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Friday events: Improved exchange Binance back in the game; New product developers MyEtherWallet; the Government of India targeting investors flashing from taxation on crypto currency; the First city in the United States with his kryptowalutą; the Detention of members of international criminal organizations; the Gentle enthusiasm of the stock exchanges.

• Improved exchange Binance back in the game:

Popular exchange of crypto currency, Binance, reported today on his page that he has completed the modernization of the system after the technical problems caused significant delays. The company confirmed that the full functionality will return 9. February, offering a two-week additional 70% discount on operating costs. Binance has gained international popularity in the market exchange of bitcoin in a short period of six months.

Since January of this exchange is the largest trading platform in the world. The number of users increases the 240,000 / HR. Despite delays in performing complicated procedures that are used to facilitate the updates, President of the Binance assured users via social networks that the data integrity has not been violated even once. The exchange was able to repel the accusations of hacker attacks during technical issues that took place on Thursday, 8. February.

• New product developers MyEtherWallet:

A popular interface for Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet (SHP) has released an unexpected alternative drug MyCrypto.com declared one of the original developers. GULLS became one of the most popular tools for space management Ethereum and ERC20 the past year and will continue to exist alongside the new project, which has almost identical interface.

MyEtherWallet LLC was sufficient for the early stages of growth. MyCrypto was from the beginning designed to scale to a higher level.

explains Taylor Monaghan, one of the founders of SEAGULLS, adding that he spent nine months, mounting the team is responsible for overseeing all operations.

The structure of SEAGULLS helped to avoid the typical traps that more and more fought with traditional suppliers of the portfolios in connection with the influx of new users and zwiększjącą value on crypto currency. Designed to serve even more users with such a configuration, MyCrypto will enter a phase of public beta tests in the near future. Online the circumstances connected with the changes before create suspicion and confusion among users.

• The government of India targeting investors flashing from taxation on crypto currency:

Indian tax official said that the profit from investment in kryptowaluty are subject to mandatory tax and that will look for those who are trying to avoid paying. During the event, which took place on Tuesday this week was the Chandra, the head of the Indian Central Council Tax (CBDT) confirmed that about 100 000 messages were sent to residents who have not considered investing in kryptowaluty tax returns. For Chandra messages were sent to police departments across the country to ensure that investors in cryptocurrencies are aware of their tax obligations.

Persons who invested [kryptowaluty] and not stated income when filing taxes and have not paid tax on the profit generated through the investment, we are sending a message, because we believe that all of it is taxable.

said Chandra.

The latest statement of the Indian Ministry of taxes is a confirmation of the previous report, which said that information about taxes were sent to investors after a national survey showed that kryptowaluty a total value of 3.5 billion dollars, was sold in a 17-month period. For Chandra, the Agency conducted several studies on the national exchanges with the objective of gathering information about regular traders, considering how many people regularly transfer funds, how many have registered and how many transactions occurred. According to the survey Agency said that the investors who were sent messages, failed to properly and clearly identify the existence of investments in kryptowaluty.

• The first city in the United States with his kryptowalutą:

Trying to reduce dependence on Federal funding within the administration of trump, the city of Berkeley plans to issue its own cryptocurrency.

The city of Berkeley wants to become the first city in the United States, which has its own ecosystem kryptowaluty in which coins or tokens supported municipal bonds can be used as legal tender in stores and restaurants to pay the rent, or as donations to the city. In addition, the money collected thanks to kryptowalucie will help create more affordable housing among the growing population of the homeless.

Member of the Municipal Council, Berkeley Ben Bartlett says for Business Insider:

Berkeley is a center of resistance, and for resistance to work, should have its own coin.

Bartlett is not alone. His influential colleagues from the team that, among other things, the mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguín, a startup financial technology, Neighborly and UC Berkeley Blockchain Laboratory. Together they hope to launch their own initial coins (ICO), which is called «Preliminary proposal for the community».

Proposed Berkeley wykorzystywałaby cryptocurrency Blockchain technology as a means of sale of municipal bonds. Traditionally, bonds are not the most attractive offer for investment but Berkeley hope that the growing popularity of kryptowaluty will attract investors, community oriented, dealing with issues of socio-economic city. Co-founder of Love Jain says Business Insider:

In contrast to the majority of ICO, which provide the coins for future value, or services, these coins will be a real protection offered for a specific purpose.

However, much remains to be done before the real cryptocurrency supported Berkeley will go into circulation in the Blockchain, especially considering not the best reputation the ICO at this point. If you succeed, entrepreneurship Barkley can help legitimize as ICO, and kryptowaluty.

The city in which Berkeley tries to create its own cryptocurrency, is a response to the December signing of the Republicans trump the tax bill that deters private contractors for constructing affordable housing through the removal of existing incentives. When affordable housing in the city are becoming less common, but homelessness is growing at an alarming rate, Berkeley fears long-term consequences of the law. According to city officials, one percent of the population of Berkeley was homeless in 2017 – and maintained their cryptocurrency can help solve this problem. Bartlett told Business Insider:

In fact, this allows us to fulfill our duty as a government. The breach of the obligation, it is to let people sleep on the streets.

As one of the first epicentrów the counterculture of the sixties, Berkeley was always a liberal capital in the United States. The city has no Republican mayor since 1971, and its residents often oppose conservative policies. In this regard, it is not surprising that Berkeley is one of the cities directed against Trumpowi in the United States, especially if we are talking about the immigration policy of the President.

Voltage associated with the current administration is constantly growing, especially after President trump has supported Federal funding of the University of California at Berkeley in February 2017, as a result of protests caused by the speech of the analyst Milo Yiannopoulosa at the University. If successful, Berkeley could be, in fact, use kryptowaluty to reduce dependence on Federal funding from the administration trump.

• Stop member of the international criminal organization:

Police detained a Russian citizen, who is considered the second most international organizations dealing with cyber crime, reports the Bangkok Post.

Sergey Medvedev was arrested in Bangkok on Friday, 2. February, the Thai Department of Fight against Crime (CSD) on the proposal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States. The laptop and the documents were deemed CSD proof.

As reported a source in The Bangkok post, the evidence showed that Medvedev was more than 100,000 Bitcoins (around 8.2 million USD) at the time of his arrest.

Medvedev, allegedly, was the administrator of the Dark Web site Infraud password which was «In Fraud We Trust» – which concerned primarily the sale of stolen credit cards and identities, and illegally obtained documents state.

7. February, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a guilty verdict, consisting of 36 people, including Medvedev, accused of participation in Infraud. Manchester United have arrested 13 criminals from 17. countries for fraud victims for the sum more than $ 530 million, as well as more damage for the sum of 2,2 billion dollars.

• Gentle enthusiasm on the stock exchanges:

During the last night on the market crypto currency has increased in value by 30.7 billion dollars and is currently on 417,7 billion. Despite the fact that the value of Bitcoin in recent days is growing, we are still in a downward phase. Those who put yesterday in the position of customers, unable to realize sufficient good profit, Bitcoin, Gold has recorded a growth rate of 60%, Ethereum Classic 26.1 per cent, Qtum, and Surge 24%. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 23,8 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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