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Wednesday events: kryptowalutowe the Largest companies in the world have created an Association to self-regulation; Canadian stock Exchange plans to launch a new platform based on Blockchainie; Ripple was created in cooperation with Saudi Cash; Feet on crypto currency in exchange for blocking ads; Increase exchanges.

• Kryptowalutowe the largest companies in the world have created an Association to self-regulation:

The seven largest companies in the world kryptowalutowych joined forces to create CryptoUK, the first of its kind trade Association whose purpose is self-regulation in British industry of digital currencies. CryptoUK consists of global trading platforms and services kryptowalutowych: Coinbase, eToro, CryptoCompare, CEX.IO BlockEx, CoinShares and CommerceBlock.

CryptoUK intends to cooperate with the British government in order to comply with the code of conduct, which will help prevent money laundering and other illegal activities that includes Bitcoin and other kryptowaluty, and better protect customers. The group will not take, however, adjustment, ICO, industries kryptowalutowego, which is widely criticized by the regulatory authorities around the world.

CryptoUK Chairman and CEO of eToro, Iqbal Gandham, said that the new body of primary strives to promote best practices and cooperation with the government and regulators, adding that the company will become a model for future regulatory framework. Last week the head of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Brian Quintenz, suggested that the community into crypto currency needs to create its own regulatory system or organization of self-regulation (SRO) in order to avoid more stringent the hands of the government.

Canadian stock Exchange plans to launch a new platform based on Blockchainie:

The canadian stock Exchange (CSE) plans to launch a platform for payments and settlements for the sale of markers is based on Blockchain technology. In the framework of this initiative, CSE will present the so-called Security Token Offerings (one HUNDRED), which are offered and will sell the assets, mainly securities based on the mentioned technologies.

The platform is supported by the Blockchain represents a new industry provides for the exchange, which has been operating since 2003. Companies can use the platform to issue of ordinary shares and debt through tokenizowane securities, which are then offered to investors for help in fully regulated offers, which contrasts with the ICO, which often operate in the grey area of regulation.

Our platform is a combination Blockchaina capital markets, which ensures the fulfillment of the promise Blockchaina based on the disruption of the normal mechanisms of the transaction and was, thus ensuring that tangible benefits to market participants.

said Richard Carleton, CEO of CSE.

Along with the announcement of the new platform, the CSE signed a Memorandum of understanding with Kabuni Technologies, platform of production based on the Blockchain that has a chance to be the first company that gives one HUNDRED. Kabuni, however, must first submit a prospectus to the Securities Commission of British Columbia (BSCE).

Ripple was created in cooperation with Saudi Cash Management:

The company Ripple announced a partnership with Saudi Cash Management (SAMA) to provide support in the form of cross-border payment technology company Ripple for banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). SHE and Ripple have created a pilot program to provide banks with the CSA the possibility of using xCurrent, software company Ripple, which allows banks instant settlement of cross-border payments using tracking end-to-end.

This is the first program of this type, which will be launched through the Central Bank, it will allow banks to KSA to use xCurrent in international payments.

Central banks around the world zapatrują on the Blockchain technology, given how it can transform cross-border payments, resulting in lower trade barriers for businesses and consumers. SHE paves the way, as the first Central Bank, which provides resources of the national banks wishing to allow instant payments with the help of innovative solutions, the company Blockchain Ripple.

– Dilip RAO, Chairman of the innovation within the infrastructure Ripple.

• Digging for crypto currency in exchange for blocking ads:

Ad-blockers have long hurting revenue from online advertising, but the parties were unable to find a solution. On Monday, the party in the media Salon.com began testing a new solution that uses the power of computer readers that blocks ads, for mining on crypto currency.

In our beta testing program we will start with the use of the computing power to support the evolution and development of the Blockchain technology and crypto currency.

says the spokesman.

If all goes according to plan, those who visit the Salon when you use ad-blockera, you face a pop-up window, through which they will be able to choose to disable your ads or block them. Select the second option, the Salon gives the possibility of using the computing resources of the user at the time of his visit in order to mine the popular kryptowaluty Monero, with the help of software miningowego, Coinhive.

The decision was made at a time when the program blocking ads greatly complicates the generation of revenue from advertising, many web sites. According to the team Lounge, a blocker be more than a one-way communication between the reader and the publisher. The decision also appears at a time when Coinhive and Monero are not the most reputable names in the space on the crypto currency. Coinhive has been used previously by hackers who wanted to gather computing power, do not know his business with this user to the remote miningu, and Monero has a reputation as the best anonymous coin to potential criminal activity.

• Increase of exchanges:

Graphics on all the major crypto currency in the last days went to the mountain. Bitcoin 8.43 Percent, Ethereum 7,99%, Ripple Of 5.19%, Bitcoin Cash Of 10.39%. A significant increase was demonstrated Litecoin, 34,24%. Market capitalization increased by 36 billion dollars, and currently stands at 452 billion.

source: bitcoinist.com, cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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