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Thursday events: ING is testing blockchain technology however, customers can buy into crypto currency; Britain will appreciate kryptowaluty will replace the traditional system of payment; the next Day after the premiere of the Venezuelan kryptowaluty Peter; the German Financial Supervision Authority explains the new law on IC; France interpreterpath new reform of the European Union; Telegram continues to attract capital to become the biggest ICO; the Continued fall in the exchanges.

• ING is testing blockchain technology however, customers can buy the crypto currency:

Dutch financial group ING (INGA.AS) confirms that Bitfinex, one of the largest exchanges in the world bitcoinowych terms of betting turnover, in the Netherlands Bank account, Reuters reported on Tuesday, 20. Feb.

In an email to Reuters a press-the Secretary ING, Harold Reusken, confirmed that Bitfinex has a Bank account with ING in the Netherlands. The relationship between Bitfinex and ING was first announced 14. Feb Dutch information service Follow the Money. According to Follow the Money, ING Bank may not disclose the value of the account Bitfinex via privacy laws.

Reusken said ING intensively testing the Blockchain technology and are very interested in cooperation with companies that are in the value chain on crypto currency.» But expressed some scepticism in relation to crypto currency, noting that the ING customers can’t buy or sell digital currency through a Bank.

If we are talking about companies that operate in the market of cryptography, we are very conservative.

said Reusken.

30. January 2018 Cointelegraph reported that the Bitfinex team and its sister company, received an invitation from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for unclear reasons. Informed Cointelegraph reported that Bitfinex has entered the Bitcoin update scaling (Segreg) for all customers, from Coinbase, which plans to fully launch the technology SegWit until the middle of next week.

• The UK will appreciate kryptowaluty will replace the traditional payment system:

The Treasury Committee of the British Parliament will launch an investigation on crypto currencies and their impact on British investors and companies as follows from the report of bi-BI-si, 22. Feb. The inquiry is due to growing global demand kryptowalutami, as well as the recent rise and fall of the market for crypto currency with the new year.

Nicky Morgan, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, said bi-bi-si, that wants to protect people who «may not know that kryptowaluty currently regulated in the UK», but did not want to interfere in the innovation of Blockchain technology behind the digital currency.

Morgan said bi-bi-si:

The Committee on Finance take a closer look to the potential threats that can cause the digital currency to consumers, businesses and governments, including assess risks associated with the instability of the exchange rates, money laundering and cybercrime, and also to explore the potential benefits on crypto currencies and Blockchain technology, which is their basis. Will evaluate the creation of innovative opportunities as well as possible the noise level of the economy and replaced the traditional payment method.

Bi-bi-si writes that the Commission will study what he thinks of the word in the field of crypto currency, namely that they can someday replace the traditional payment system. And if so, what are the benefits przynosiłyby society, enterprises and governments.

If we are talking about provisions, the Commission will hear evidence of how regulation can «benefit «start» -upom in the digital currency by increasing the confidence of consumers» and to learn how other countries addressed the regulation of digital currencies. The British House of Parliament also recommended for exploring Blockchain technology for government services, including national security and public safety, health, cyber security, customs and immigration.

• The next day after the premiere of the Venezuelan Petro kryptowaluty:

After the release of Venezuelan kryptowaluty supported by the government – Petro – 20. February, President Nicolas Maduro suggested that the soon to be released cryptocurrency’s second government. This follows from a government-provided news portal TelSsur.

At this time, the cryptocurrency is being promoted by the government will be assisted not through oil, but through the gold. During a meeting in Patria Para Todos, at the National Theater in Caracas, Maduro announced:

Peter is unique in the world of cryptocurrency is supported by the oil, and I have a surprise that will perform next week with Peter Oro [gold], based on gold, even more.

From the original proposal of the coins of Peter (ICO), which was opened on 20. Feb allegedly involved 735 million dollars, as the Twitter Maduro. No official data regarding ICO was not published in the press. Some ^ Twitter used the hashtag «#AlFuturoConElPetro» [future Peter] to support the launch of the coin. The user josé David Cabello R wrote:

#AlFuturoConElPetro against war and economic blockade against it. For the room, and Venezuela.

