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From random events: Binance security; Arizona wants the people pay taxes kryptowalutami; Olympian received compensation in kryptowalutach; 50 luxury apartments was sold for Bitcoins; the Sunday rest on the stock exchanges.

• Binance security:

For more than 24 hours, Binance, the world’s largest exchange kryptowalutowa, stopped working due to problems with the server. 9. Feb Binance resumed trading after a successful reboot of your server. Today we know that the attack on the stock exchange was not, and the danger was averted.

John McAfee, an expert on Security issues and well-known character to the public space on the crypto currency, carefully fanned the controversy surrounding the Binance and rumors about the hacker attacks showing screenshots circling on various social media platforms.

I got dozens of these from different sources. I’m not saying it was a hack. Just asking you to explain. If it came to hacking, and we’re not the hacker immediately to prosecute, the chances of the behavior of the platform will fall to zero within 24. hours.

In response to the statement by McAfee, which broke the image page Binance, CEO, Changpeng Zhao, immediately denied the rumors, transferring funds to other wallets, to show that the exchange was not zhackowana wrote in his Twitter:

But szerzysz fear. We will prove that you’re wrong.

The difference between the hack attack and the secondary problem is that when violation of safety rules, everyone can check the movement of any volume on crypto currency wallet exchange on the external portfolios that can be seen in the case of Coincheck.

A few hours before the team Coincheck confessed to the attack hakerskiego, many of the members of the community in the crypto currency has published evidence that the value of NEM at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars were transferred from the purse Coincheck to external wallets. So if there is no evidence that large funds are transferred in kryptowalutach of the portfolios exchanges on crypto currency for the foreign portfolios, irresponsible speculation about the possibility of attack hakerskiego.

Today Changpeng Zhao has published a personal statement about the latest problems with the server Binance and actions McAfee:

This assistant was Mr. McAfee presented, of course, incorrect image of what we zhakowani. We all rushed to help us. Joined for us, the community, and we have compiled this support in a time when most needed. Sometimes things that look negative, in fact positive.

Exchanges for crypto currencies have the same daily turnover that stock exchanges in regions, such as South Korea. Trading platform process every day billions of dollars. In this regard, if an attack occurs hakerskiego or security breach, the exchange kryptowalutowa often contact the authorities and cooperate with law enforcement to investigate the attack, as did Coincheck last month. In addition, given the size of most of the major exchanges on crypto currency, irresponsible speculation about the possibility of hacker attacks or security breaches without hard evidence.

On the stock exchange Binance you can create niespersonalizowane account in this website.

Arizona wants the people pay taxes kryptowalutami:

The Senate of Arizona passed a law 8. February to allow residents to pay taxes for using the crypto currency. The law was sent to the House of Representatives of the state of Arizona.

If the bill passes, Arizona will become the first state in USA which will accept payment of the tax kryptowalutami by 2020, according to upublicznioną information. The law would allow taxpayers to use a payment system such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency is recognized by the Ministry, with the help of electronic systems peer-to-peer.

The representative of the state of Arizona Jeff Weninger, who co-sponsored the bill, said that your tax agent is going in the future to transform the American state in the center of the Blockchain and crypto currency. Referring to the tax bill, Weninger said this week on Fox News:

Information about this law is a signal to all in the United States and perhaps around the world that Arizona is a place for Blockchain technology and digital currency in the future.

In September 2017, it was reported that the municipality of Chiasso in Switzerland, will allow its residents paying taxes in Bitcoinie. Such a possibility was open since January of this year.

Olympian received compensation in kryptowalutach:

Canadian figure skater Ted-Jan Bloemen, became the first Olympic athlete who received compensation in kryptowalutach, after signing agreements with two new technology companies.

According to CNN, Ted-Jan Bloemen – the double world record holder – has signed an annual sponsorship deal with the social network focuses on kryptowalutach, and also agreed to terms with the Creator of CEEK virtual reality VR. Founder and CEO CEEK, Mary Spio, sees great potential in the field of virtual reality-based sports and therefore is in the presence of Bloemena on Board, explaining:

Bloemena support for the latest technologies, reflects his penchant for pushing boundaries. We believe that virtual reality is not only great for our customers, but will eventually be used to train and enhance the performance and capabilities of the player.

It should be noted that not Bloemen however, is paid by the company only in kryptowalutach. Got a bit of money, explaining:

For me there is no risk of losing anything because I already have some money. This combination makes that sponsorship-it’s really fun (…)

• 50 luxury apartments was sold for Bitcoin:

Two entrepreneurs from the UK – the founder of the Baroness brand Ultimo from the lingerie industry, Michelle Monet and her partner, billionaire Douglas Barrowman – sold 50 luxury apartments in Dubai for Bitcoins, which at first promised to introduce to offer in September last year.

In Dubai in September 2017, outdoor luxury design Aston Plaza and Residences with a value of 325 million dollars, which should be completed by 2020. After the announcement of the project, Monet, and Barrowman, promised to offer 150 to 1300 apartments, which includes Aston.

In February, 50 of these apartments have already been sold. Two entrepreneurs, told Business Insider. Michelle Monet she added that some buyers bought two apartments, and one person bought ten.

A few days ago, G ¾ and Barrowman s Equi, opened his own ICO investment on the platform, based on Ethereum.

• Sunday-rest on the stock exchanges:

The last 24. the watch is a continuation of the slight movements on the stock exchanges on crypto currency. The largest coiny for Coinmarketcap, that is Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, said minimum slope is consistently 1% to 1.1% and 1.2%. In the first 30 years, the best result was shown Ehtereum «classic», the price of which rose 3.4%. Capitalization the total market declined by $ 7 billion and currently stands at $ 410 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com g.social, coinmarketcap.com

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