on which he does not want to talk about the possibility of trading in securities because he sees the potential for the subsidiary Bittrex or parallel activities in the field of trade in securities. Believes that the adjustment is inevitable:

If we want Bitcoin was ubiquitous and sold around the world, we need governments and institutions that accept it.

Shihara participated in kryptowaluty in 2011, when the Bitcoin mining, spare parts to the computer in your garage. It is recommended, however, when the price dropped from 60 to 6 dollars, and even threw the laptop with their Bitcoinami.

• Exchanges continue to fall:

The market for crypto currency continues to decline and market capitalization declined by only 68.6 billion in the last days. The whole market is currently on 341 billion. Turnover on the stock exchanges amounted to 22.2 billion dollars. The price of Bitcoin fell by 13.4% and 7.326 dollars. Bitcoin Cash recorded a decline of 18.5%, NEO 22,4%, Litecoin 14%, Ethereum is 17.4%.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, tradinggroup.pl, coinmarketcap.com

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