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With poniedziałkowych events: the National media of China sent to ICO exchanges kryptowalutowych; the Side of the British government were victims of a malware attack for miningu; the head of the International Monetary Fund speaks of an inevitable and necessary international regulation on bitcoin Mining in Iceland consume more energy than the inhabitants of the country; On exchanges green.

• The national media of China sent to ICO exchanges kryptowalutowych:

Chinese state news Agency, it seems, to strengthen its position relative to pozagiełdowej (OTC) exchange crypto-crypto and foreign ICO, which remain active in the country, calling them an attempt to circumvent existing rules. In a report published by Xinhua News Agency, details how easy it is acquiring the assets kryptowalutowych through the channel of OTC. Journalists have registered on the exchanges such as Huobi Pro and bought Bitcoins with the help of the available payment tools such as AliPay. After the ban of the ICO in the past year issued by China people’s Bank, the national platform of the stock market began to use the OTC have moved their activities abroad.

Citing a report published by the Chinese Commission on matters of Financial Security on the Internet information Agency said that from November last year, the 21 exchanges OTC remains active among Chinese investors, while these platforms are abroad, for example, in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. In addition, the report also indicated trading platform that have a legal address outside of China, but is available for Chinese investors, who may participate in the purchase of the first marker using the OTC channels.

In addition, the Agency stated that all these actions are merely new attempts to bypass existing laws and called for the strengthening regulującji. Moreover, these reports also include ICO, which moved the place of registration outside the state border:

Currently, some projects ICO moved abroad to continue the work. Despite the fact that formalized and issued tokens abroad, development of the project, key personnel and investors have headquarters in China.

– the report says.

• The website of the UK government were victims of a malware attack for miningu:

New malware for mining for crypto currency, using the program for the blind and visually impaired people, infected thousands of websites, including the British government. It is reported that a malicious script was entered in the BrowseAloud plugin that allows people with limited vision access to online content. Computing power, visiting infected web will be used to miningu – tech, popularly known as cryptojacking.

Currently infected more than 5,000 web sites, including the British National Health Service (NHS), Student Loans Company and local authorities. Commenting on the event, the British regulatory body overseeing National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said that nothing points to the fact that consumers were at risk after implementation of controls loss.

The service, which the problem occurred, was disabled, which greatly eased the problem. The website of the government as before, work reliably. At this stage there is nothing to indicate that society is under threat.

– do not declare.

The NHS was one of the first and most affected victims of the infamous malware attack WannaCry in 2017, in which hackers demanded from users $ 300 Bitcoinie to unlock the computer.

• The head of the International Monetary Fund speaks of an inevitable and necessary international regulation on crypto currencies:

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde said that the regulator on the crypto currency is inevitable and necessary at the international level. Questions during the interview, the growing popularity of markets kryptowalutowych hunger-induced high profits on global markets, Lagarde said this trend shows the mentality stadną those who are looking for products of high performance, but also an element of speculation. She added that he also was a unit of dark action, which is a reference to the potential use for crypto currency in the fight against money laundering and other illegal activities on the Internet, due to their anonymous nature.

Regarding the regulation on crypto currencies, Lagarde talked about its inevitability and the need to focus on regulation of entities:

This is an area in which we need international regulation and adequate supervision.

he says.

In October 2016. Lagard said that according to her, banks will accept the digital currency within the next five years, while adding that he would need a resolution to prevent money laundering and illegal actions. And in October last year, expressed interest in the IMF, in the market own kryptowaluty, after my previous comments on the potential advantages for countries with weak national currencies.

Because the markets kryptowalutowe went through a rather unstable beginning of the new year, banks and financial institutions began to treat regulation on crypto currencies are becoming more serious. On the other hand, the joint hearing of the Commission Commodity Futures of type Future (CFTC) and the Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC), 6. Feb, created an impression that future adjustments need to develop the sector kryptowalutowy instead it przyduszać.

Mining in Iceland consume more energy than the inhabitants of the country:

It is expected that Iceland consumes more energy for extraction on crypto currency than households this year. Of course, the cold climate and access to renewable energy, are the main reasons for the influx of companies engaged in miningiem for the Scandinavian countries. Icelandic businessman Johan Snorri Sigurbergsson power company Hitaveita Sudurnesja, entails a doubling of energy consumption in miningu this year to 100 megawatts. This is more energy than 340.000. Icelanders will use this time for personal use. Sigurbergsson said that could not be foreseen trends four months ago, when Bitcoin suddenly went up. Reports that he had met with a company that wants to purchase 18 megawatts.

Equipment for mining Bitcoins requires a large amount of energy to perform calculations in order to find hashes, which are then given a reward in the form of Bitcoin. Proposed alternative solutions in relation to the present method requires a large consumption of energy, for example, the use of Proof-of-Stake instead of Proof-of-Work or the use of renewable energy to power computers. Company in Iceland have a natural ability to produce less pollution than firms located in China, because they have access to geothermal power plants and hydroelektrycznych – cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to coal.

Keflavik, a coastal town on the southern Peninsula of Iceland, is the site of three major items of Bitcoin mining in the country. There the building have open walls, allowing the cold wind naturally cools the equipment. In the US, when the retreating began to travel to Washington to take advantage of cheap power of the state, the data infrastructure was overloaded and requires now to add 100. MW.

Smari McCarthy of the Icelandic Pirate Party, antyestablishmentowej political party that entered the Parliament of Iceland after the financial disaster of 2008, suggested the taxation of profits from mining Bitcoins, pointing to the fact that the company miningowe refers to a category of value creation. Regardless of the potential profits, McCarthy not sure what mining Bitcoin could mean for Iceland:

We spend tens or hundreds of megawatts to the production of something that has no material existence and has no real use for people not falling within the scope of financial speculation. It can’t be good.

he says.

In December 2016, when Iceland came together to create an alternative coalition that also included the Party of the Pirates after the controversial election results, the founder of the Pirate Party reacted to their platform, as the most profitable roads in the legitimacy of Bitcoin in the country.

Exchanges green:

Minion day is undoubtedly helpful for a large majority of the leading currencies. Fall recorded only Cadrano 0.2% Bitcoin and Gold is 0.7%. Bitcoin grew by 4.3%, Ethereum 2.7 Percent Surge to 3.6%. Market capitalization grew by $ 16 billion and is currently 426 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com

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