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Friday events: the Japanese financial control x-rays device unlicensed exchanges; Tether creates new tokens; the merger of the two industry groups kryptowalutowego Japan; Bitcoin to win in the new game in Steam; the stock market continues the trend zwyżkowa.

• Japanese financial control x-rays device unlicensed exchange:

The Japanese government today said that verification will be held on 15 unlicensed exchanges kryptowalutowych in the light of recent serious hacking. Minister for financial services Taro ASO said during a briefing of information that the test will take place in suppliers exchanges that have applied for licenses but have not yet been approved. It happened after a situation when the exchange Coincheck lost chips with a value of 533. million dollars in the course of serious hacking, at the end of January.

The Minister noted that on przeanalizują technical procedures for the protection of workers ‘ councils and the way the management of the funds of the users. The national financial Supervisory Agency Financial Services Agency (FSA), previously it has ordered all licensed and unlicensed giełdom in the country, a statement of their security protocols and resilience to hacking, as a response to the penetration of Coincheck. FSA assessment report decided that the test will be required for unlicensed operators.

Japanese licensing system exchanges born after the country changed the rules regarding payment, recognizing kryptowaluty a legitimate method of payment in April 2017. Coincheck has not been approved by the FSA, but allowed him to continue in the course of the inspection. 29. February, the magistrate ordered the stock exchanges and investigation regarding security vulnerabilities that led to the break-in, and provide management report the management.

In separate messages the FSA at the beginning of this week found out before a foreign company that offers kryptowalutowe, which supposedly offers licensed financial instruments. Thus, Japanese regulators first issued a warning in connection with a company that offers kryptowalutowe, from the time when the country’s legalization of Bitcoin as a payment method.

Tether creates new tokens:

Tether began a new round of token creation, adding this month to their emissions of 86 million based on the Euro – EURT, and 60.1 million based on the dollar – USDT. Both tokens are available in Ethereum. They are part of a new collaboration which introduces a Tether for Ethereum. Finance Magnates zacytowało September ads Ethfinex:

With the General success of their services based on Bitcoinie – USDTether issued by the Omni Layer Protocol, Tether works now with Ethfinex on the development of the first on the basis of Ethereum Tether compliant ERC20. (…) ERC20 Tether allows you to share tokenizowanego dollar in Ethereum, allowing interaction with protocols that are based on Ethereum DApps and, at the same time allowing users to carry out transactions with fiat currency in Ethereum.

– stated in the message.

Deposit and payment tokens began on 22. February, however, a bit more information has surfaced about the current or future scale of the issue. Tether and Bitfinex rocked the markets when a few weeks ago, a call notification of an existing trial, sent to both companies in December, appeared again in the media.

• The merger of the two industry groups kryptowalutowego Japan:

Two groups of industry kryptowalutowego want Japan to join to form a legally sanctioned body plug and play. Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) and Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) shall become a single entity from 1 April, as suggested by the media. This action stems from the requirements from regulators who want to only one decision-making body, legal. All this is part of the requirements, which took effect a year earlier in April 2017, when Japan introduced licensing of exchanges kryptowalutowych.

Commenting on the event, Executive Director of the JBA, Yuzo Kano, he stressed that although between the two groups on this issue there has been progress, the merger was still not complete, in contrast to reports in the Nikkei and somewhere in other place.

The Association advises the integration with JCBA in order to protect customers and the development of the industry. It is also true that in the process there is progress, but it did not happen it is not a fact.

– wrote Friday on Twitter.

In a press statement JBA is repeated also, what else doesn’t the timing of the merger. Formalizacja industry is another step towards kryptowalutom of self-regulation in Japan who choose on their own parameters, is a favorite direction of the economy. Once created, on product, will be able to create rules and laws for its members, including penalties for violation of the newly approved rules.

• Bitcoin to win in the new game in Steam:

New game that offers 1 Bitcoin worth 10.124 thousand dollars at the time of publication – for the first player who decides that it contains 24 puzzles, she will premiere 20. Feb. There are rumors about the relationship of developers with tool to restore Bitcoin wallet – btcrecover. Montecrypto: Bitcoin Enigma will include the world nawigowany players first-person, which will find, 24 puzzle, the solution of which will allow the fastest of them to receive the highest award. The game can be purchased for 1.99 dollar, ends when the first player to solve all puzzles.

We are not here to promote Bitcoin. We think that it’s great to have Bitcoin as a reward in our game.

– write the developers.

An interesting accessory is in the form a direct link to the Github repository, developers report that «might be useful». Developers are taking a different view on crypto-games compared to ongoing projects that recently made the front pages of Newspapers. Team Montecrypto said he wants to remain anonymous until the winner will receive a prize.

• In the stock market a slight increase:

In comparison with the last days of brands kryptowaluty recent days has stagnated, despite this, most remained in the growth zone. Bitcoin recorded growth of 2.2%, Ethereum 0.1%, Litecoin is 5.4%. The General background stands out Bitcoin Cash, with an increase of 10.3%. A slight decrease in met Ripple, Stellar EOS and 0.8 for the first two, and 0.2% for Stellar. Market capitalization grew by $ 5 billion and currently stands at 482 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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