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With Saturday’s events: Visa and Worldpay take responsibility for the fees on Coinbase; ICO, the makers of Telegram Messanger very popular; Atari released its own cryptocurrency; Washington makes the regulation on crypto currency; continued growth in the exchanges.

• Visa and Worldpay take responsibility for the fees on Coinbase:

Visa and Worldpay, a company engaged in payment processing, today released a joint statement on the Coinbase blog, where we take responsibility for the repeated stretching of Coinbase customers for the same transaction. Before the plea in a statement, Visa first moved the responsibility to Coinbase, saying he didn’t made any system change that looks to the consent of the owners of repetitive operations.

The latest statement by Visa and Worldpay explains:

In the past two days, some customers who used a credit or debit card at Coinbase, were able to see the recurring transactions posted to their accounts. This problem was not caused by Coinbase.

Coinbase said that the error was caused by a change in trade category code (MCC) in case of purchase on crypto currency in the beginning of this month, which means payments kryptowalutami with the card was treated as cash advance. Visa and Worldpay write that all operations that return incorrect payments must be made and will be reflected in the balance on customer’s accounts within a few days.

If after this period, as before, there are problems with the account credit or debit card, including problems related to payment or fee for the cards, we recommend that you contact the Bank that issued the card. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause to customers.

– finish my speech.

• ICO, the makers of Telegram Messanger is very interesting:

Brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, founder of Telegram messenger Messanger, after submission to the Commission on Securities and exchange Commission (SEC), managed to get $ 850 million from 81 investors on the development of tons of the Blockchain, and the development and support Telegram Messenger. The types of securities services, in a statement, the SEC described as a «Contract of sale kryptowaluty» and consist, respectively, with the exception of the rule, 506 (c), which means that U.S. citizens who want to invest, they must be accredited investors – worth more than $ 1 million or have an annual income of $ 200,000 – that the tokens must not be registered with the SEC as securities.

The first sale of ICO took place on 29 January this year. By submitting an application to the SEC, Durovowie prepared to allow American citizens to legally invest in the project, and assume that US citizens can actually be some of the 81 investors. However, the statement by the SEC, does not contain names and surnames of the investors in ICO Durova, but Russian news service Viedomosti, revealed today the names of some of the largest probable investors, citing internal sources.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who allegedly has already invested in kryptowaluty was probably one of the first Russian citizens who were approved for investment in the project. Sergey Solonin, the President of the Russian payment service provider QIWI has invested $ 17 million, and David Yakobashvili, co-founder of the Russian dairy producer Wimm-bill-Dann, said he invested $ 10 million.

The project, rumored to be created from December 2017. A former employee of the Telegram wrote on the Internet that the company will launch its own platform the Blockchain and cryptocurrency, called the Open Network or Open Network Telegram (TONS).

• Atari launches its own cryptocurrency;

Atari SA, a French holding company that was Atari, Inc., publisher of video games such as Tetris and Pac-Man, recorded growth in the share price by more than 60% after the announcement that invest in kryptowaluty. The company will create its own electronic currency, Atari Token that will be used based on the Blockchain the platform in the digital entertainment created Infinity Networks Ltd., which Atari acquired a 17,5% stake.

The company will also develop cooperation with Pariplay Ltd. company engaged in online casino games. The casino will offer a games Atari, which will allow players to bet on digital currencies, including the second alleged cryptocurrency Atari, Pong Marker, which is designed to casino kryptowalutowych.

Blockchain technology has to occupy a very important place in our environment and transform, if not a revolution, the current ecosystem of the economy, especially in the industry of video games and online transactions (…) Our goal is to take strategic positions with limited risk cash in order to optimize assets and brand Atari.

– says Frederic Chesnais, President and CEO of Atari.

Companies that previously had nothing to do with the world of digital currencies, saw profit in the state sprzymierzaniu with kryptowalutami and Blockchainem, even if in name only. When Long Island Iced Tea Corporation changed its name to the long Blockchain and promised to move to industry digging crypto currency, its shares reached a profit level of 458 per cent. The SEC recently suggested that companies that add the word «Blockchain» to his name, may face increased monitoring by oversight bodies.

• Washington makes the regulation on crypto currencies:

The chief representative of the government of the USA stated recently that the regulation on crypto currencies through Washington is not as close as CNBC reports 16. Feb.

In comments that echo those of the different American circles that govern this year, special assistant to the President and cybersecurity coordinator at the White House, Rob Joyce, said on Friday at a conference in Munich that plans are still in the phase of «Studio».

I think we are still learning and beginning to understand what is good and bad ideas in this space.

said on this subject.

The statements of the presidents Jay Clayton (SEC) and Christopher Giancarlo (CFTC) in early February made it clear that kryptowaluty is the main occupation authorities, while the same phenomenon will be regarded as of the nature of spam. Joyce also said that crime associated with kryptowalutami was a concern, despite increasing evidence that such criminal activity is not as prevalent as many feared.

• Continued growth in the exchanges:

In the last days the market of crypto currency increased by 25.5 billion and is currently worth 507,5 billion. Determinant in the last days of Bitcoin, which is 36.2% of the total market, and its price in the last 24. hours worked increased 7.7 percent and is 10.870$. Following are other Bitcoin currency, increasing its value by several tens of percent. Verge has recorded growth even at the level of 37.1%, ICON of 15.5%, Lisk 10%, and Monero is 11.6%. Rate at a constant level maintained Litecoin. The total turnover on the exchange today, compared to 21.8 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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