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With Saturday’s events: France and Germany insist on strict regulation on crypto currency; Bosh invests in IOTA; Japanese investors will pay a lot of taxes from profit on crypto currency; Innovative technology combines traditional digital exchange; exchanges quietly.

France and Germany insist on strict regulation on crypto currencies:

French and German Finance Ministers continue to require strict regulation of Bitcoin and other crypto currency. According to reports, the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and interim Finance Minister Peter Altmaier, wrote a letter to fellow Finance Ministers of the G20, which claim that kryptowaluty not only risky for investors, but also threaten long-term global financial stability.

Given the rapid growth of capitalization of the markers and the emergence of new financial instruments, these changes must be strictly controlled (…) variables Such as the markers can have a detrimental effect on niedoinformowanych investors who do not understand the risks to which expose themselves.

– writing.

Of course, this feeling can easily be interpreted as a native from the power of the traditional financial institutions are experiencing increasing pressure from a rapidly growing and more and more popular in the market crypto currency, whose goal is the disruption of traditional financial institutions. Finance Minister Bruno le Maire and interim Finance Minister Peter Altmaier not the only one who expresses concerns about Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty.

Member of the management Board of the European Central Bank Yves Mersch said on Thursday a negative review, stating that kryptowaluty are not money, and they will not be in the near future. In addition, the head of the Agency for International Settlements – Agustin Carstens, have expressed their deep-seated fears, begging the Central banks to close Bitcoin, arguing that kryptowaluty become a threat to financial stability.

Bosch to invest in IOTA:

Bosch sees IOTA and Autonomous vehicles as a great way to collect data and micropayments. Adding to that the fact that the city is Taipai in South Korea is going to use IOTA to change itself into an intelligent city, managed applications, it becomes apparent that IOTA will really make confusion. Market data IOTA is created in 2015. At the same time, IBM launched a $ 2 billion purchase of the weather company, whose only reason was to obtain access to the data. At that moment, IOTA is engaged in operations in the amount of 10 billion dollars. Along with the growth of exchange and the values of the data, the value of IOTA will continue to grow in the open market.

The five most valuable listed companies in the world – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google (parent company Google) is based on data on commodities of the first category. Industry Internet of Things increases in the amount of 28.5% per annum. Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2020 it will be the value of 267 billion dollars. Given that technology IOTA matches with these two trends and combining it with participation in the creation of smart cities, decision Robert Bosch fully justified.

• Japanese investors are going to pay a lot of taxes from profit on crypto currency:

Japanese investors kryptowalutowi will pay from 15. 55. a percentage of profits with a stated annual tax returns this year. The Japanese National Tax Agency has already acknowledged last year that capital gains from transactions of virtual currency are considered different incomes. Income tax kryptowalutowych higher in comparison with approximately 20 percent tax on profits from shares and foreign currencies. For comparison, South Korea announced in January that the exchange of crypto currency will be taxed at 24.2%, in line with the current policy of the tax to corporations.

The Japanese National Tax Agency creates a database of investors kryptowalutowych, potentially in order to ensure tax compliance and also to create groups in Tokyo and Osaka to oglądaly e-Commerce. IRS reported that it has also created a 10-person team of investigators, whose purpose was to track users on crypto currency who have not declared their income tax returns. Japan has recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate method of payment in April 2017.

• Innovative technology combines traditional exchange digital:

London company BlockEx introduces many innovations in the world of trading. Their goal is the combination of the best qualities of the exchange, traditional and digital, in addition, provide tools for managing digital resources based on the Blockchain. The platform is based entirely on the API, software, brokerage BlockEx provides everything companies need to offer turn digital assets to their own investors. The proposed capital may be limited depending on the type, geographic region, or even limited for a particular asset.

It is an innovative tool for asset creation that allows you to trade traditional (and indeed, any) assets in digital form. This allows companies to create bonds quickly and cheaply, and in the future will allow to create mortgage credits and loans on the basis of the DLT. In combination with the software of the broker, create and manage ICO using the platform.

Especially for the ICO has established the ICO Market, which provides space for the connection of the ICO and investors. It gives you the tools to manage compliance of these projects, and the platform provides an additional market for bullets after it. ICO working on BlockEx will have available actions are pre-ICO, who will work on the operating system of the Bank BlockEx. Thus, each investor will have a fair opportunity to purchase in advance, even if the number of subscribers is too large.

BlockEx is currently using ICO for your buck sharing digital resources, DAXT, which will fuel the platform that will allow users to access services and will allow owners access to the distribution system of the Bank for future pre-ICO, which remain on the market.

Exchanges easy:

Last day on the exchanges passed without bright, clear movements. Among the leading crypto currency, only the Pulsation is clearly retreated from the other, noticing the growth at 16.3%. The value of Bitcoin, in turn, have risen.about 0.3%, Ethereum 0.2% and Bitcoin Cash, decreased by 4.1%. The market capitalisation yesterday has not changed and amounts to 417 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com

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