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From Sunday’s event In Croatia was established organization that develops rules for crypto currency; the Polish campaign of anti-crypto; Spain opens on kryptowaluty; Switzerland has issued guidelines for ICO; the Decline in prices on the stock exchanges.

• In Croatia was established organization that develops rules for crypto currencies:

Croatian Association of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ubik author) is a self-regulatory organization registered 13. Feb, the purpose of which is to establish the cryptographic community, public awareness and the development of regulation in Croatia. The official start of operation took place yesterday, 17. February, in accordance with the blog author’s ubik.

The Board ubik author was found already 9. Feb with the Central Authority for Tax Administration in Croatia, to discuss issues relating to the taxation of crypto currency as profit on capital, legislation on pre-orders money (ICO), as well as mining for crypto currency. Croatian Bitcoin portal writes that the participants of the tax administration demonstrated the willingness to openly participate in finding solutions to the problems that are subject to law, tax.

The idea of ubik was more due to the increased use of Blockchain technology as in Croatia, as elsewhere in the world. Its members consist of different Croatian Blockchain enthusiasts, including developers of projects based on Blockchain, lawyers specializing in the Blockchain and authors of books related to the Blockchain, writes Croatian Bitcoin Portal.

The announcement from 17. Feb reports that still more ubik joined more than 70 members. Nikola Škorić, one of the organizers ubik author, the host of the meeting of the group Bitcoin Group in Zagreb and founder of brokerage services kryptowalutą, Electrocoin, said he hopes to create the conditions for a greater number of start-UPS based on Blockchain technology.

The newspaper reported that more than 25,000 Croats, with 4 million population of the country, has invested in kryptowaluty. Škorić wants another 20 Croatian ICO had its headquarters in Croatia, with reference to, for example, that the company relevant to the Blockchain, which are available Zagrzebskiej Exchange, requiring legal persons in Estonia, in contrast to Croatia, due to the lack of clear legislation for bitcoin in the country.

Škorić said Commercial Dnevnikowi:

We want start-UPS were registered as Croatian companies and the accumulated capital went straight to Croatia to expand the base of professionals who can work on this technology, to create a pool of knowledge and competences, […] reinforcing the industry that operate on a Blockchain.

In the beginning of this week seven large companies kryptowalutowych combined, creating CryptoUK, on samorządniczy in British industry encryption. CryptoUK will cooperate with Britain in such matters as preventing the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for money laundering and other illegal activities, but will not deal with the regulation of the ICO.

• Polish campaign of anti-crypto:

Poland’s Central Bank acknowledged funding campaign anti-kryptowalutowych in social networks, in particular, Polish YouTubera Martin Dubiela and his videos since December of 2017, «I LOST ALL the MONEY?!», according to the portal Money.pl.

Campaign in social networks against crypto was carried out by the Central Bank of Poland in cooperation with affiliate network Google Gamellon, Limited Google Ireland and Facebook Ireland Limited, spending about 91.000 rubles (about 27,000 dollars) for content production anti-crypto.

Money.pl reports that the Central Bank’s campaign includes a video, published on Youtube of the Planet of Facts, which has over 1.5 million subscribers. Youtube channel Dubiel has more than 900.000 subscribers.

In the video Dubiela there is no mention about the paid aspect of inspiration Youtubera. 8. Dec 2017. digital story Dubiela about a young man who invests all your money in crypto only for them to lose, has collected more than 500,000 views.

Movie description contains the hashtag #uważajnakryptowaluty, which is the Committee of Financial Supervision, and General direction of the Central Bank of Poland, dedicated to ostrzeżeniom before using the crypto currency. The climax of the clip takes place in a restaurant, in which the main character can’t pay for food kryptowalutą, due to the lack of approval of the method of payment for the room.

After the official recognition of both trade and production on crypto currency in February 2017, Poland seem to stay out of the cycle of cryptographic messages. However, after Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has announced the introduction of the national kryptowaluty, Petro, Poland is one of the foreign investors who want to trade with food and drug administration for a new kryptowalutą.

The film ends with the identification of the «wrong» investor kryptologicznego, who introduced Dubiela misleading and has led to end of his property.

The link to the video on YouTube here.

• Spain opens to kryptowaluty:

While many European countries are seeking tougher laws on crypto currency, Spain wants to follow the example of Switzerland, offering a friendly prawdodawstwo for the market for crypto currency.

The people’s party of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoya ready to make full use of the Blockchain technology. The conservative party in particular has to introduce tax incentives.

Teodoro Garcia Aegean sea – the legislator is preparing a draft law, believes that in the interests of big European countries-is a greeting company Blockchain, as new technology has the potential to spur innovation in Finance, health and education. Garcia Aegean explained:

The key will be the level of digitization for business. We hope that the legislation will be ready this year. The people’s party is planning to invite experts from the Blockchain at home, to testify in Parliament. They are also interested in the study countries, such as Switzerland, which is probably the capital of the Blockchain in the world.

In addition, Garcia Aegean sea seeks to ensure that Spain became safe and favorable for investment in kryptowaluty, suggesting the possibility of non-disclosure of investments kryptowalutowych below a certain figure, at the same time providing an effective regulatory framework.

We want to establish a secure framework for Europe, for investment in ICO.

explained Garcia Aegean sea.

Switzerland has issued guidelines for the ICO:

The Swiss Supervisory Authority for Financial markets (FINMA), published yesterday a set of guidelines regarding the application of the current legislation on financial markets to regulate ICO.

FINMA CEO mark Branson, considers these principles as a way to help the Blockchain. This technology has been successfully enters the markets of Switzerland, noting that the company’s Blockchain can’t get around the tried and tested regulatory framework.

Our balanced approach to project services the ICO and queries that allows legal innowatorom to move in the environment regulation and, therefore, run their projects in accordance with our rules for the protection of investors and the integrity of the financial system.

Branson said in a press release.

According to the press FINMA, the creation of the recommendations had been caused by a large number ICO, held in Switzerland, combined with a lack of clarity about how and what should be adjustable.

FINMA writes that currently does not have a currently legal regulation of ICO and consistent legal doctrine to support these projects in the country. In order to assess the future of the ICO agreement and determine what rights are applied.

Global regulation of ICO were unequal, because China is on one end of the adjustment spectrum forbade any ICO in 2017, while others, such as Singapore and Australia, has established guidelines to support the ICO in accordance with existing legislation, as well as the application of the FINMA .

Most of the laws that ICO worldwide, is a warning to investors about the possibility of fraud while participating in this relatively new approach to fundraising. In a press release, FINMA ends, paying attention to the risks associated with the ICO in the field of price volatility in the market and potentially dubious legal nature of treaties is based on Blockchain technology.

• The decline in prices on the stock exchanges:

In this last age of the market crypto currency pomniejszył its value at 14.4 billion dollars, and is 493,1 billion. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to $ 23 billion. Bitcoin is 36.9 per cent of the total market. The current situation can be for investors the opportunity to purchase various currencies. The Bitcoin price has not practically changed since yesterday and amounted to $ 10.810.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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