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Friday events: Georgia wants to include the tax settlement in Bitcoinie; Iran and Turkey wants to follow in the footsteps of Venezuela; Exchange crypto currency without Commission; Japan reports the number of suspicious transactions involving 2017; Exchange green.

• Georgia wants to include the tax settlement in Bitcoinie:

Two senators of the state of Georgia has proposed a draft law that would allow citizens to repayment of tax obligations Bitcoinie. Public reports show that the project was announced on February 21 senators Michael Williams and Joshua McKoona, if passed, will improve the rules concerning state Treasury Department that allows it to accept Bitcoin, like others, has not yet been determined kryptowaluty:

The Commissioner believes it is important to pay taxes and licensing fees made by each kryptowalutą that uses an electronic system peer-to-peer, including Bitcoinem.

– the law says.

The draft law in significant similar to the project, which is currently being considered in Arizona. It was filed in January and still enjoys the support of legislators in this state. It is possible that Arizona will become the first us state that will accept Bitcoin in tax payments. As in the case of Arizona, the draft legislation of Georgia prescribes that the officials of tax currency conversion of payment into U.S. dollars within one day of receipt:

The Commissioner will make the conversion pay kryptowalucie into U.S. dollars at the applicable rate within 24 hours of receipt of such payment and takes into account the payer’s account with przeliczoną amount of dollar.

Despite encouraging signs from Arizona, there is no guarantee that the initiative in Georgia will be a success, given previous objections to similar proposals in other countries.

• Iran and Turkey want to follow in the footsteps of Venezuela:

After the release of the first supported by the government kryptowaluty also Turkey and Iran began to consider developing its own digital currency. On 21 February, the day after the launch of Peter, the Iranian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) wrote on Twitter that the Post Bank is working on their own decision, and on February 22 the Central-Eastern news site Al-Monitor reported that Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist National Movement Party of Turkey (MHP) and former Minister of industry Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu publicly considering launching a national Bitcoin called Turkcoin. Report Tanrikulu came two weeks after the conversation with CNN Turk Vice-Prime Minister of Turkey, Mehmetem Simse’em, where it was mentioned that the government is preparing to release the national kryptowaluty.

In November last year, the Iran office for Cyberspace, the High Council of Cyberspace (HCC) announced that it has partnered with the Central Bank of Iran on the report kryptowalutach. 21. Feb the Central Bank of Iran said that actively working on a control method for crypto currency in Iran. The Turkish government at that time took a hard stance on Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto currency, when the legislators of the Religious Directorate (Diyanet) said in November 2017 that the currency trading digital is not compatible with Islam, given the speculative nature and the lack of control from the government. Tanrikulu disagreed with this statement. In wywiadze for al-Monitor said that if there is no mention of kryptowalutach in Turkish legislation, their purchase and selling in Turkey legally:

The use of crypto currency can be considered legitimate, since our law contains no prohibition to buy and sell with crypto currency and create money with Bitcoin mining.

The report adds Tanrikulu, the regulation on crypto currency in Turkey is definitely needed. According to him, today we saw that she was money laundering and fraud, and the creation of government-controlled stock exchange is one of the ways that it will allow.

• Exchange crypto currency without Commission

Yesterday, 22. Feb in his blog, the company Robinhood announced the introduction of a mobile app that allows you to trade kryptowalutami without a fee. The first users who will have access to work with options on the trading platform customers who live in the States of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and new Hampshire. Robinhood promises that the app will be gradually enforced, and the support of many countries appear later.

At the moment all users Robinhood able to control the market on the availability of prices of 16 different crypto currencies, regardless of whether they have access to the actual function of shopping. 25. Jan said Robinhood, the main purpose of the launch of the platform is to collect as many new customers. According to the latest data, now the number of users Robinhood Crypto has reached 4 million. Users conducted transactions for more than $ 100 billion and, thus, they are left only on the charges more than a billion.

In addition to the introduction of the possibility on their platform Robinhood also released his Robinhood Feed that allows investors kryptowalutowym to discuss markets, trends and the latest news about kryptowlut.

• Japan reports the number of suspicious transactions from 2017.:

As reported by Nikkei Asia Japan Agency police (NPA) obublikowała report, from which it follows that for eight months of 2017, from April to December, she received 669 applications of suspicions of money laundering with domestic stock exchanges on crypto currency. In April last year, Japan passed a law that recognizes Bitcoin as a legitimate method of payment and requires that the crypto currency exchange has been licensed. Mandatory registration of the transaction, suspected of involvement in money laundering and the drug trade is also part of the law, trying to slow down the use of crypto currency as a means of illicit financial activity.

Although the NPA did not reveal the exact criteria used by the exchange to filter suspicious transactions, these actions are part of a larger plan to Japanese regulators to monitor exchanges kryptowalutowych, especially after the theft of 500 million dollars on the marker NEM from Coincheck, which took place in late January. Japan still has 16 working advice on crypto currency, including Coincheck, which have not yet been fully approved by the national financial supervision authority. The Japanese Ministry of Finance reported last week that orders the Agency conducting an audit on unlicensed platforms.

• Exchange green:

In the last 24 hours, on exchanges is dominated by green color. The majority of crypto currency ratio increases, however, among the top cryptocurrencies are seen impressive heights. So: Bitcoin is gaining 1.3 percent, Ethereum Is 4.5%, the Wave Of 5.2%, Bitcoin Cash 4.3% and Litecoin of 5.1%. In this regard, as market capitalization increases. Today it is 444,9 billion, representing a growth of 14.2 billion dollars.

source: cointelegraph.com, coindesk.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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