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From random events: Coinbase needs to send data to 13.000 users to the IRS; Putin promotes Blockchainowi; Laszlo Hanyecz again buys pizza for BTC. The raziem using a network of Lightning; Elon Musk admits the number of available on crypto currency; — Another wave of falling.

• Coinbase must send data to 13.000 users with the IRS:

The us stock market in crypto currency Coinbase on Friday, 23. February, sent a formal message to about 13,000 customers, in which he said that the legally required information, will be transferred to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). IRS first time asked Coinbase to provide even more detailed information about each of the more than 500,000 users in July 2017, trying to capture in despair. However, once the decision of the court of November 2017. reduced this number to about 14,000 users on high that the platform now reports that as 13.000 that Coinbase is called a partial, but still significant, victory for Coinbase and its customers.

Friday, Coinbase announced about 13,000 customers affected by this case, that for 21. days, the company will submit to the IRS their ID, name and surname, date of birth, address, and historical records of transactions from 2013. Letter Coinbase for customers and encourages them to in case any issues immediately zasięgnęli legal advice from a lawyer. Their web site also claims that the fears can be dispelled in the section «frequently asked questions Declaration» on the website Coinbase.

A long struggle between Coinbase and the U.S. government since November of 2016, when the IRS filed an appeal in the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of California. 13. Feb service Personal Finance, Credit Karma released data, which show that so far this season Declaration only 0.04% of clients reported kryptowaluty on their Federal tax returns.

• Putin promotes Blockchainowi:

During a meeting with Herman Grefem, President of Russia’s largest Bank Sberbank, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the importance of development of Blockchain technology. Sberbank in December last year introduced the Blockchain in their systems of transmission and storage of documents, cooperating with the Federal Service Antymonopolową (FAS), and soon opens the exchange kryptowalutową in Switzerland.

Gref in conversation with Putin also talked about the need for very careful regulation to promote innovation and was against the ban. In response to Putin, not to mention the Blockchain, raised the question of why Russia needs this technology, despite the fact that he has it all: oil, gas, coal, metals of all sorts, gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. Then he says that this industry in Russia is developing well and has a good base of intellectual property. Putin also added, quoting the analogy of the former Minister of petroleum, an unnamed Arab country:

The stone age did not end for lack of stones but because there is a new technology.

According to Putin, countries that are late in adopting this new technology, which is never called by name, will quickly be under the influence of its leaders, is something that Russia can not afford in any case to prevent.

• Laszlo Hanyecz again buys pizza for BTC. The raziem using a network of Lightning:

Laszlo Hanyecz, the man who made the world’s first documented transactions of sale and purchase, subject to physical using Bitcoin in 2010, in which he paid 10.000 BTC for two pizzas, now bought two pizzas with Bitcoin Lightning Network. Today, February 25, Hanyecz published in the mailing list Lightning-dev that he was forced to ask his friend in London, that there was an intermediary in ordering pizza from a local pizzeria, to be able to pay using the Lightning Network, because, as stated:

Software to exchange Bitcoins for pizza yet.

However, according to Hanyecz, despite this, the deal demonstrates the main assumptions is the use of BTC in everyday transactions. As well, instead of colleagues obiorcą payment can be store with pizza, which would have its own site Lightning.

The first trade BTC pizza was held on 22. may 2010. Since then is celebrated as the Day Bitcoin and Pizza. Interestingly, there is also a channel on Twitter dedicated to the daily publication of how much is currently 10.000 BTC. Today tweetowana value 97,560,750 dollars. At this time, Hanyecz paid for two pizzas paid 0,00649 BTC, which is about 62 dollars.

The first documented transaction of purchase and sale of physical object by using the Lightning Protocol Network seen as the next step in the evolution of Bitcoin, which will provide increased network bandwidth to the global community. Apparently, it took place on 20 January this year. Then you btc_throwaway1337 announced that it bought a VPN router through the payment channel set TorGuard.

• Elon Musk recognizes the number of available on crypto currency:

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur known for the creation and maintenance of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, on Thursday, 22. February, revealed in his Twitter, how many Bitcoins have. It is the 0.25 BTC, or about $ 2.478, equivalent 0,000012% of total property income. Musk has shown the amount of crypto currency after several false accounts, which are accounts of various well-known characters, including Strokes, publikowało information promises donations to kryptowalutach who sends them its digital currency.

22. Feb he Twitter user concerned about fraud, asked Musk » in tweecie, where are these rumors. Musk replied that he did not know, and said that the problem, the head of Twitter, Jack Dorseyowi, still no result. Musk also added that in addition to the 0.25 BTC, which a friend gave him many years ago, has literally zero to kryptowalutach. The amount of Bitcoinach, which is Musk, is a very small part of the total property income, which is 21.4 billion dollars.

As a curiosity we can add that in November of 2017 Musk denied rumors that suggested the former Intern SpaceX, Sahil Gupta, what Musk is probably Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary anonymous Creator of Bitcoin.

• The next wave of fall:

The last day is on crypto currency further, small failures. Bitcoin is losing 3.4 percent, Ethereum 0.2%, The Ripple of 2.3%, and Bitcoin Cash of 2.4%. In the first 10. from the point of view of market capitalization of the downward trend, without exception, domestic 3 kryptowaluty. Cardano received 0.36 percent, IOTA 3.6%, while Litecoin was 4.76%. Total market volume decreased by 10.1 billion dollars and is currently 421,2 billion.

source: cointelegraph.com, coinmarketcap.com.

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