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Event Tuesday: Rules instead of the prohibitions of the exchanges in South Korea, Banks in Thailand will not participate in the world of crypto currency In Russia, ICO to meet the basic requirements will be legitimate; a claim Is filed against the stock exchange Coincheck; the Rise of Bitcoin three times in art?

Rules instead of the prohibitions of the exchanges in South Korea:

South Korea is currently considering the licensing system of the stock exchanges on crypto currency that looks like a great twist, with the prior information to indicate a prohibition of exchanges.

According to local news Agency Business Korea, a legislator with a dedicated Working Group on crypto currency, exploring the possibility to follow new York and Japan in check operators of the stock market before allowing them to enter the market.

Program new York city for several years and facing a lot of problems, including debt and exorbitant costs, while traffic in 2017. in Japan met with high demand and recognition.

Positively we regard the adoption of approval system of workers ‘ councils as a further to regulate the tariffs for the crypto currency. South Korea experienced kilkunastomiesięcznych shocks in the mixed messages sent through Seoul, which relate to the legality on crypto currency and Commerce.

says he was called to this case a public official.

Perspective had changed shortly after the comments of the Minister of justice, Park sung-Ki has caused a reaction of public opinion, and a request for his release, as Finance Minister Kim Dong-Yeona for manipulation in the market. Park Sung-ki has proposed a General prohibition on exchanges, the process of which was later abandoned.

Banks in Thailand will not participate in the world of crypto currency:

Veerathai Santiprabhob, the Governor of the Central Bank of Thailand has asked all banks in the country to keep away from crypto currency.

According to Reuters, the Central Bank issued a ban for banks in Thailand on investment and trade in cryptography, as well as participation in exchanges and other platforms based on kryptowaluty and the establishment of such exchanges and platforms. The question is about banks, not the exchanges. These may operate freely in the country.

Banks were also suggested niedoradzanie clients in the field of investment or trading digital currencies and forbid customers to use credit cards for purchases in cryptography. Several major banks around the world have implemented a similar ban on the purchase credit card kryptografią last week.

Explaining their views on the ban on banks dealing kryptografią, the Bank of Thailand called on concerns that digital currencies are used for illegal activities such as money laundering or terrorist activity and noted that kryptowaluty are not legal tender in this country.

Thai Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong, said last week that the Thai government will not banned trade kryptowalutami, but will work on creation of legislative base for them.

In September 2017. The Thai Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC Thailand) have also announced their support for the ICO through the implementation of rules that chroniłyby investors from fraud. Yesterday, the SEC Secretary-General, Rapee Sucharitakul, said that the SEC has no ability to block cryptographic operations, as they are traded via online platforms, but trying to educate investors to protect them from fraud ICO.

Our Thai Ministry of Finance announced 2. Feb, the Bank of Thailand and SEC Thailand have to warn clients about investing in these markets, and the Blockchain technology can be very useful for the financial sector in Thailand.

The Central Bank of Thailand took place in August 2017 meeting with one of the founders of Ethereum, Vitalikiem Buterinem. The conversation was then about the upcoming opportunities to include Ethereum for Thai financial sector with the aim of improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure.

In Russia, ICO to meet the basic requirements to be legal:

The Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass media – Minkomsvyaz – published document, stating the rules of licensing for project ICO.

Some basic requirements presented emitentom token digital, require nominal capital in the amount of about 100 million rubles – about $ 1.7 million, as well as the licenses to develop, manufacture and emissions of the markers. In addition, publishers of the token, must be specially licensed Bank accounts. According to the document, the license ICO will be provided within Minkomsvyaz for a period of 5 years.

Minkomsvyaz also requires issuers of performance tested recipes ICO, including the obligations of the Issuer to ensure repayment of the digital coins in accordance with the public irrevocable offer.

Issuance of digital tokens must be completed in Russian rubles by non-cash calculation. In addition, the company that issues tokens that can send their profits only to support obligations for the redemption of these chips at a nominal price.

Previously, on 25. January, the Russian Finance Ministry has presented the draft law on the regulation in respect of digital assets, which defines and establishes a system of regulation on crypto currencies, ICO and activities of mining and trading.

A claim is filed against the stock exchange Coincheck:

Ten users will submit a claim in a District Court in Tokyo on Thursday against kryptowalutowej exchange Coincheck about freezing company payments.

The stock market in Japan zamroziła all payments after last month lost $ 531 million in NEM after the attack hacking. Counsel for the appellant, Mochizuki Hiromu, said that he would ask Coincheck to let traders currency withdrawal to the wallet, out of the exchange and notes that there may be a second claim for damages from hacking.

Coincheck has announced 27. January, the day after the attack that he plans to return the money to its customers affected by the loss of NEM. Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) conducted an audit Coinchecka 2. Feb in order to submit a report on evil and how they will change your protection to prevent such an event in the future. All exchanges encryption in Japan must also submit a report on risk management in the FSA.

Japan is in the vanguard of governments that take kryptowaluty. The country has acknowledged Bitcoin as a legitimate method of payment in April 2017. and actively regulate the market by controlling the issuance of licenses for business councils in crypto currency since September 2017.

The rise of Bitcoin three times the art?:

Rigid point of emphasis, which is $ 9,000 on Bitcoinie still nieosiągnięty. Disturbing may seem the fact that twice already attempts are unable to exceed the sum of $ 8,900. The market is now mostly focused on Bitcoinie, because this deals the cards. We will probably see the third approach of the breakthrough of a psychological barrier. A successful attempt will mean a change of trend to bullish. If, in turn, Bitcoin will suffer a deep correction closing at $ 7,800, we can rely on the tour in the direction of even $ 5,000.

The whole market is currently experiencing minor drops. The largest kryptowalutach stressed Bitcoinie, as well as Ethereum and Ripple, zakreślamy correction level consistently 1% and 1.7% and 3.8%. On the contrary, with respect to their «opponents» to follow Ethereum Classic, which was down 15.2%-new growth. Capitalization the total market declined by $ 10 billion and is currently 416 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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