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Event Tuesday: High taxes on kryptowaluty in Israel; the Governor of the Bank of England has said that Bitcoin cannot be money; Korean Official responsible for the regulation of cryptocurrencies live; Ceneo handing out points for Bitcoinach; On exchanges in different ways.

• High taxes on kryptowaluty in Israel:

19. Feb Chamber of tax of Israel (ITA) confirmed that the country will opodatkowywał kryptowaluty as the property of the property. Yesterday’s message based on the draft, announced 12. February, which is the virtual currency was treated as the unit used for barter, which can be used for investment purposes. Part of the announcement read:

These currencies are considered assets, and the proceeds from their sale will be classified as income of capital.

According to the Israeli information office HaaretzWe kryptowaluty will be taxed on capital gains, which in Israel is equal to 25% for individuals and maximum interest rate for companies was 47%. In addition, the consumption tax (VAT) will not be added for individual investors because kryptowaluty are considered capital intangible only be used for investment purposes. Of the company, and will not be exempt from this tax. The document also States that for tax purposes the miners will be classified as dealers.

Haaretz also reports that Kegeyli Strauss, the lawyer, Israeli law firm Ziv Sharon & Company does not agree with the new definition of a tax on crypto currency:

Position agencies ignores economic realities. According to Tax inspection, investing in the mysterious currency of some of the Pacific Islands, which can be used in Israel and many other countries, meets the definition of currency and is entitled to a tax credit, while investments in digital currencies are not.

• The Governor of the Bank of England has said that Bitcoin cannot be money:

Monday, February 19, The Telegraph filed a statement of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, in which he stated that, according to the traditional definition of a Bitcoin cannot be recognized as a legitimate currency. During the event at the London Regent’s University Carney said that Bitcoin did not meet the two main requirements of traditional currency is not a medium of exchange or means of storing values.

The argument that kryptowaluty not suitable for use as a medium of exchange, in particular, has occurred in relation to Bitcoin. 24. January 2018. payment system PayPal has stopped servicing Bitcoin because of high fees and slow the time of confirmation of the transaction. Previously 7. Dec 2017 gaming platform Steam has ceased to accept payments in Bitcoin, with reference to operating costs up to 20 USD and high volatility of the exchange rate.

Carney also said that Blockchain technology, which is based kryptowaluty, can still be useful because of its decentralized nature:

The underlying technology kryptowaluty may be useful as a method of verification of financial transactions in a decentralized manner.

• Korean is the Official responsible for the regulation of cryptocurrencies lives:

According to the Wall Street journal, the representative of South Korea Jung Ki-Joon, who developed the political tools that kryptowalutowym, was found dead in his home in Seoul. 52-the summer head of the economic policy Bureau for the Coordination of Government Policy, according to Ki-Joon, he died of a heart attack while sleeping on Sunday 18. Feb.

In November 2017. The South Korean government began a weekly meeting of Deputy Ministers for the settlement of transactions kryptowalutowych. The dead official was responsible for integrating the views of different ministries and departments. Colleagues from the Ministry said that in the past year, he was under tremendous pressure due to the presence of a tense position is responsible for the development of regulation of the kryptowalutowym. Police have launched an investigation into the sudden death of the official.

South Korea is the world’s largest market for crypto currency, has experienced in recent times, many misunderstandings concerning the regulation on crypto currency. 11. February, the Ministry of Justice proposed a bill to ban the trade kryptowalutami who was wrongly presented by some media as a prerequisite for sustainable ban. However, the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance said later that he did not agree with the statement. 14. February, the South Korean government responded to a web petition opposing the rules on crypto currency. In a published statement, Hong Nam-Ki said that there will be no ban on trade kryptowalutą. He stressed, however, that the government in this matter remains divided.

• Ceneo handing out points for Bitcoinach:

Today Ceneo in your newsletter rozsyłało survey Bitcoinach to fill where it was possible to obtain 120 CeneoPunktów. The questionnaire contained 22 questions to check the knowledge and attitude ankietowanego to crypto currency. One of the questions concerned whether respondents would take zapłate in Bitcoinach when selling a home, car or other valuables.

A review of a review, but an interesting fact is that a large Russian Internet service sends its users a newsletter about digital currencies. The question about what respondents know how much would it output in BTC if he wants to pay and if he wants more seats introduced the possibility of payment of BTC are that the Poles would like to promote this form of payment. Maybe if the results of the survey will pop up positive, Ceneo, will help in advancing the crypto currency? Who knows, but, of course, send the survey shows the scale of interest in this topic.

• Exchanges in different ways:

Today on the stock exchanges ends, both increases and falls, however, they are impressive. Bitcoin is gaining 3.8 percent, while Litecoin to 9.38%. The rest of top crypto currency slightly lose: Ethereum, Or 0.6%, Ripple 1%, Bitcoin Cash 0.9, and Cardano is 0.3%. Currently, market capitalization is 512 billion dollars, which means its increase of 6.9 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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