For the inauguration of foreign investors from Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Honduras, and Norway said that they are open to making Peter, one coin is paid for one barrel of oil.

Venezuela currently faces with hiperinflacją more than 4,000 percent in the past year, and the currency, the Bolivar has lost about 96 percent of its value. The decision of the President on the launch of kryptowaluty it goes against the opinion of the opposition of Parliament, which declared Peter as «illegal» currency in 9 day. February. Critics in Parliament see Peter as a way for Maduro to avoid financial sanctions imposed by the West to Venezuela.

• The German Financial Supervision Authority explains the new law on ICO:

The German Federal Office of Financial Supervision (BaFin), explained the responsibilities of the ICO after receiving increased requests for legal status, issued in a note from Tuesday, 20. Feb. A memo from BaFin is a continuation of the warning to investors from November 2017, which discussed the potential risks ICO.

The update appears in the context of increased requests to BaFin relating to the securities and asset management. Potential operators of the ICO asking if you have markers, coiny and kryptowaluty are treated as financial instruments in the oversight of securities. In accordance with the German norm operators, ICO is obliged to check carefully the adjustable tool (coin, token, cryptocurrency) is considered in accordance with the legislation and meets the potential requirements.

BaFin monitors their counterparts in Switzerland, where last week the financial regulator, FINMA has introduced new guidelines for the ICO in response to many questions about methods of processing in the existing legal framework.

This month, Germany joined the group of enthusiastic pressure on the debate on broader regulation on crypto currency in the international arena during the March G20 summit in Argentina.

In France interpreterpath new reform of the European Union:

The French stock market regulator Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF) published on Thursday, 22. February statement, which said that the derivatives on cryptocurrencies should be regulated under the new financial reforms of the European Union from January 2018. Because derivatives may not be legally advertised in electronic form, the AMF also notes that advertising on the website kryptowalutowe derivatives are not allowed.

The AMF began an investigation regarding the legal definition kryptowaluty as a marching instrument and the underlying asset after several web platforms began offering binary options, difference contracts for difference (CFDs) and futures Forex cryptocurrency which was a underlying asset. With these proposals, investors can bet on the course in crypto currency without any of them.

Although derivative instruments on crypto currencies are not included in the list of regulation 2 of the Directive, the AMF statement says that the agreement kryptowalutowe settled in cash can be described as the tools, materials, irrespective of the legal qualification in the crypto currency.

Online trading platforms that offer derivatives to bitcoin should be regulated under MiFID2 and calculated in accordance with the regulation on European market infrastructure (EMIR). According to a statement from the AMF derivatives on cryptocurrencies under the jurisdiction of the French anti-corruption law 2 Guests.

• Telegram continues to attract capital to become the biggest ICO:

Encrypted Telegram messenger wants to raise another $ 850 million on a «secret second pre-order» your token (T) until the announcement is officially the largest ICO in the world.

As reports the Verge, citing «exclusive» reports from four anonymous sources, the platform Pavela Durova trying to get accredited investors, measures to double the $ 850 million that have already received the first round of pre-order. Including a Telegram needs to raise about $ 1.6 billion, token TONNES will be publicly available. The figures show that the ICO easily beats any other deal chips from the point of view of the cost in dollars.

The way to raise capital for the Telegram and informed she had to face difficulties due to the increasingly visible public profile. Counterfeit version of ICO, which appeared in social networks after the initial debut in January, has managed illegally to save money for tons of tokens, which did not exist.

Disputes were concentrated even in the documentation and white paper for TONS, attracting mixed reviews about its authenticity when he appeared on the network. Durov himself has also publicly warned the individual of fraud related to ICO.

• Continued fall in the exchanges:

Last day on the market for crypto currency entails a further decline. Market pomniejszył its worth 27.6 billion dollars and the market is estimated at the moment to 430,7 billion dollars. Bitcoin price lost 6.3 percent, and its cost is $ 10.050. The same then there are other altcoiny. Ethereum is losing 3.6%, the Ripple 9%, Bitcoin Cash of 7.8%, Litecoin is 7.7%. The total turnover on the exchange amounted to 21 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, bitcoinist.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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